Chengdu, 16, began to accept the prohibition of dog breeding.

 Chengdu, 16, began to accept the prohibition of dog breeding.

Dogs should be registered in accordance with the relevant requirements. Pay attention to regular injection of rabies vaccine for dogs in time. What are the prohibited dogs? What is the scope of the restricted zone? How to handle dog registration certificate? When is the right time to vaccinate? Xiaobian can sort out the following contents for you, you may need them.

Prohibited breed of dog in Chengdu

Chengdu banned breed of hard dogs

Restricted area in Chengdu

According to the official interpretation of @ Rongcheng Canine Management, the restricted areas in Chengdu include Wuhou District, Chenghua District, Jinjiang District of Jinniu District, Qingyang District and High-tech Zone, as well as other areas, cities and counties.

Dog owners in the restricted area are limited to one dog per household, and blind and disabled persons are limited to one guide or support dog per person.

Dog breeding dogs should be properly disposed of within 4 months after puppies are born.

Process of dog registration certificate

Search for Rongcheng Dog Tube Wechat Public Number - click Dog Management - Online Processing, upload the relevant information step by step, submit for audit.

WeChat public address

Process of registration of dog registration certificate

What can I do without an immune card?

The vaccination certificates of the dogs were obtained by injecting rabies vaccine at the local epidemic prevention station. The immunization certificates of different regions were slightly different.

The injection period of rabies vaccine is usually half a year to one year. If time permits, the dog owner friend who has no vaccination certificate can go to the vaccination first and then apply for the dog certificate. PS: Pet hospitals can also get vaccines, but please ask in advance if you can provide immunization certificates with immunization certificates.

Animal immune syndrome

Dog immune attention

Chai Chai dog source of Vision China

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