8 win 1! The stag plays the warrior level. The Spurs are taking the alphabet as a professional version.

 8 win 1! The stag plays the warrior level. The Spurs are taking the alphabet as a professional version.

The Milwaukee Bucks have been advancing all the way since the start of the season, with both ends of the offensive and defensive battles wilting and decaying until they met Celtic and won the first defeat of the season by four points. From the data point of view, the Bucks are currently the fifth in the offensive efficiency alliance, the second in defensive efficiency, and the net win score of the 100 rounds is 12.7 points second only to the Warriors. If the winning percentage is kept at the end of the season, it will be the most popular title.

Judging from the off-season operation, the Bucks introduced players like Iliasova and Lopez. Their salaries totaled just over 10 million yuan. As for the effect? Or is the letter elder brother having terrible personal progress this year? Or is Boden Holzer, the widely acclaimed coach, injected new life into the team?

During the off-season, two additional antiaircraft guns were added to assist the alphabet brother.

The Bucksoff-season performance is undoubtedly excellent. Judging from the RPM (real on-the-spot wins and losses) point of view, the performances of Jabali Parker, Mohammed and Jennings who left the team last season are close to the level of the bottom-paid players, while the two major new reinforcements Iliasova and Lopez both performed on the field last season. It is very positive.

In the off-season operation, if the qualified starter level players are upgraded to All-Star level players, fans tend to have very high expectations, while ignoring the effect of the base salary level players upgraded to qualified starters, in fact, the latter is no less than the former. The entry of the Bucks during the off-season is the latter. Moreover, Ilia Sova and Dallow are arguably the two most suitable players in the free agent market to match the alphabet brother.

The alphabet is a monster talent player who attacks with the shape of a close center player. At present, the most popular and effective way of holding the ball in the league is blocking. If the alphabet brother is used to play traditional blocking, there is a problem: because of his limited projection ability, opponents often choose to directly let the big players of the defensive side shrink into the restricted area to resist the alphabet brothers violent attack frame. That is to say, because of the special size of the alphabet brother and his weakness in shooting, the opponents defensive strategy is not difficult to do, with a traditional end-line (such as Capella), the attack on the alphabet brother may be a drag.

Dalo and Ilia Sova are excellent high shooters in the league. Besides shooting at fixed points, they are also good at blocking, pulling big opponents out of the restricted area and complementing each other with the letter brothers under the impact basket.

Last season, Dallow shot 4.4 points every 36 minutes, shooting 34.5%; Iliasova shot 5.3 points every 36 minutes, shooting 36%. Both of them can play together with the alphabet brother, plus Henson, who has developed three-point ability this year (4.4 points every 36 minutes, 40% shooting rate in the new season), foot. 48 minutes to fill the problem of alphabets center forward. Its important to know that there were no more than 10 centers in the League last season who could reach the three-point level of the three players. Besides the two of them, they were only Cosins, Spears and Frye who entered the free market. In the past summer, the Bucksmanagement has come up with the idea of introducing projective bigs to complement the alphabet brother.

Never score three points to three points, the strong team, the alphabet edition, one star, four wins, won the LBJ version.

The effect is that the Bucks can put up an alphabetical one-star four-shot formation at any stage of the game. Brother Alphabet is a perfect offensive player with specific type, speed, strength and explosive force. The only player in the league who can compete with James in this respect is Brother Alphabet. Before the end of the competition with the king, the alphabet played 13 times in the five foot of the basket, with a hit rate of 69.2%. Maybe you have no idea how horrible this number is. In contrast, ONeills MVP peak season in 1999-00 was only 10.9 shots in five feet.

In most cases, Brother Alphabet no longer has to face the center huddled in the basket waiting for him to rush in. The center of the opponent has to follow Dallow out of the three-point line to see the scenery, while Brother Alphabet will face his opponent directly - often a mini-fourth position arranged to be able to dislocate the defensive guard. The alphabet can directly exploit his opponent by physical superiority.

Comparing with last season and this seasons decomposition of the Bucksattacking style, we can find that the overall distribution of the Bucks ball-free ratio has not changed much. The biggest difference is that in the new season, the Bucks have fewer ball-holding attacks, more simple and rough face singles, and the alphabet brothers personal face singles ratio has changed from Last seasons 13.9% rose to 18.6%.

When it comes to a star, it has to compare with the star James. Some people think that Jamess one-man holding ball and four-man pulling-apart play is the reason why the Cavaliers cant beat the Warriors in the end. They even point out that Jamess poor ability to play without ball is the reason why he always breaks in the Finals. But such an idea is not valid.

First of all, the knight shoots everywhere with a huge flaw in the defensive end. The knights problem is not attack, but defense. In addition, we should not talk about defense first, but only say that the one star in charge of the main attack is actually quite different.

