The most beautiful Chinese woman net: sister: smile is sweet, but it is a cruel role.

 The most beautiful Chinese woman net: sister: smile is sweet, but it is a cruel role.

Is it lucky? Of course.

Wang Qiang entered the Zhuhai elite final.

But this is the second time in a month that she has thrown down the former world top. In the two months of entering the Asian season, Wang Qiang is like a fierce harvester. Those will be the names of those who lost in her photographs:

The two Grand Slam champion Kuznetsova (Guangzhou Tennis Open)

Olympic champion Puig (Wuhan Tennis Open)

Former world first card Price Kurkovva (Chinese Tennis Open)

Grand Slam champion Aosta Peng Ke (Chinese Tennis Open)

Xinke Wu champion sabarun (Chinese Tennis Open)

The two Grand Slam champion Mu Guru Za (Hongkong open and Zhuhai elite)

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NetEase sports interview Wang Qiang (source: NetEase sports)

Despite her defeat in Zhuhai one day later, Wang Qians season ranking has entered the top 20 in the world, becoming the fourth Chinese golden flower (Li Na, Peng Shuai, Zheng Jie) to enter the top 20 in history. Just before the French Open at the end of May this year, her ranking once dropped to 91 - the worst since March 2016. Later, in Roland Garros, a horrible shock was reversed, and a knife was added to her.

Touch bottom to rebound. At the end of July in Nanchang, Wang Qiang won the first WTA Tournament Championship in more than 10 years since she entered the professional tennis world, and this is only the beginning. One month later, she successfully defended her championship in Jakarta and won the Asian Games championship, followed by the Broadcasting Championship, the Fortune Four in Wushu, the Fortune in Zhongwang and the runner-up in Zhuhai Elite Competition...

Wang Qiang was runner up in the Zhuhai classic.

Looking back at the explosions of the past few months, do you have any special feelings when you come to that critical point?

Yes, then Wang Tan responded to a series of silly laughter, hanging on her good face, witty, sweet and sincere, and let people see the online circulation of those Wang Tan - innate mobile facial pack.

But the girl who laughs and makes people feel loved, thinks she is very ruthless to herself.

Wang Qiang is also known as the mobile expression pack.

Ruthless: drop out of school as a self-employed person and do not enter the system.

Ruthless? To understand this word which is extremely incommensurate with her appearance, it must be mentioned many years ago.

Like many Chinese children who began to engage in sports, Wang Qian, born in Tianjin in 1992 at the age of 9, was sent to play tennis by her parents because of her infirmity and illness. At that time, her academic performance was very good. According to her father Wang Chain, she could basically get double hundred in the exam. Tennis is also outstanding, relying on two hours of training after school, she also won a 12-year-old group of national champions in fifth grade. After elementary school, the school disagreed with Wang Qians half-day study and half-day training. Wang Chain asked her daughter, Are you reading or playing basketball? Wang Qiang is very simple: play ball. At a parents meeting, a teacher said to Wang Chain, If Wang Qian cant type it out later, Ill settle accounts with you! She scores so well that you are going to delay my child.

Wang Qiang and his family.

Its hard to imagine a 12-year-old child making such a bold and decisive decision at the most important crossroads in her life. Her father, Wang Chain, also said, Im a driver, telling Wang what roads to take, the prospects and risks of each road, but where to drive depends on her decision. Many years later, when Wang Qians WTA ranking came to 20th place, she only felt lucky when she talked about her choice.

Whats more, since the day of full-time playing, Wang Qian and his father decided to be a real professional player, not a local team, but a real popular individual household in professional tennis. For this way, which invested a lot in the early stage and spent a lot of money like water, courage is not enough to express the courage of this family.

Wang Qian, who does not need to go to school, practices with a coach of Tianjin Team, but the coach can only take her after 6 p.m. every day. She follows her father around by training for two hours every day. In 2005, Wang Qiang went to Beijing Creative Wheel Tennis School and made great progress. Many local teams contacted to invite her to join, but Wang Tiechin refused: I dont want to sell my daughter. Even then, the annual training and competition cost has increased to more than 300,000 yuan. Father and daughter seldom stayed in designated hotels when they went out to participate in the competition. They chose more than one hundred fast hotels, but they were willing to spend 100,000 yuan on an orange bowl in the United States once.

A series of practical difficulties are following. In China, it is not just cost to become a self-employed person.

Every time you go abroad to get a visa, you always have to spend money and trouble people. Wang Tie Chain, a smart businessman who has worked in the market for many years, has been engaged in engineering, decoration and hotel industry, but for this problem which has nothing to do with tennis competitions, it hurts your mind.

In 2007, in the process of solving the visa issue, they contacted the Japanese Chinese Shimizu Zhiying (formerly Vice Chairman of China Networking Association, Mou Zuoyun), and signed a professional broker and training contract with Japan Exploration International Limited, becoming the first one in Japan. The registered players also joined Freedom Hill Online School, where Prince Ida served as technical consultant, and Ching Shui Zhiying served as Wang Tans professional coach. Wang Tan officially entered the professional tennis world.

