The outbreak of corruption in this university is believed to be unearned by officials.

 The outbreak of corruption in this university is believed to be unearned by officials.

He said that he was the president of a school, once had a high image in the hearts of students, but now he has become a corrupt official, discredited the image of the school, I am sorry for the schools more than 10,000 teachers and students...

He said that as a university leader, he tried his best to do great harm to the Partys education cause and society, and regretted it too much.

Colleges and universities should be one side of the pure land. However, the centuries-old School of Qiongtai Teachers College in Hainan Province, which upholds the motto of educating moral people and promoting moral integrity, has become a serious disaster area of corruption due to the serious violation of discipline and law by many school leaders.

To be a teacher, you must be right before you can teach and educate people. Cheng Lisheng, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of Qiongtai Normal University, Chen Fuchuan, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Commission, and Li Xiangguo, retired former Secretary of the Party Committee, should have been the leader of the reform and development of the school. The guide of teacher-student education of the whole school, however, lost its direction in the face of power and money and fell into the abyss of crime. In December 2017, Cheng Lisheng and Chen Fuchuan were expelled from Party membership and public office, Li Xiangguo was expelled from Party membership and retirement benefits because of violation of the spirit of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee, abuse of power resulting in national economic losses, making use of the convenience of his position to make profits for others and accept property. 3 of them were transferred to judicial organs for handling in accordance with the law.

Lack of responsibility for governing the party and the deviation of the course of the school

It is shocking that a number of university leaders are being investigated at the same time. However, from the long-term performance of the leadership of the Party Committee of Qiongtai TeachersCollege in the negligence of duty and responsibility in managing the Party, we can see that the outbreak of corruption cases actually has traces to follow.

According to statistics, in the past five years, only 26 topics of Party committee meetings have been related to the work of Party building, accounting for 8% of all the topics. Since 2012, the Party Committee has not studied the teams own construction.

As the leader of the school leadership at that time, Li Xiangguo said that when he took the lead, all he heard was flattery, and it was hard to hear or hear different opinions and criticisms. He became a person who was not supervised by others or was difficult to supervise by others. Everyone else would recognize what he said and did and let it go naturally. It is necessary to loose the requirements for oneself and make disciplinary actions against the law.

In September 2015, Li Xiangguo retired and the post of Party Secretary was vacant. Cheng Lisheng, deputy secretary and President of the Party Committee, should shoulder the responsibility of governing the Party. However, he thought he was not Party Secretary and never put the Party building work on the agenda. Chen Fuchuan changed his post from vice-president in charge of logistics to Secretary of the Discipline Committee. Instead of abiding by and maintaining discipline, he worshipped money seriously. He wanted to make a profit when he had the opportunity, let alone fulfill his supervisory duties.

In this way, under the circumstances of the serious weakening of the Partys leadership, the members of the school leadership group have weak political ideas and a weak sense of responsibility. When they meet problems, they are all thinking about their own little nine, even failing to unite, their ranks are scattered and their actions are different, and their political ecology has been seriously damaged.

Teachers and staff of the school reflected that because the leading group did not talk about politics, dared not take on responsibilities, did not act, and no one struggled against negative corruption, the phenomenon of gang formation, running relations and seeking personal interests in the school was more serious.

Party committees in Colleges and universities are the helmsmen of school work. Once problems arise in the leading group of Party committees and lead the direction of the school staff, they will inevitably deviate.

The sense of discipline is weak, and the rules are ignored.

The inspection found that the Qiong Tai normal college violated the spirit of the eight Central provisions, giving subsidies and subsidies.

Since January 2011, Qiongtai TeachersCollege has implemented performance pay. The allowances granted by Qiongtai Teachers College by itself should be abolished. However, the subsidies granted by Qiongtai TeachersCollege have been violated many times. After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it still does not converge or stop. In the Spring Festival of 2013, the school also used income-generating balance funds to distribute a total of 13.638 million yuan of Spring Festival condolences to teachers, staff and retirees.

In order to pass the audit of the provincial accounting station, 243 subsidies have been formulated, such as the basic skills assessment subsidy for young teachers, the staff subsidy for skills competition activities, the professional test paper revision subsidy for arts and sports beauty, the name subsidy for new students and the increase of workload subsidy. Even in some training activities, school leaders did not give lectures, but also received labor fees in the name of teaching.

In addition, the school also set up a small Treasury in violation of the rules, using the small treasury funds to grant subsidies, pay reception fees and other expenses totalling 553,500 yuan.

According to statistics, from January 2011 to 2015, the school disbursed 4.476 million yuan of subsidies in violation of regulations, of which 2.0712 million yuan was disbursed in violation of regulations after the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Cheng Lisheng, Li Xiangguo and Chen Fuchuan received 329,000 yuan, 159,600 yuan and 109,500 yuan respectively.

