Tan Ya vs blade queen? A secret history of flower slips sealed in StarCraft and red guards.

 Tan Ya vs blade queen? A secret history of flower slips sealed in StarCraft and red guards.

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Kerry Gump is also a story of love and hatred. She completed Nirvana in generations of stories and became one of the most moving main lines in the StarCraft series (which also influenced the characterization of Sylvanas in Warcraft in the future). But in fact, the birth of the queen of blades came from a joke by the creator of StarCraft. Chris Mason and James Finney, the creators of the game, designed the role in the light of their main competitors at that time. Ximu Studio launched the popular real-time strategy game Red Alert in 1996.

Tanya Adams, the heroine of the plot The Goddess of Two Guns in Red Police, is a highly popular sex agent. She represents a very powerful army. She can shoot from a long distance, swim and blow up a house.

As a pursuer at that time, StarCraft, which took Red Police as its target, simply created Caregan in order to compete with Red Police. When it comes to this choice later, Chris Mason, the founder of Starcraft, said, Since Tanya in Red Police is so cool, we should also play a killer role. Call it Caregan.

At first, it was just a pop stall playing in the studio. Blizzard had no intention of making Kerrigan a major character. But for the richness of the Zerg story line, the main creator expanded the narrative on Kerrigan, and Kerrigan opened the door for them unexpectedly: Unexpectedly, she has become the coolest part of the whole Starcraft story line.

So... Why does the queen of blades want to call Kerry Gan?

This has to start with a criminal case that sensationalized the United States at that time, and the protagonists of this case are two skillful stars, Nancy Carrigan and Tanya Harding, who have no relationship with video games.

Tanya Harding is the first female figure skater in the United States to complete a three-and-a-half turn jump in the formal figure skating competition. Born in 1970, she has shown great talent in skating since childhood, an amazing combination of beauty and strength, leading the way in the difficulty of movement. But her social background and rude American red-neck temperament have always made her suspicious in the traditional aristocratic project of skating, which is not seen by judges and the American Skating Association.

Nancy Kerrigan, who was born in 1969, was another leading American figure skater of the same period. She was also a brilliant figure skater with Tanya. Kerrigans strong points are artistic expression and action design, and her home is rich in elegant lines, very in line with peoples impression of skating, so she is also the trump card that the American skating team hopes to win.

Kerrigan and Tanya knew each other when they were young and were roommates when they went out to play, but environmental and personality factors led them to confront each other later. The competition between the two people in the American flower circle has laid the groundwork for what happened later.

On January 6, 1994, the American Figure Skating Championship was being held in Detroit, where Kerrigan, as a star, came to train. But this day, after she finished her daily training, she was attacked by a strange man. The man hit her knee with a baton and ran away, leaving her paralyzed to the ground. Because of this injury, Kerrigan was forced to withdraw from the championship. Two days after the attack, Tanya won the championship.

The vicious incident soon entered the police and the FBI investigation process, and the evidence quickly pointed to Kerrigans teammate Tanya, who had a close relationship with Tanyas bodyguard, Ekate, and Stant and Smith, who had injured Kerrigan. After the investigation, the police and the FBI found a note in the garbage can outside Tanyas house, which was written by Tanya herself according to the handwriting comparison.

The incident quickly developed in the direction of falling into the water.

Eventually, Tanyas agent, and former husbands Girouli, pleaded guilty on February 1, admitting that she had participated in the attack on Kerrigan, and Tanya herself eventually admitted that she knew about it (but did not admit to participating directly) under continuous pressure. Subsequently, the District Court also asked Tanya for a disciplinary hearing on suspicion of conspiracy to obstruct prosecution. On March 16, Tanya pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three yearsprobation, 500 hours of community service and a total fine of $160,000.

The American Flower Skating Association, which had long wanted to remove Tanya from the arena, also imposed a lifetime ban on Tanya, thus bringing a sudden end to the life of a generation of geniuses.

However, the whole incident is very unthinkable. The 2017 film Lao Niang is Tanya (i, tonya) describes how this happened (Tanya and Girouli narrate themselves):

The first person to be personally threatened was Tanya. In 1993, Tanya received an anonymous threat letter when she participated in the race. It said that if she played, she would eat a bullet. She felt more pressure and retired. She also discussed with Girouli who had made the threat, and Girouli decided to avenge Tanya. Thats the way I love her.

