Trump responded to suspicious of vice president Burns: false news!

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 Trump responded to suspicious of vice president Burns: false news!

[Global Network News] On the 17th, after the New York Times reported that Trump had asked his assistant about Vice President Burnsloyalty, Trump tweeted that he had a close relationship with Burns and accused the New York Times of reporting false news.

The New York Times, as usual, reported a false story about my relationship with the Vice President, Trump said. They made up the source of news. I cant imagine that any president and vice president will be more closely related to me than Burns. This is just more false news, the enemy of the people!

Burns said in an interview that he still maintained a good relationship with Trump. We have a very close relationship, Burns said. Im honored to be his vice president. When he asked me to run with him, I was honored.

US media: Trump is suspicious of Burns recently. He always asks the assistant is he loyal?

Is Mike Burns loyal? (MikePence)

The mid-term elections in the United States ended last week, and President Trump began planning his own general election in 2020. Trump has recently raised doubts about whether Vice President Burns can continue to be his reliable partner.

According to US media, Trump has recently asked his assistants and advisers, Is his deputy loyal to himself?