The world of tennis is cruel. In the past few years, the rapid growth of investment has made it difficult to achieve results. Wang Tans ranking has risen sharply --- but its still not good enough --- almost all young players will face this problem, and a large proportion of them will get some opportunities through their wildcards and eventually emerge. But in China, according to relevant regulations, most of the foreign cards issued by top-level events will be centralized in the hands of the National Network Management Center for unified issuance. Wang Qiang ranked as a powerful wildcard holder, but as an individual, she lost her identity outside the system.

She has no shortcuts.

Wang Qiangs best ranking in the year

Tough: never greasy and crooked.

After arriving at Beijing Creative Wheel Tennis School in 2005, Wang Qian was listed as the key training object. Wang Qian, who had only practiced two hours a day before, had to train all day long, and studied cultural lessons in the evening. But to be honest, its no wonder youre not tired, but if you really want to learn, this test is nothing, but more enjoyment. Surprisingly, this is what Wang Qian said when he was a 15-year-old child, and has been practicing it for many years since.

This never tiresome character is even reflected off the court. After winning the first WTA championship of his career in Nanchang this summer, a reporter asked who he was sending information to before the competition. The cheerful Wang Qiang did not hesitate, boyfriend. As a professional player, she naturally expected that the intimate photos of her boyfriend and her husband would soon be circulated on the social network. The identity of the other party born in 2001, playing tennis, or being a minor could not be concealed. Instead of being bored and distorted, she should admit it generously and boldly.

Wang Qiang and her boyfriend

After cooperating with Qingshui Zhiying in 2007, the coach asked her to completely change her original style of play. At that time, relying on defensive style, Wangs performance had been rising. His father, Wang Chain, was extremely worried: The style and style of play have been stereotyped, deep-rooted, will the body be injured? Can you adapt? Now the short-term improvement is very fast, but after a certain ranking, it is difficult to have an opportunity to rise. Listening to the coachs analysis, Wang Qian made a very decisive decision: Listen to the coach, change.

Facts have proved that Shimizu Zhiyoung is right. During the more than six years of their cooperation, Wang Tans world ranking has been further advanced every year. In the past few years, he has been able to advance nearly one or two hundred places every year, and there has been almost no significant periodic regression or injury.

Several years of quantitative change took place in Malaysia in 2013. Her WTA first match victory was won by defeating Wozniacki, who had long been the worlds number one.

Is it joyful? Of course. But as a person who does not like to hide her emotions, she remains calm in the face of major breakthroughs in her career. For others, this game has given me a label, but be calm, I know she had heatstroke that day.

Without stopping, Wang Qian continued to catch up: finally, in 2014, he reached the first U.S. Open competition, and played the second round. When she moved to the Asian Games, she won another gold medal for her country. Since then, she has finally gained a place in the international arena and her own position at the national level. In early November, Wang Qiangs ranking officially arrived at TOP100.

Call me Chinese Sava or something else. You can call me whatever you like. Im just myself. I dont care what you call me. I just want to play my ball well.

Character is really a wonderful thing. Tennis is a lonely sport. Everyone can only play alone and have a tough, long, gradual and confrontational fight with another person. Perhaps in this unique sport, a persons personality plays a decisive role in many times.

Are you very good at regulating your emotions? Does it also have something to do with your personality when you get high grades?

Actually, I was very stubborn. For example, when I first learned to play, I hated practicing with my father, but I couldnt say that. So I thought to myself at that time,Wait, if I cant play, its your responsibility.

Target: ruthless: change coach again after break, 2019 enter finals.

Although it is 23, it is a pupil in WTA. Only this year has the competition officially started to change from ITF to WTA. I believe that all the success comes from the accumulation of bit by bit. Maybe there will be many first round matches in the future, but I am not afraid. Im not afraid of losing. What about you?

Late in the evening of January 26, 2015, Wang Qian wrote this paragraph on her micro-blog. At that time, after a small breakthrough at the end of last year, the regular operation took a round of swimming in Australia.

But she is a person who can seize the opportunity. She wants to go to a higher level and make changes again. In March, her team was greatly improved. Australian Peter McNamara officially became her coach. The celebrity hostel was the top ten singles and doubles players in the world during the athletic period, winning the Wimbledon and Australian Open mens doubles championships. During his coaching period, he brought out Dimitrov and Phillips, who are well-deserved world-class teachers.

Wang Qiang and coach.

In addition to upgrading the technical level, advanced teaching concepts and absolute internationalization perspective can help Wang Qian adapt to the WTA survival laws and regulations, and truly integrate into the top circle. With the previous cooperation with Qingshui Zhiying, the two people are still on the road of working together steadily and steadily, not arrogant and impatient rhythm, and finally in the third year of cooperation, ushered in a bumper harvest.

The outbreak never erupts suddenly and instantaneously, and there must be previous efforts, accumulation and precipitation over a long period of time. This is the most simple and courageous truth that Wang Tan has come all the way.

Before leaving Zhuhai, Wang Tan put forward his two goals for next season very clearly in public: to reach the second week of the Grand Slam and to compete in next years Shenzhen Finals - the latter sounds bold.

Ending? Future? State of mind? Whether in the past decade or in the Chinese season or this week in Zhuhai, everything is perfect in imperfection, you say perfect is not perfect.

Source: NetEase sports editor: Liu Jie _NS6529