Shijiazhuang receives the heating vacancy fee response and says it is charged according to the regulations.

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 Shijiazhuang receives the heating vacancy fee response and says it is charged according to the regulations.

Shijiazhuang, November (Xinhua) 8, with the beginning of winter, the cold wind of Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei, is chilly. A recent autumn rain made the local people eagerly anticipate the arrival of heating. However, enthusiastic netizens told Zhongxin. com that during the heating season this year, 10 of the 11 districts and cities in Hebei Province cancelled the vacancy fee (heat loss fee). Among them, Baoding only collects the vacancy fee for the users of network heating, while Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital, has been collecting the vacancy fee.

Shijiazhuang Heating Regulations clearly stipulates that the unheated vacant houses will be charged 20% of the fee.

China News Network reporter found that the situation reflected by netizens is true. In response, Wang Hongwei, head of the general office of the Shijiazhuang Heating Management Center, said that the vacancy fee for heating in Shijiazhuang was collected in accordance with the Regulations on Heating and Heating in Shijiazhuang formulated by the Standing Committee of the Shijiazhuang Peoples Congress and implemented on September 1, 2013.

Mr. Zhang, who lives in the North Design Institute of Shijiazhuang, is annoying because of the vacancy fee. He told reporters that this winter, he planned to spend the winter in Hainan with his wife, so he went to the heating company after National Day for the record, intending to pay only vacancy fee, but the staff told me that if the application only paysvacancy fee, he must remove his own heating connector and radiator. Application. Mr. Zhang said that he felt the request was somewhat unreasonable. Do you have any residents in the house? You can check it. Why do you still have to take the radiator apart? In the coming year, I will install it once again, so that it will not only cost people much, but also save money.

In the business hall of Yuhua Heating Management Office of Shijiazhuang Huadian Electric Power Company, the reporter met Ms. Li who was working on the theory with the staff. Ms. Li said that she had been away for a long time and needed to spend the winter in the south. She planned to pay only the vacancy fee. Only when she came here did she find that the application for the vacancy fee had to be made before October 15 every year, but no one had told me before and I had not received any similar notice. Ms. Li said she felt that she had spent a lot of money on it.

Reporters visited several heating business halls and found that there are many owners like Ms. Li who can not apply for vacancy fee because they missed the application period. The staff of the business office of Huadian Heating Xinhua Administration told reporters that Article 27 of the Regulations on Heating and Heating in Shijiazhuang City, which came into effect on September 1, 2013, stipulates that if a hot user stops using or restores using heat, he shall apply to the heating unit from March 15 to October 15 of that year, go through the formalities and pay for the demolition. Loading and unloading.

Reporters then dialed the heating management hotline of other cities in Hebei Province and found that, in addition to Baoding, which still charges 20% to 50% of the vacancy fee for network users, other cities had stopped charging vacancy fee for residents as early as 2016.

From the day of heating, we will not charge the residentsvacancy fee. After the application, the owner only needs to close the heating valve at home by himself. There is no other requirement. Hengshui Hengtong Thermal Company service staff told reporters that this years Hengshui residents heating charges for building area of 19 yuan per square meter.

7 morning, the reporter came to Shijiazhuang heating management center. Wang Hongwei, the head of the general office of the center, told reporters that according to Article 32 of the Regulations on Heating and Heating in Shijiazhuang City, vacant houses that have not been charged according to metering do not need to be heated shall be charged at 20% of the total amount of heat charged after taking effective measures.

Users have reflected this problem before, and we have answered the question in the media. Wang Hongwei said that the heat price of residents in Shijiazhuang city is 22 yuan per square metre of practical heating area. Vacant houses charge 20% of the vacancy fee for normal heating. It is established on the basis of calculating the occupancy rate and vacancy rate of urban houses. If vacancy fees are simply abolished, it is necessary to raise the heat price of non-vacant houses to reduce vacancies in enterprises. Vacancy of housing income, that is, the expense of vacant housing with non vacant rooms.

Wang Hongwei said that among the 11 districts in Hebei Province, except Shijiazhuang, the heating units in other cities are mainly state-owned enterprises, while the heating area of Shijiazhuang is about 180 million square meters, while the heating area of state-owned enterprises is only 4 million square meters. In addition, the two state-owned enterprises are responsible for 120 million square meters of heating area, and the rest are private enterprises, although supplemented by the government. Stickers, but very few subsidies, which also caused the current situation.

Wang Hongwei provided a comparative table of heating charges in and around Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Taiyuan and Zhengzhou in Hebei Province. After verification, the reporter found that the heating prices in Shijiazhuang City were lower than those in Xingtai and Handan, only slightly higher than those in the surrounding municipalities directly under the Central Government and provincial capitals. The heating cost charged by the building area is high. Among them, Beijing collects 60% heating vacancy fee, Taiyuan collects 30% heating vacancy fee, only Jinan and Zhengzhou do not collect.

Source: China News Net editor: Li Cong _B11284