Apparently not so good-minded, Girouli let Ecatel take full responsibility for the matter. As a result, the other side charged more and more, which made Girouli very depressed. Smith has no criminal record, and has known Eckart for more than 10 years. At the end of December, Smith called Ekate in Phoenix to ask if he was interested in coming to Phoenix, but Ekate brought the topic to Tanya and Kerrigan. Ecatel told him that he had a client who needed to solve a person. He might have to do it, but he would never die. He asked Smith if he had a good recommendation.

Smith said he thought of a man who moved with him from Portland to Arizona to settle with his friend Stant. At that time, Stent was 22 years old, muscular and martial arts. He did not graduate from high school. He joined the Oregon Bodyguard Association in 1989, but was removed for three absences. After moving to Feinikesi, he never found a job.

So Stent bought a black 21 inch telescopic baton to prepare for the attack. In order to confirm Kerrigans training venue, they asked Tanya to call familiar reporters (which Girouli and Tanya, blinded by Ecatels crazy plan, thought was for sending letters - but Tanyas self-statement, which mainstream American media did not believe).

The process of Stents murder is also quite funny. On December 29, I flew to Boston to rent a car, only to find that I took the wrong girlfriends credit card, not my name is unable to rent a car. So he hurriedly asked his girlfriend to send the card. In December 30th, he drove to the training hall and went to the spot to find that Kerrigan had left. He didnt know that Carey soon left Boston to spend the new year with his parents.

For two full days, he squatted in the parking lot outside the training hall and moved the parking space every half hour (to avoid being noticed, but monitored the entire video), which was amazing. On January 2, he finally entered the training hall, but was told that Kerrigan had gone to Detroit to prepare for the game. So Stent had to buy a bus ticket to Detroit. ?

He had been in a long-distance car for 20 hours, tired and hungry, and there was not much money left. When he arrived in Detroit, he checked in the motel with his real name. Tanya also went to Detroit for the game, when both she and Girouli thought it would be over. But Smith did not give up. He flew to Detroit himself, bought tickets with Stant and went to watch the skating team training, and continued to plan the attack. On January 6, after watching Kerrigans training, Stant followed her into the gym, pulled out her baton, approached Kerrigan, and quickly slammed her right leg before fleeing.

After the incident, Girougli felt very nervous because it was beyond his imagination, and when he questioned Eckard, Eckard admitted that he had planned everything.

Among them was the original threat letter to Tanya, which Ecatel admitted was sent by him.

Girouli almost collapsed when he heard the news, and Ecatels explanation was even more maddening, because Ecatel believed that if such a horrible violent attack occurred in the world of skating, he would get a lot of customers as a 007 agent.

* * * * * * * * *

This crime is always compared with OJ- Simpsons murder case. The disillusionment of sports hero image has aroused profound reflection from the media and cultural circles in the United States. Like OJ, Tan Ya and Kerry Gan have also become American cultural symbols, until now.

Nancy Kerrigan was not defeated by the attack, which made her famous. In 1994, she signed nearly ten million dollars in endorsement contracts. On the athletic field, she wore the VeraWang custom dress suit worth tens of thousands of dollars. But she was unhappy when she won the silver medal (the gold medal was given to a Ukrainian player and the American media protested) and refused to attend the closing ceremony to protest.

In 2004, Nancy was elected to the American Flower Skating Hall of Fame. Compared with Tanya, she has always maintained a positive image in public. Host Live on Saturday Night, frequently cooperate with TV stations, act as Entertainment Weekly special correspondent for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, publish books, and even guest Walk with Kardashian special Christmas show...

And Tan Ya was forced to leave the skating arena to become the target of American ridicule. She married twice and had a son with her present husband. She was trying to get rid of the shadow of domestic violence in her childhood and become a good mother. More than a decade ago, she briefly fought boxing, received death threats before the game, and people who hated her had been there all along. Today, she is an ordinary worker who can paint and soldering.

She said she had broken up with her mother: I will never let her get closer to me and my son. She wanted to be forgiven and wanted to see me, hoping to make up for me and become part of my family. Absolutely impossible.

In February this year, she visited the Allen Show, revealing that she still skates after work and can do a lot of action now. For the past life, she said she had no regrets.

I have been reborn and have found a happy life. She said, For the past, I dont think I should make any changes, or I wont be what I am today. Source: NetEase sports writer: Kewell editor: Zhou Juntao _NS4573

I have been reborn and have found a happy life. She said, For the past, I dont think I should make any changes, or I wont be what I am today.