In addition to strict Secretary, he is also a two faced person: finding lovers first and eight birthday.

 In addition to strict Secretary, he is also a two faced person: finding lovers first and eight birthday.

On November 13, the website of the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Discipline Commission announced that Yan Chunfeng, former deputy secretary of the Guangan Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, was expelled from the Party and public office. The circular pointed out that Yan Chunfeng was loyal to the Party on the surface, positive and progressive, violating rules and regulations behind him, and full of power and desire; self-conscious on the surface, decent in style, but decent in appearance, corrupt and degenerate; honest and clean on the surface, clean and clean in sleeves, greedy in the interior, profit-seeking, big power and money transactions. He was a typical two-sided and two-sided person. .

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly pointed out the problem of two-sided people, emphasizing that such two-sided people who are wrong-mouthed have great harm to the Party and the peoples cause, and that they must be distinguished and eliminated in time.

The double faced life of two faces

On the stage, Wu Dehua spoke highly of ideals and convictions, and he believed in Feng Shui and superstitious masters. Start the renovation project of urban main road building facade, and make decisions by divination; make friends with lover, first with birth eight characters; join illegal organizations, publicize superstitious ideas, and create heresy by oneself... The great difference between Wu Dehua and his predecessors is staggering.

I have fallen from one aspiring youth to a typical two faced man . I was wrong. I failed the training of the party and organization, and I failed the trust of my family. In the video of Yubei District warning education society, Wu Dehua repented with tears. At this time, no matter feng shui master or copper coin, he can not save him. Waiting for him will be severely punished by Party discipline and state law.

Strengthen risk prevention and control of clean government in key areas and key posts, and solve the unhealthy tendencies and corruption problems that occur around the masses. Shi Yaozhong, the former chairman of the Hainan Provincial Committee for Civil Construction and the former president of the Hainan Socialist College, submits proposals on the right wind and anti-corruption at both sessions every year, which impresses people deeply.

What is surprising is that over the years, the anti-corruption proposal star took advantage of his position to accept bribes totalling 2.46 million yuan, seeking benefits for other people in terms of subcontracting survey and design projects, and repeatedly used public funds for repairing private cars and private housing, purchasing household appliances and paying other personal expenses.

The superb acting skills of two-sided people can not only deceive the public, but sometimes even friends and relatives are kept in the dark. Zhang Deyou, the former president of Changchun intermediate peoples Court of Jilin Province, is such an acting school.

Zhang Deyou has long praised herself as honest and clean, all poisons do not invade, and never partiality towards relatives and friends. She refuses to use her authority to help her elder sister who lives on low living allowance and scrap collection. She also warns relatives at the dinner table of New Years Eve that nothing is allowed to come to me.

It is such a clean official who is not benevolent to selfish interests but has repeatedly interfered in lawsuits by violating regulations and accepting bribes. Maotai liquor is worth millions of yuan only in the year it was accepted. In anticipation that he might be investigated, Zhang Deyou confronted the organization inspections crazily by forming offensive and defensive alliances and destroying evidence involved in the case, and even let his wife take his eight characters of birth to ask God for divination and seek god blessings. After knowing that he was investigated by the organization, he was even more acting explosion. He broke the jade bracelet on the spot and shouted, How can I find my head if we stick to the bottom line of honesty these years?

Acting is no better than cheating. In June 21st, Zhang Deyou was expelled from the party and dismissed from office.

One set on the stage, one set on the stage, one set, one set, the former is a human, and the other is a ghost. Wang Min, the former Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Committee of Shandong Province, evaluated himself after that. Since the taste of two faces is so bitter, what has created these dark demons?

The total switch of ideals and beliefs is loose.

In all kinds of speeches and speeches, I have also shouted loud slogans and made clear pledges about honesty in politics. And behind the scenes, I continue to pursue material interests and make mistakes in my life style, which is totally contrary to the public image. If there is another choice in life, I will never be a double faced man. Wan Chuanyou, former deputy director of the Department of justice of Hunan Province, was so confessed after he was sacked.

Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of the Center for Integrity Research of Peking University, believes that the transformation of Party membersleading cadres into two-sided people and two-sided people is the result of the joint action of the abominable political ecology in some places besides the abnormal subjective factors. Subjectively, Party members and leading cadres lose their party spirit and open a gap for their transformation into two-sided people; objectively, people with bad political ecology and good performers gain market access, which provides soil for two-sided people and two-sided people.

The total switch of ideals and beliefs is loose, which is the root of two faces. For Party members and cadres, the ideological decline is the most serious pathological change. The master switch is not tightened, the relationship between public and private can not be handled correctly, and the lack of a correct outlook on right and wrong, righteousness and benefit, power and career is unavoidable. The manifestation of two-sided people in their desire to fumigate their hearts and unconsciousness behind their backs reflects the decline of their thoughts and the loss of their ideals and beliefs.

Zhang Deyou, who was born in the countryside and changed his destiny by knowledge, Ren Fengchun, who worked hard and was awarded Jilin Province Model for Flood Resistance. Wu Dehua, who wore the halo of Doctor of Hong Kong and Post-70s Officer... Looking at the two faced people, they are not loyal to the party and their faith. However, they either forget when they are proud of their official career, or are eroded by the idea of making a profit at last before retirement, and eventually fall in front of various temptations, degenerate and degenerate, and embark on the road of corruption and degeneration.

Some small intelligence is the common feature of two faces. They usually do things concealed, strictly select safe and reliable acquaintances to accept money and things, or in the name of borrowing to cover up the fact of power money transactions, or use false identity to buy property equity...

