Self driving taxi trial user: letter AI, but do not trust other drivers.

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 Self driving taxi trial user: letter AI, but do not trust other drivers.

Advocates believe that automatic driving is safer, because AI is more rational, free from emotional interference, and will not intentionally make bad; the opposition fears that AI is too tender to cope with the complex road conditions and unpredictable human feelings in reality... Some netizens put it in a word: I dont believe in technology, but in other drivers.

Many optimistic netizens lament that this is a historic moment. @ Ouyang Daokun: the future has come. Tang Proverb Ling: Its a matter of time for new things to replace old ones. Trains that have just appeared before run slower than carriages, but in the end, so accept them positively. @ Han Taotao loves Zhao Xiaoniu son: Cantonese are always ahead.

Many netizens believe that artificial intelligence driving is more rational than human because it excludes emotional disturbance. @ Lotte bear bear cookies: this avoids the fight between passengers and drivers. Master Cheng Cheng: Although it is impossible to make a zero error, it does have a lower error rate than human beings. For example, if there is no dispute between driver and passenger on a bus, that bus will survive. @SunlightNIGHT: how many traffic accidents are caused by peoples mood swings? Take the recent bus crash as an example. It is the quarrel between drivers and passengers that has caused this tragedy. Li Lili: Supporting, I think driving this thing is more reliable than people. After all, there are too many old drivers who dont obey the traffic rules.

Some netizens believe AI will not be bad. @ six cats meow meow: great! If you can do it well, you wont have to meet a bad driver later. Eiffel Tower Dream 201007: So this can reduce the probability of online car appointment. Since the drip accident, now we can only rush to catch buses at night. We could have strolled to 11 oclock. We have to go back at more than 9 oclock each time, for fear that there is no bus.

We have envisaged the various difficulties that will happen to autopilot. The story of snake brother: a tire burst. Who is going to replace the spare tire? The machine can only decide whether to brake or not, but can not grasp the strength. If it meets several plugs in a row, passengers need to bring their own vomiting bags. Its not environmentally friendly. Morning Fish Falling Wild Goose: With todays navigation technology, I cant believe autopilot. What if I run into ditches, rivers and walls? @ a bag in your pocket: this thing went bankrupt after hitting several people.

I can still be more handsome and continue to open my mind: if it becomes popular in the future, then someone wants to clean you up, blacken your car, and then what happens to the man-made car accident? Nightwatchman 66832: It reminds me of the scene in Trinity. If all the intelligent AI is implemented later, the killer software will kill whoever it wants to kill.

Tian Tiantian is a theorist: dont talk about conservatism. The essence of AIs development is hardware plus data plus algorithm. Its not so evil. You think its intelligent, but the algorithm calculates to output such a probability. @Mingo_leo: what I believe in is not technology but other drivers.

Picking up Wenles entanglement mentality is typical: if all become such self-driving vehicles, there will be no need to take a drivers license in the future, and I dare to assert that the national traffic accident rate will decline, but even if it falls, there will still be accident rate, the heart will respond, even if dead, do not want to die on the machine hand.