The queen of the US sand row set up the sand row event p1440 with the Olympic gold medal.

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() {vara={init:function () {if (d (.Video-listli) [0]) {d (d (.Video-listli) [0]).AddCss (on), this.eventBind ();};};};};};};}; The queen of sand row set up the sand row event p1440 with her Olympic gold medal. (source: NetEase sports) Kelly Walsh celebrates after winning the gold medal in London Olympic Games. Q1: will you aim at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games? Kelly - Walsh: the Olympic spirit has been deeply embedded in my heart. Even if I have participated in the five session, I wont stop challenging myself again, because I love this sport. Its all out of love. I love challenges, love the improvement in every journey, the people who love me, my partners, coaches, husbands and children. Q2: will the cumulative injuries affect your game? Kelly Walsh: I never worry that these injuries will prevent me from fighting again. These world tour competitions are my pleasure to play alongside Nicole. Injuries only make me stronger and stronger. So I believe that I can achieve the expectation, focus and invest, the tension is unavoidable, the body is not in the best state yet, but my mind and heart tell myself that I am ready. Q3: as a mother of three, is this kind of training, entrepreneurship and accompanying children? Kelly - Walsh: whether its a mother, an athlete, or a business, its happy and beautiful to me. Each is a gift. They are the most important choices in my life. I choose professional athletes, choose to create p1440, and choose to be a good mother every day. These choices make me stronger and more perfect. How do you balance? It is impossible to achieve a balance, at least by myself. The people around me, my husband and family, p1440 team and the whole world have given me a lot of support and inspiration. In life, as a woman, I know to seek help in time. Thats why I can do that. There are so many people who support me. I believe I can do it. Q4: will three children be encouraged to be professional athletes in the future? Kelly Walsh: my baby is athletes physique, very fond of sports, just like mom and Dad, this gene is in their veins. When I was in London Olympic Games, I was still in the third place. After the 08 Olympic Games in Beijing, my eldest son was born in Beijing. So the Olympic Games have a special meaning, or even too special. But the Olympic Games are so important that families are also very important. I am very glad that the three children are also members of my team. They make me a better athlete and love them in the bottom of my heart. As I look at the children playing, I think of the establishment of p1440 for them, for young athletes to look forward to the future, because desire and goals are very important to life and make you more focused, more diligent and fulfilling. So all I do is family thinking, and the best way of thinking, this is what I learned from the children and the example I have to set up for the children. Entertainment is the fourth element. No one does not like music, music is on the scene, everything is better. The inspiration for p1440 is that beach volleyball has a great opportunity. It is a great, global and beautiful sport. It is very popular and welcome that everything is not an overnight thing. A gold medal athlete is also a good athlete. Everyone hopes to achieve something, whether musician, doctor or student, but needs the strength of body, mind and intelligence. The special feature of p1440 is that you must pursue the overall development of body, mind and intellect, not one of them, but the three. Where does the name of Q6:p1440 come from? Kelly Walsh: a psychological counseling course from my husband and I. The tutor is a psychologist. He said, there are only 1440 minutes and 1440 minutes a day. How are you going to spend the 1440 minutes? I am a mother, wife and athlete. I have so many things to do every day. God, I am wasting my time! Sometimes I look busy, but is it worthwhile to be busy? Do I do what I should do? Do you know the main and secondary? So, we decided to create p1440. Everything here is very attentive, is respecting everyones time, because there is no time to waste, wasted every minute will not come again. Q7: can Chinese athletes participate in p1440 events? Kelly - Walsh: of course. We hope that all the best athletes in the world will participate in the p1440 competition. Xue Chen is a good friend of mine. He is the best sand volleyball player in China. The bronze medallist of the Beijing Olympic Games also has a confrontation in London. She is very good. We welcome the best athletes in the world, Chinese athletes and the Chinese Volleyball Association are excellent. We are open and welcome to welcome players from China, Japan, Brazil, Africa and the world, because the world enjoys the sport of sand platoon, not only in the United States of California, but in Brazil, but in the world. Our goal is to provide new opportunities to the sand platoon players, and they are now difficult to survive in the professional sand row, but they can, we need to change, improve the sports and the players economic situation. This is possible. Our partners are committed to serving the existing athletes and the new generation players who are determined to become world class. All the feedback we received, no matter from athletes or branding parties, were very positive. We did this meaningful thing in the right time. Im very excited. Q8: is there a plan to bring p1440 into China? Kelly Walsh: we really hope to bring the event to China. Our team believes in a concept, iron grinding iron, grinding the edges. So when I compete with other excellent athletes like Xue Chen, they make me progress, and my task is also to make them better. We hope that this sport can be spread not only in the United States, but also in other countries that love sports in the world. China is a country that attaches importance to sports. People like volleyball and sand row, and pay attention to inheritance. We very much hope to come to China to develop this sport.