The most mainstream way for the league teams to deal with James is to accumulate the flanking front players with less physical strength to fight on wheels. Take the warriors as an example, let Green, Durant, Igodala, Thompson four people take turns to fight for encirclement and suppression. However, when faced with warriors, knights often dare not play the four shooting team with poor defense. But this strategy is difficult to work against the Bucks. First of all, Lopez is all-round. Although he has transformed into a shooting center in recent years, dont forget that he has made his fortune by attacking low positions. His opponents cant trade short players for Lopezs defense. If he plays traditional counterparts, Dalo will expand out and the alphabet brother will get under the basket. Opportunity.

Secondly, although James has a strong ability to attack the interior, his size is not as special as the alphabet brother. Even if James can not be prevented by the traditional flanks and high mobility of the fourth position, he can effectively consume him. With the help of the center, there is no need to sacrifice too much force to guard against the outside shooters to wrap James up. . But the situation of Alphabet Brother is that no teams flanks can carry the Alphabet Brothers direct attack, even if they can carry a wave, they have to face the problem that the center is not inside, Alphabet Brother directly grabs the front rebound. Alphabet Brothers average 2.9 front rebounds in the new season is a new career high, which can not be solved by abundant resources of flanking defense. The question of deciding. This is not to say that the alphabet brother is stronger than James, but that the situation of the alphabet brother is too special to find a special person who can match him (interestingly, warriors seem to have it).

The defense system is completely reshaping the Spurs.

After attacking and defending, the Bucks lost only 100.2 points in the 100 rounds of the new season, ranking second in the league, only slightly worse than the Celtics. The defense sides progress has to be attributed to the new Boden Holzers transformation of the whole system.

From the comparison of the four defensive elements, we can see that the overall level of the Bucksdefensive end has been improved, and the change of the defensive style is obvious. Last season, the Bucks emphasized the ability to make mistakes and build a coalition of turnovers third. Generally speaking, it is not wrong to collect a group of players with long arms and strong athletic ability to build a defensive strategy to exert pressure on the ball-holding side, but everything is too late.

The Bucks under Kidds rule put too much pressure on the strong side and put a lot of troops above the free throw line, which led to the teams empty interior defense. In the last three seasons, the Bucks restricted their opponents to shoot under the basketball in the leagues 30th, 28th and 30th; the protection of backcourt rebounds was 30th, 29th and 30th; The control is twenty-fourth, eighteenth, twenty-ninth, which is the most unguarded inner line of the league. A large number of strong side pressure, but also let the weak side of the three-point breakup can not feel the defensive pressure, last season Bucks opponents three-point shooting rate of 37.7%, the bottom three-point shooting rate is as high as 41.5%, all ranked in the leagues bottom five. Its not surprising why the Bucks defended last season.

In the new season, Boden Holzer asked the teams defensive strategy to make a 180-degree turn, no longer emphasizing faults, faults fell directly to the 27th league. But the relative protection of the team has reached a very high level. The Bucksopponents shot 27.5% in the basket, the lowest in the league, 56.5% in the basket and the second lowest in the league. The original bad rebound protection and foul control is also a new look, the backcourt rebound rate is 5 high in the league, the opponents free throw rate is the first low in the league. Although he has given up mistakes in making mistakes, he has made great progress in other aspects.

In the Celtics competition, another problem exposed by the Bucks defense may be even more serious. Although Greater Lopezs offense is easy to use, he is a traditional center with a slow foot, unable to hold the inside line of projection and a defender with strong ability to hold the ball. Celtics are crazy to use Irving and Hofford, Baines and other people to block and take the ball after the outside of the strategy for Lopez. Hurting the inside line will make Hoffords easy to open three points, catching up with the inside line will make the inside line lose, Irwin is a guard with both breakthrough termination and pitching, Dallows mobility is not enough to change the defensive guard. The Bucksother centers, Henson and Meck, are also tall and large interior lines. Iliasova, No. 4, cant swing up fast, and there is hardly any solution to this problem under the traditional counterpoint. If you go to the left side, you can consider the alphabet brothers defensive projective interior line. Dallow picks a player with poor projection to nominally mark the interior line, and actually empties the defensive line. You can also consider the alphabet brothers nominal targeting a player with poor projection and the actual guerrilla assistant defensive interior line. But all these strategies are based on the fact that the opponent has an empty point, which also increases the defensive burden of the alphabet brother. Its hard to get into real trouble in the regular season because most teams dont have the resources and execution to target the Bucks in this way, but this problem will ultimately determine the Bucksupper limit in May next year.

Generally speaking, the Bucks have a clear idea of how to operate during the off-season. They have created a team with excellent space and perfect fit for the alphabet brother, which is the main reason for the Bucksattack explosion in the new season. On the defensive side, the overall rebuilding of the defensive system has changed the situation of last season. Although there are still shortcomings, it is enough to play a big role in the regular season. The real test for the Bucks will be in May next year. Source: NetEase sports writer: the hoop is the origin editor: Yang Jiankun _NS4215

Generally speaking, the Bucks have a clear idea of how to operate during the off-season. They have created a team with excellent space and perfect fit for the alphabet brother, which is the main reason for the Bucksattack explosion in the new season. On the defensive side, the overall rebuilding of the defensive system has changed the situation of last season. Although there are still shortcomings, it is enough to play a big role in the regular season. The real test for the Bucks will be in May next year.