The 95-year-old King of Heaven, who defeated Xiaode and won the championship, had giant infants. He was the only designated successor of Federers son-in-law Nadal.

 The 95-year-old King of Heaven, who defeated Xiaode and won the championship, had giant infants. He was the only designated successor of Federers son-in-law Nadal.

It was this kid who dominated the post-90s players. In 2017, the 20-year-old Zvelev Jr. won the Masters in Rome successfully and became the first post-90s player to win the Masters. He also picked up his idol Federer at the Masters in Montreal and won the second Masters Championship in his career. This year, he finally wished to win the final at the end of the year. How far is the Grand Slam away from him?

The Russian American boy who grew up in Germany

Apey, Zivelevs agent, was shocked by his beauty the first time he saw the child: If he doesnt come out playing tennis, Ill send him to A&F to dress as a model. Indeed, most peoples first impression of Zivelev Jr. is handsome. Most of his fans in China are girls. In October weather in Beijing, these girls still shouted at 11:00 a.m. at the Diamond Course of the National Tennis Center: Lets go Sasha! Lets go!

Pepo Zverev is a tennis player.

The German boy with the angels face was supposed to be a good boy, but most of the time on the court, his Russian gene would burst out. He scolded the referee and said, Youre a fucking idiot! Not to mention that when it comes to the headwind, it starts to vent endlessly. The 20-year-old Zivelev Jr. is in a bad spot on the court. People like to compare Zvelev Jr. with Czar Safin, but unfortunately the latter, no matter how hot-tempered, is a winning general on the field, whereas the former has never won a racket with uncontrolled mood.

For Pepo Zverev, its his daily routine.

Unlike most German players, Zvelev Jr. is not always strict and modest, which may have something to do with his Russian ancestry. He is the second generation of German immigrants, whose parents are pure Russians. His father, Alexander I, was the top professional tennis player in the former Soviet Union. Both he and his wife were members of the former Soviet National Tennis Team, but the Soviet Union did not allow players to play abroad at that time. So although the coaches of the national team felt that Alexander I had the ability to be the best player of that time, they did. Unable to participate in the competition means no score. Alexander I never ranked 175 in the world rankings.

The Pepo Zverev family

After retiring, Alexander Thi received a coach contract from the German club. In the first year, Alexander I never wanted to live abroad. He did not want to leave his homeland. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russias economy was in a depression, and helpless Alexander I could only move his family to Germany.

Pepo Zverev and brother Misha

Because of his fathers relationship, Zwerev Jr. often gets some benefits. He worshiped Federer from an early age. Later, he was recommended by his father to be a caddie. After Federers game ended, Alexander I took Zwerev Jr. to meet Federer. The King of Switzerland crouched down and pinched his face to talk to him, Zwey Jr. Lev was shocked on the spot. He could not even say a complete sentence. But what shocked him was not the close contact with the idols, but the Swiss can speak German. If you keep working hard, maybe well play on the same ground in the future, Federer told Zvelev Jr. Pepo Zvi Lev, 5, replied, maybe.

Spoiled giant babies

Everyone in Zwerevs tennis family strongly relies on and needs each other, but most of the time they take Zwerev Jr. as their core. Brother Misha once described the family situation as a factory. Mother takes care of the family, father is the coach of little Zwerev, brother is also a good friend, sometimes he still accompanies the trainer, and little Zwerevs dog, it is responsible for making him happy. Zivelev Jr. often takes his dog with him and gives him a Grand Slam pass. He watches him play with his family. Even Zivelev Jr. bought an LV box for him.

In fact, the familys preference for Zwei Jr. has been evident since he was very young. Even though Misha has become the top 50 player in the world, his parents still think that his brother is the only person to shine. Misha Youth Team coach Becker recalled that when he first met Zwei Junior, his mother said to him, You see, Misha is great now, but Sasha (the nickname of Zweilev Junior) will be even better in the future.

