CNN reporter regained the White House pass Trump: no more rules then kick out.

 CNN reporter regained the White House pass Trump: no more rules then kick out.

Trump was unwilling to show weakness in the judges ruling, saying that any more irregularities in Arcosta will kick him out. He also said that if a journalist misbehaved at a press conference, he would leave and stop communicating with the media.

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Trump received an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace on the 16th.

Asked about the federal judges decision of the day, Trump said, Its no big deal. If Arcosta behaves badly, we can either kick him out or stop the press conference.

Wallace Wen Trump, what rules will the government make after Acosta can return to the White House?

Trump replied, we are working on it. We will have rules. You cant ask questions all the time. We have a lot of reporters in that room. They dont have the chance to ask questions. Its all because this person (Arcosta) stood up and asked questions and gave opinions to himself and CNN loudly.

In addition, Trump claimed to be a staunch advocate of press freedom. No one believes in the First Amendment of the Constitution more than I do.

But he also pointed out that if a journalist behaves in disorder, he will stop communicating with the media.

I will say thank you. Thank you for coming. I am going to leave. Other reporters will not be too friendly to those who do things. Trump said.

On the 16th, Sarah Sanders, a White House spokeswoman, said, In response to the court, we will temporarily restore the journalists passport. We will further develop rules and procedures to ensure fair and orderly press conferences in the future. There must be etiquette in the White House. She also pointed out that the court made it clear that the First Amendment to the Constitution did not give individuals the absolute right to enter the White House.

CNN sued Trump for winning journalists to return to the White House for further interviews.

US Court ruled that CNN journalist Jim Acosta will return to the White House for further interviews, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday.