Wu Lei: I dont want to be the only person in Chinese football.

 Wu Lei: I dont want to be the only person in Chinese football.

Exclusive interview] dialogue Wu Lei: the Shanghai boss is a misunderstanding in the need for national football.

Confidence and trust create golden boots.

In another six days, Wu Lei will be 27 years old. The best birthday gift of the year is undoubtedly the championship trophy of the Chinese Super League and the Golden Boot prize with the word native land removed. In fact, at the beginning of the league, including Wu Lei himself, did not expect such a result. To be honest, I did not think before the league would be such a data, after the end of the season to see this number, 27 goals, I feel very much. Five consecutive seasons to win the best shooter, this time or pressure on many high-level foreign aid to get golden boots with high gold content, Wu Lei also admitted that, looking back, there are indeed some surprises.

But in fact, the accident did not come as a surprise. Wu Leis performance has been steadily improving since he scored his first goal in the 2013 season, 15 in 2013, 12 in 2014, 14 in 2015, 14 in 2016 and 20 in 2017. Many people say that Wu Lei has made a qualitative breakthrough this season. For this statement, Wu Lei attributes them to the strong tacit understanding between the front-line players of the Shanghai team. First of all, the whole team is stronger and the foreign aid runs in with each other more familiar. The coaching team asked me to try different positions, which is another reason.

You know, I think Wu Lei is a top striker in world football. I like to make balls for him. I trust him very much and appreciate the moment when he finally attacked the goal. Oscar came to Hong Kong for two seasons as a superstar. After a season with Wu Lei, Oscar told the interviewing media one day, I am willing to contribute to Wu Lei.

For this partner, Wu Lei also cares very much. In the training of Shanghai Team, we can often see some beautiful cooperation between them. Although they are only in the training ground, they will celebrate each other for such a goal. The upper port is based on the East Asian Gang, but there are no gangs in the team. Among the big-name foreign aid, the latest Oscar has also become accustomed to making trouble in interviews with Wu Lei and other teammates.

Wu Lei regards all this as home. This year, he seldom gives interviews, but whenever he mentions his teammates, he prefers to call them family members. Oscar told me that we know each other and trust each other. Trust, this is probably the most important reason for success. Wu Lei, who was rooted in Chongming Island and a group of brothers, knows the importance of family better.

Of course, everything is inseparable from self-confidence. Everyone who knows Wu Lei knows that he has always been a self-confident person. He did well in school when he was a child. He also came all the way to play football with the best players. Wu Lei himself believes that this mentality is one of the most critical reasons for success. There are many goals in successive games at the beginning of the season. It may be the beginning of the season to lay a better foundation for himself. He is more confident in dealing with the key balls later.

Before Hengda war, it began to rain heavily in Guangzhou, and the city was in a moment of darkness. A local reporter in Guangzhou walked into the news hall and sighed, its going to change. Later, Wu Lei openly said before the game: I think Tianhe is our blessed land. Although this remark really surprised the reporters on the spot, Wu Lei did think so at that time. At that time, I was very confident, maybe the outside world would like to draw, but I know that we are no longer in the downside of the game with Evergrande, we have their skills and tactics. I have confidence to overcome them. The two direct win of Hengda this season has just won the champion of Hong Kong. Many times Wu Lei did not like to publicize, but more often than not, he was not afraid to show his ambition.

Early doubt and doubt, prove it with better self.

Xu Genbao was indispensable in the celebration of the championship in Hong Kong. Before Xu Genbao came to power, Wu Lei was arranged to speak first. After listening to Wu Leis speech, Xu Genbao boasted when he came to the stage, Wu Lei has a good eloquence, and now he can speak very well. I dont know what you can say. Xu Genbao is not kidding. The children around him in those days have grown up to be the stars in their own right. But Wu Lei and his brothers did not forget this. Early hearts are important at any time. This has been said many times, but Wu Lei is still willing to put the word on his lips, which makes him more indifferent to criticism and doubts from the outside world.

When Wu Lei was sent to the football base, the teachers in Nanjing didnt understand why they wanted him to play football because his academic performance was so good. As a good student in Nanjing, Wu Lei was appreciated by Xu Genbao when he first arrived at Chongming. He did not read the sixth grade. He went directly to the first grade in Genbao Base. After a final examination, he got the second place in his class. If you read well, you can play well. Xu Genbao often recalled Wu Lei when he was young, he may be the least player I ever swore.