The drama of two faces is not rich. Some are poor in clothes, such as Wei Pengyuan, former deputy director of the Coal Department of the State Energy Administration, who wears simple clothes and rides folding bicycles to and from work, Mao Shaolie, former deputy mayor of Hezhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, who splits the surface of his plastic sandals and belts into 45 sections, and others are cheap in clothes, such as repeatedly making high-profile anti-corruption gestures and painful outrages. Zhou Benshun, the former Secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, called himself Sun Likun, the former Secretary of Jiaozuo Municipal Party Committee of Henan Province, who gave 67 instructions for anti-corruption work a year, and Zhang Deyou, who pretended to be six relatives but did not recognize him, such as flaunting his honesty and refusing to help relatives with their difficult lives to solve their work.

Such a person has plenty of body and details, but he is just a lucky man, trying to hide the masses and deceive the organization with his acting skills. I play so real, maybe I cant find it?

Acting may be able to take effect temporarily, but it is more calm to play, but not deceiving oneself. How can you be at ease if you dont sit properly? Some operas arrange Feng Shui Fang or Jade Buddha at home when the spring breeze is proud. They even donate the stolen money to temples in an attempt to seek merit. When the wind is tight, they come to the Master and Please to write runes, hoping to turn evil into good luck every day, or to ask people to tell their fortunes and divine whether they are good or not. Can survive the disaster.

Why? Knowing that his actions are not conducive to righteousness and justice, Party discipline and state law, he pinned hope on fortune telling, looking at the face, burning incense and worshipping Buddha, and became an ostrich with his head stuck in a feudal superstition.

Self-deceiving smart, lucky mentality and uneasy speculative greed, forged a two-sided person. Acting is good and there is a day of help, and the ending is inevitable.

Let play essence play no role.

To identify two faced people, we must listen to their words and look at them. This line depends not only on everyday behavior, but also on the performance of major events and critical moments. It should not only look at dress, but also on the understanding of cadres from the height of political standards, long-term, regular, close-range and multi-level.

Zhuangdeshui believes that it is necessary to change the current situation of some local cadresassessment, expand the main body and scope of cadres assessment, and understand the conduct and performance of a cadre from various channels and aspects. Organizational departments should support honest cadres, pay more attention to those who are diligent, and prevent them from being misled by speculators and skillful people.

In addition to routine screening and inspection, patrol inspection, as a sharp tool of supervision within the Party, has also formed a huge deterrent to the two-sided people within the Party. It is necessary to look back unexpectedly and kill a horse-drawn rifle when the inspectors are panicked and relapse as soon as they are stationed and evacuated, so that those who are lucky often feel frightened.

At present, many provinces and municipalities have announced the first round of the nineteen round of inspections and rectification progress. In view of the problem of two-sided people, the Qingdao Municipal Committee of Shandong Province has made great efforts to strictly enforce political discipline and rules, strictly control the political barrier in selecting and employing persons, actively carry out special checks on selecting and employing persons, and resolutely investigate and deal with two-sided people and two-sided factions who are not loyal to the Party and who violate the principle of Yang Fengyin Yin; the Fujian Provincial Committee has earnestly implemented On the Several Guidelines for Political Life within the Party and the newly revised Regulations on Disciplinary Disciplines of the Communist Party of China resolutely investigate and punish two-sided persons and two-sided persons, and guide Party members and cadres throughout the province to consciously act as understanders and honest persons in politics.

To recognize two faces, we need to know their reputation and observe their character. To inspect cadres, we should go deep into the grass-roots level and understand the cadreswork style through mass evaluation and public praise. Deng Lianfan, director of the Center for Cooperative Innovation in the Construction of an Incorrupt Government in Hunan Province, suggested that we should further open the channels for reporting by the masses, protect the rights and interests of the masses in supervision, and make two-sided people become street mice that people shout at.

It will take a long time to distinguish and eliminate the two-sided people, prevent the emergence of new two-sided people and forge a strong contingent of Party members and cadres. We should educate and guide leading cadres to establish correct outlook on life, world outlook and values, firm ideals and beliefs, and truly believe in Marxism deeply, piously and persistently.

For those Party members and cadres who are not loyal to the Party and who are showing signs of dishonesty, they should show their willingness to fight and not give up. They should grasp the importance of small mistakes at an early date and blame them at every turn, so as to prevent them from making big mistakes, so that Party members and cadres will know how to behave, be in awe, and form a political ecology that is sincere and truthful.

Article 51 of the newly revised Regulations on Disciplinary Punishments of the Communist Party of China stipulates that if the Party is not loyal and honest, its exterior is different, its exterior is contrary to its exterior, its exterior is different, its exterior is contrary to its Yin, its superior is deceived, its superior is deceived, its superior is deceived, its superior is deceived, its superior is deceived, its superior is deceived, it is double-faced, and if the circumstances are Serious, be expelled from the party.

Zhuang Deshui believes that it is of great significance to incorporate two sides into the provisions of Party discipline. On the one hand, the punishment of two-sided people is based on rules and regulations, which enhances the authority of punishment and shows the central governments zero tolerance towards two-sided people; on the other hand, it is conducive to giving full play to the role of Party discipline and striving to eradicate the soil where two-sided people breed and spread.

Being a double-faced person and working hard is also a day when you deceive yourself and steal the bell. Even if you fool the world for a moment, you will end up in a gloomy way and become a laughing stock. Only by being loyal and honest to the Party, being open and aboveboard, telling the truth, doing honest things and being honest people can we achieve a steady and far-reaching path.