In the first half of Mishas life, there is no doubt that his younger brother will surpass himself in the future, so it is a matter of course to dedicate to him or to the family. One year, ATP went to shoot the brothersdaily training. Misha won Little Zwei. Little Zwei was unhappy and muttered, You won this game, and you were photographed by the camera. This happened when the two brothers were young. Alexander I pulled a net in his backyard. The two brothers often played in the backyard. If Little Zwei did not win Misha, he would argue with his brother for another game until he won. Misha said that he often needed to lose deliberately to Little Zwei to let everything go. Come to an end.

Pepo Zverev plays teenage games.

When he was 12 years old, little Zwei went to America with his parents to participate in the teenager competition. He accidentally lost to his younger competitor. He ran to his mother on the sidelines crying and shouting, I am the best! Why do I lose? Now, of course, Zwei Jr. wont be so straightforward anymore, but in his mind, even though he has never beaten the top 50 rivals in the Grand Slam in recent years, his inner recognition of himself is still indestructible: I am the best except for the Big Four. In this years Rogers Cup, Zvelev Jr. was defeated by Greek novice Sisypas. After the game, he was a little angry and said to reporters, I dont think he really played so well. This game is sad that I cant think how high he played. So sissy Paz asked the reporter at the press conference with a puzzled face: am I really that bad?

This fragile self-esteem lasted until Little Zwei came of age. He never spared himself on the court. Once he made a mistake, he fell into the inertia of defeat. He did not know how to face his own unexpected results. He seemed to have no alternative but to keep on getting angry. At this point, little Zwei is surprisingly consistent on and off the court. When he was 13 years old, he got into trouble with the girl he liked and wrote in a negative voice on his social platform: I officially declared that I was gay from today on.

Do apprenticeship break up after 90 and lack professional spirit?

In the third round of the mens singles in the Australian Open in 2018, Zvelev Jr. was against Zheng Pang of Korea. In the first four sets, Zvelev Jr. looked aggressive, but in the final set, he was like a change of person. After being broken, he began to slap and complain about the referee. Soon, the little little guy who had just scored 15 points in the sixth set. Its all happening so fast that I havent had time to figure out what this is all about.

Australia lost Zverev to Zheng Xuan

Unlike a year ago, when he lost four hours to Nadal, the muddled little Zwei went back to the dressing room again. Also a loser, he was a proud loser a year ago, but this time he was a shame loser.

Federer, who watched the whole game in the hotel, was very worried. I just felt a little sad to see him sitting on the bench depressed. Federer had a long talk with Zwerev Jr. He reminded Zwerev in a very considerate tone of voice that he needed to control his emotions. He also cited his example: I was considered a very talented athlete in my 20s, but it took a long time to make a breakthrough in the Grand Slam. You need to set specific achievable goals for your Grand Slam journey, such as getting into the quarter-finals first, instead of trapping yourself in the illusion of winning all the time.

Federer is like Zverev to his own son.

More than a month after the Australian Open defeat, Zvelev Jr. broke up with coach Ferrero in a face-tearing manner. Zvelev Jr. accused Ferrero, a gentleman, of being extremely disrespectful of everyone in his team, while Ferrero was extremely disappointed that Zvelev was often half an hour late for training. This pair of teachers and apprentices, who were initially regarded as golden partners, offered unparalleled praise to each other at the beginning of their cooperation, but eventually had to end in embarrassment.

The close end of the apprentice ended in embarrassment.

But for little Zwei, the spoiled children could not understand the rigid training methods of the previous generation, not only Ferrero, but also Zwei was not very satisfied with his fathers physical training methods. He said that all his training items should be completed within the prescribed time every day. This is a completely former Soviet style. Physical training. He seems totally unconscious of his slightly indulgent professional life. Even when asked about his cooperation with new coach Rendel, Zwei Jr. made no secret of saying: If he sets very strict rules for me, we should not be able to cooperate for a long time. I think he will soon realize this.

Little Zwerev may not have realized that the young giant killers are already catching up with him, and the post-90s victory over Federer is no longer his exclusive title. There is no denying that his talent in tennis is is enough to support his achievements. Everyone wants to see how he transforms when he matures. Everyone has great expectations for his future.

But the question is, how long will it take for Pepo Zvi Lev to grow up? He is really a child now.

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