When asked why the school dared to break the rules and abuse subsidies, Li Xiangguo, the former party secretary, said that he did not understand the relevant regulations. At the meeting, people said that the money could be paid, and so he issued it.

Cheng Lisheng said that he was unwilling to take the time to study the regulations and did not take them seriously and strictly implement them. He always thought that the relevant management departments at higher levels would not check them so strictly.

As the first responsible person and leader of the Party in charge of the school, it is shocking that they are ignorant of the Partys discipline and laws, have no sense of discipline and rules, and turn a deaf ear to all the decision-making arrangements to strictly administer the Party and strengthen the construction of the style of work in an all-round way.

In the examination and investigation, it was found that the school leaders had a weak concept of law and discipline. They often acted with a half-understood and self-righteous attitude and regarded the policy and regulations as ornaments. They were not only normal when they ordered or forbidden to do so, but also did not realize their mistakes even when they were talking to them, and they were cunning about their violations of discipline. The school leadership can not adhere to the principles on some major issues, the implementation system is weak, the ascending and the descending effects are ineffective. With many cadres involved in the risk of launching into the water together, the review team starts with one problem and digs out a string of roots. Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission inspectors said.

Collapse of the ideological line, under the temptation of money to break the bottom line.

In recent years, Qiongtai TeachersCollege has developed rapidly. In 2016, it was upgraded to a undergraduate college. The scale of running a school is expanding day by day, construction projects are increasing, and many projects and funds are pouring in. It has become a fragrant baboon in the eyes of construction owners and developers.

In 2008, when Li Xiangguochu came to Qiongtai Teachers College as Party Secretary, a fellow villager who was working on capital construction projects came to him and wanted to undertake projects in the school through relations, but he refused. However, with the passage of time, under the temptation of the bosses again and again, Li Xiangguos thought began to change, from accepting cigarettes, eating invitations, to accepting money, gradually became accustomed to and used to it.

Like Li Xiangguo, Cheng Lisheng and Chen Fuchuan began eating, drinking and hanging out with their bosses, gradually relaxing their vigilance, losing their principles and breaking through the bottom line.

At first, for the boss, please eat and drink, I think this is just a kind of interpersonal communication, not care. Later, they brought wine, tea and so on, and they thought it was a minor issue, not a big problem. Later, their ideals and beliefs were shaken, and gradually formed the idea that it is too worthless to be an official without earning extra money. Cheng Lisheng said.

Chen Fuchuan said that during his time in charge of logistics work, he contacted many bosses of the engineering team. He always thought that they were of low quality and had little ability. They all got the project with their help. Looking at them eating well, living well and driving well, his heart was unbalanced, so he did not hesitate to accept the money when they sent it. Im off. When Chen Fuchuan learned that he would not be in charge of logistics work, he was afraid that he would not be able to make any profit in the future. He even asked the owner of the project to borrow 500,000 yuan at one time. The owner knew whether he would go back or not, and he could only give it as much as he wanted.

Among many bosses, Wu is closely related to school leaders. When it was learned that the street-facing pavement of Fucheng campus of Qiongtai Normal University would be renovated and leased by way of cooperation with developers, Wu managed to find Li Xiangguo, Cheng Lisheng and Chen Fuchuan through relations, hoping to undertake the project and promised heavy rewards. Subsequently, Chen Fuchuan hosted a bid invitation meeting. With the acquiescence of three school leaders, Wu won the bid by means of cross-bidding.

In the absence of demonstration and evaluation of the project, the school rushed to sign a Pavement Renovation agreement with Wu Mou, and agreed that after the renovation is completed, the pavement rent will be divided proportionally with Wu Mou. According to the calculation of relevant departments, the unreasonable share of pavement rent between Wumou and Wumou in the past five years has resulted in more than 20 million yuan of national economic losses.

Wu earned a bowl full of money, and naturally did not forget to send gifts to Li Xiangguo, Cheng Lisheng and Chen Fuchuan. With the help of Li Xiangguo and other school leaders, Wu also inherited several projects from the school. After investigation, Wu sent 11 times to Li Xiangguo and Cheng Lisheng to bribe 790 thousand yuan each.

The review found that in the construction of various projects in schools, most of the projects were contracted by eight builders, and they would send benefits to the school leaders and department heads to varying degrees.

In this way, the bosses through the school leadership to undertake the project to obtain benefits, and Li Xiangguo, Cheng Lisheng, Chen Fuchuan and other people unexpectedly feel comfortable to collect returns, into the quagmire of violations of discipline and law can not extricate themselves.