Trump said he refused to listen to the recording of the killing of kawshu.

 Trump said he refused to listen to the recording of the killing of kawshu.

Overseas Network Nov. 19 (OOCN) Washington Post reporter Kashujis murder at the Saudi Consulate in Turkey has not yet been finalized. There are many different opinions on the methods and motives of the murder. The acid dissolution theory and dismemberment theory all add drama to the case. In Turkey, the recording of KASHs death was transmitted to the United States, but Trump said he would not listen.

According to the Guardian, US President Trump said in an interview on November 18 that he would not listen to the recording of Kashujis murder because he had no reason to do so. Trump believes that the killing of khawji is very violent, vicious and terrible. Trump said the U.S. government will release a report on the killing of Kashuji on Tuesday (local time, 20). The report will reveal the details, effects and possibilities of the murder.

On the same day (18), the Turkish Defense Minister said at a news conference that the murderer of Kashuji was likely to leave Turkey three to four hours after the murder, while the mutilated body of Kashuji was carried away through the suitcase. The Turkish Defense Minister believes that, given the murderersdiplomatic immunity, it is not difficult for them to transport bodies in suitcases.

Turkey believes that the team responsible for the murder of Kashuji consists of 15 people, including two who are responsible for the aftermath. At present, Turkey is investigating whether the body of kacshu is dissolved by acid. Turkish media reported Wednesday that Turkish investigators found traces of strong acid after analyzing samples from the sewer of the Saudi Consulate, so they believed that Kashuji was dissolved into a liquid and washed away through the sewer.

On November 10, Turkish President Erdogan announced that Turkey had handed over recordings of Kashujis murder to Saudi Arabia, the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Nazif Karaman, head of the Turkish investigation department, said Thursday that a recording held by the Turkish authorities showed that Kashuji was strangled by a bag and suffocated to death. But the investigation report released by Saudi procuratorial organs on the 15th showed that Kashuji was mutilated after being injected with a large amount of drugs at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

Trump said: the United States will determine kastoks killer in the next 2 days.

British Reuters reported on the 18th that the U.S. government has not yet reached a final conclusion on the death of Saudi journalist Kashuji.