There are many memories in the base. Xu Genbaos stern mentor initially made Wu Lei and his small partners feel resentful. Wu Lei is the best disciplinarian among these children. He has high self-discipline and knows his goal and direction from an early age. But when Wu Lei was punished, labor, vegetables and weeding are common. Theres also a penalty for running circles, tired to exhaustion. Many years later, standing at the top of the Chinese Professional Football League, Wu Lei recalled his years at Chongming Base, but said to himself: It was so beautiful memories, without the rigor and delicacy of Master at that time, I am afraid it is very difficult for us to carry them in the face of the storm outside now.

The outside world has never stopped criticizing Wu Lei. From Wu Leis early age, Xu Genbao sent him to the battlefield of Serie B, Can this kid fight, so high? Wu Lei recalled hearing the doubtful voice of the fans on the sidelines, and thought to himself, We must make everyone believe me.

Until I got into the national team and was laughed at for not getting into the team, I could see all these voices, but they didnt affect me. Over the years, I have scored high goals. I think I can face and understand these doubts. In fact, I have always had strong confidence, and every year I scored so many goals that I proved myself.

Wu Lei, who is calm in character, does not like the nickname given to him by others. At one time, he felt that the nickname was even ironic and angry. I dont know who gave you the nickname first. It feels like giving you a high hat, and then laughing at you when you dont perform well. Or the king of the ball.

Now it has really become the real king of Chinese football, and there is a voice from the outside world, Zheng Zhis era has passed, now is the era of Wulei. Wu Lei just smiled and said, I think its too high for me.

When someone mentioned the sentence again, now we can say Shanghai boss. Wu Lei took a deep breath. At that time, only the latter half was released. That year, we met each other in the competition, and each others achievements were above Shenhua... There is too much speculation and doubt. Even if I do well, some people will question you. I have already looked at it very dimly. I hope I can prove myself with better performance.

I will not let go of any big country.

On the night of the celebration banquet in Hong Kong, Wu Lei attended with his wife and children, which was his daughters birthday. These years, I owe my family a lot and I have little time to accompany them. The day after tomorrow, Wu Lei will report to the National Team again. As for his family, Wu Lei has become accustomed to it: Its our responsibility to play well in the club. The next step is to make more contributions at the national team level. But when I am free, I will be around my wife and children. This is the best. The country and the small family are all clasped tightly in the palm of their hands by Wu Lei.

Wu Lei seldom shows his familys things on the social media. Occasionally, he sends a message about his happy life with his family in the circle of friends. For his children, Wu Lei has always been more protective. After winning the race in Hong Kong, Wu Lei watched the game for the first time. Perhaps it was the first time to see such a lively scene. During the whole festival, Wu Leis youngest son had been crying, and Wu Lei had to comfort him all the time.

For the protection of his family, Wu Lei felt it was reasonable to hope that they can live a good life and not be disturbed by many things outside. Also low-key is Wu Leis wife, as a virtuous assistant, standing behind Wu Lei, she has been accustomed to plain life. Wu Lei went out to compete, bringing his wife the most non-brand bags or high-end cosmetics, but refrigerator stickers everywhere.

Wu Lei said that he was a very adaptable person. Creating some opportunities and seizing some opportunities should be my strong point.

But at the national team level, many people say that Wu Lei wastes too many opportunities, but some professionals think that the overall level of national team partners is not as good as the club team. For such a voice, Wu Lei actually disagrees, The team just depends on foreign aid to get more opportunities? In fact, we didnt have foreign aid in 2013 or 2014, and I scored the same goal. It can only be said that there is room for improvement in the national team, the league season has scored so many goals, who does not want to score more goals for the national team.

Wu Lei did not shy away from his dream about the national team. In fact, after the Asian Cup, Wu Lei and his teammates also talked about it. The competition greatly improved confidence. Everyone of us feels as if there is not such a big gap, or there is a chance. Faced with the next Asian Cup and World Cup, Wu Lei, who has been on the top podium of Chinese football, believes, We can now regain this confidence.

After the curtain fell, the port was crowned, and Wu Lei Feng Wang.

But the future is long. Chinese football can not reach the World Cup by one or two people, it needs everyones efforts! Wu Lei did not want to become the only person in Chinese football.