How did Kasuji die? Sartre: anesthesia dismembered Turkey: strangulation

 How did Kasuji die? Sartre: anesthesia dismembered Turkey: strangulation

Overseas network November 17, Saudi journalist Kasujis murder case again exposed new news. According to Russian satellite news agency quoted Turkish Freedom news on the 16th, the recording held by Turkish authorities does not correspond to the Saudi investigation of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Reported that a few minutes before Kashuji arrived at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Ankara also recorded a recording. In this 15-minute recording, Saudi agents are discussing the murder plan and the role of each member of the assassination team.

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On the 15th, Saudi prosecutors issued a statement that 11 people have been prosecuted and 21 detained in connection with the murder of Saudi journalists, and five suspects suspected of killing Kashuji will be sentenced to death.

On October 2, Washington Post columnist Kashuji disappeared after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. The Saudi side said the journalist was killed in a clash in the consulate. Over the past two weeks, many western countries have denied this claim and pressed on to explain it. In October 25th, the Attorney General of Saudi Arabia admitted that the journalist was murdered. But the Saudi side insists that the incident has nothing to do with the Saudi royal family and calls it a hooliganism.

The Kashuji incident has aroused worldwide concern. There are different opinions from all over the world, and the remains have not been found so far. Turkey said Thursday that Saudi Arabia needed to disclose who ordered the killing of Kashuji in connection with the investigation into his murder. In addition, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu insisted that suspects detained in Saudi Arabia should be tried in Turkey.