South Korea and the US Marine Corps restart small joint exercises that will not stimulate North Korea

 South Korea and the US Marine Corps restart small joint exercises that will not stimulate North Korea

The exercise will be held in Pohang, Gyeongbuk, Korea for a period of two weeks. The South Korean Marine Corps and the 3rd U.S. Navy Mobile Corps in Okinawa, Japan, have about 500 participants, and equipment such as landing assault armored vehicles will also participate in training. South Korea and the United States planned to conduct 19 Marine Corps joint performances between October 2017 and September 2018, but this year the situation on the Korean Peninsula eased. After the announcement of the suspension of the Marine Corps joint performances in June this year, eight joint performances were cancelled. According to the South Korean-US joint exercise plan, 24 joint exercises will be held in 2019. Although the joint exercises started on November 5, 2018, it is the first one in 2019. Whether the follow-up exercises will be cancelled or postponed next year is still unknown. In addition, the vigilant trump card joint air exercise, which was scheduled for December this year, was also shelved. South Korea and the United States will also decide this month whether to hold next years key decision and kite eagle large-scale joint military exercises as scheduled.

Pyongyang has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the continued sanctions imposed by the United States against the DPRK, despite claims by the US and ROK that the resumption of the 5-day joint show is small and will not stimulate the DPRK. According to the South Korean news agency, Quan Zhenggen, director of the American Institute of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, warned in a commentary on the DPRK Central News Agency on the 2nd that if the United States still does not listen to our opinions and stubbornly adheres to its own views, we can discuss the path of restarting nuclear and economic development (nuclear development and economic construction). The analysis shows that although the article is not a formal statement of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, the discussion of restarting the parallel route was first raised after the DPRK announced its policy of abandoning the parallel route and focusing on economic construction in April this year. In addition, the DPRK Daily quoted official media reports on the 2nd that Kim Jong-un, the top leader of the DPRK, criticized when visiting the construction site of Yuanshan and Gema coastal tourist areas, hostile forces foolishly used various mean sanctions in order to change us and make us yield.

Although no substantive progress has been made in the DPRK US talks, the relations between the two countries have been continuously improved. South Korean President Wen Zaiyin invited Kim Jong-un to visit the DPRK during the year of the summit in Pyongyang, the Yonhap news agency quoted senior officials of Tsingwa Tai as saying Thursday. The two sides reached an agreement on this, and the ROK will strive for Kim Jong-uns return visit within the year as planned. In addition, the Ministry of defense of Korea said 4 days that the South Korea began to remove the surveillance post from the same day. South Koreas Ministry of Defense said that the military departments of the two Koreas will work together to complete the removal of posts, troops and weapons in the joint security zone by the end of November, and check each other in December.

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