Wang Xins letter in prison: no matter how bad life is, I will be strong.

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 Wang Xins letter in prison: no matter how bad life is, I will be strong.

Lei Di net Lei Jianping November 4th report

The wife of Nora founder Wang Xin first published several letters from Wang Xin on micro-blog today.

Wang Xins wife said that in the past few days, when she was tidying up things at home, she saw several letters that her husband wrote to me and my maid when he was in prison a few years ago, and recalled a lot of past events.

At that time, I had to cooperate with the lawyer to follow up the case and deal with the companys follow-up. I also had to take care of two children and pacify the elderly. The great difficulties had made me feel helpless. Fortunately, we finally waited for the best results we could expect.

Wang Xins wife pointed out that Wang Xin was a man who loved freedom very much, and the suffering of losing freedom was beyond the imagination of others. But even so, he never gave up his product dream.

In front of him, the love of products and the initiative to help users create value overcome all the hardships and hardships of entrepreneurship. Now that I am on a new journey, I believe he will be more relaxed in the future.

Wang Xin revealed a lot of information in his letter, such as:

I often ask myself, what do people live for? Maybe for me, living is really for a promise, a promise to family, a promise to employees, a promise to friends, so no matter how fucking life is, I will be strong and active to live.

Life here is repeated day after day, it seems that there is no concept of time, people can only enjoy the blessings, there is no suffering, I will take good care of themselves, please rest assured.

The letter was sad to learn that Grandpa had passed away. I was impressed by the fact that his old man was in a very tough condition. I didnt realize that he had passed away so quickly. We really had to face the fact that the old people in our family were slowly absent at this age.

So I really should accompany them more when I have time. I used to be too bad-tempered and self-willed. Now I really dont know what to think. Maybe only through suffering can I mature.

Almost two years have passed since I came here. I havent written about the life here. In fact, the life here is very monotonous. There is no place to write. The most important thing is to eat and sleep every day. The working and sleeping time is very regular, so the heartless day counts as one day.

In prison for two years, the biggest harvest is reading. I regret reading too little before. Every day I tell myself that the three things that really belong to me are knowledge, body and thought. Therefore, a full day should learn knowledge, exercise and control thought.

In his letter, Wang Xin also feared that he would be disconnected from the outside world if he stayed in prison for a long time. He said that if he stayed here for a long time, he would be afraid to be disconnected from the world. Our industry is changing and developing fastest. I wonder if he can grasp the pulse of the industry and start a new career.

The product of my last company failed. Over the past few years, I have been learning and thinking about how to invent a better product to help more people and make more people like it. It is my lifelong wish to change the world with my product. I will strive for it all my life.

Nora has gone bankrupt, Wang Xin starts a new business.

Wang Xin returned at the beginning of this year. He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile Company, took a photo with Wang Xin, founder of Xiaopeng Automobile Company. He said that he was very happy with the return of Wang Xins brothers. He was in good health and thought with everyone.

He Xiaopeng also said that he had discussed the development of AI, video, block chain and other technologies with great interest, and heard a lot of secrets and past events. He believed that in the near future, there would be Master Wangs next legendary story in the rivers and lakes.

On September 4, this year, the National Enterprise Bankruptcy Reorganization Information Network disclosed that Shenzhen Jin Asia-Pacific Technology Co., Ltd. filed a bankruptcy liquidation application for Shenzhen Yao Technology Co., Ltd.

The reason is that the latter can not pay off debts due. The Intermediate Peoples Court of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, pointed out that there was a clear lack of liquidity and ruled that the application would come into effect immediately. The deadline is August 23rd.

When Nora was exposed to bankruptcy, Wang Xin sent a poem by micro-blog on the spot.

For many years, you have been living in seclusion in my wounds, I put down the world, but never put down you, my life in the mountains and rivers, let you say goodbye one by one. Apart from life and death, which is not an idle matter?

Wang Xins wife also said that todays news of bankruptcy was hotly searched, and many netizens expressed their hope to raise the money for the public. Thank you for your support for Nora. But Nora chose to go bankrupt, hoping to return the money owed to its partners through bankruptcy proceedings.

Never owe any fees to suppliers or partners before the event, but because of the sudden incident, all bank accounts of the company have been frozen, so they have to pay off their debts in this way.

Wang Xins wife said that as a product, once served tens of millions of netizens, as a company, there is more inescapable social responsibility. Despite todays announcement of bankruptcy proceedings, Wang Xins persistent product dream has not been extinguished. He believes that he will soon be able to bring more good products to you.

At present, Wang Xin as a shareholder has set up Shenzhen cloud song AI Technology Co., Ltd. The company was founded on February 26, and its legal representative is Wang Xins wife Peng Peng, who is mainly involved in the area of block chains and artificial intelligence.

According to Tian Eye Check, Wang Xin is the controlling shareholder, with a share-holding ratio of 91.5%. He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile, is also the shareholder of the company, with a share-holding ratio of 1%. Shareholders also include Wu Ming, Song Ge, Dai Keying and so on.

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