Taxi drivers have donated blood for more than 200 times in 19 years, and 17 adults have total blood volume.

 Taxi drivers have donated blood for more than 200 times in 19 years, and 17 adults have total blood volume.

Brother Liang Jianqiang insisted on donating blood without compensation for nearly 20 years.

In a few days until the 10th of this month, Liang Jianqiang, 44, plans to go to Huadu Blood Donation Station of Guangzhou Blood Center again to donate blood ingredients. This will be the 240th blood donation in his life. Since 1999, Liang Jianqiang has donated blood for the first time in Huadu Peoples Hospital. In the past 20 years, Liang Jianqiang has insisted on donating blood gratis. He has donated a total of 80200 milliliters of blood, equivalent to the total blood volume of 17 adults. Over the years, Liang Jianqiangs blood donation volume has been far ahead in Huadu District, and he is a real gratuitous blood donator. On the afternoon of October 30, Guangzhou Model Publishing Hall released the list of Good People in Guangzhou in September 2018, and Liang Jianqiang was on the list.

It is good to prove that your body is healthy by donating blood. He said that as long as the physical condition accords with the conditions of donating blood, he will stick to it.

200 times more than 80 thousand milliliters of blood donation.

Blood donation date: September 22, 1999; blood donation volume 200ml... Opening Liang Jianqiangs first blood donation certificate, although some of the handwriting on the certificate has been blurred, it still records his first blood donation. Reporters in this blood donation certificate see that after the first blood donation of 200 ml in September 1999, Liang Jianqiang donated blood twice in April 2000 and October 2000, each time 200 ml of whole blood.

Liang Jianqiang first took part in voluntary blood donation at the then Flower City hospital. At that time, he accompanied his family to the hospital to see a doctor. He accidentally saw the poster of blood donation for free posters posted in the hospital. He took the initiative to find the hospital, hoping that he could participate in blood donation for free. At that time, the masses had a low awareness rate of voluntary blood donation, and they did not know much about voluntary blood donation. He also remembered that when he went into the blood donation room on his own initiative, the nurses who received him repeatedly stressed to him that this is a blood donation without compensation, without compensation. Liang Jianqiang responded firmly to the nurse and said, I have seen the propaganda and know what it is like to donate blood free of charge. The first time he donated blood, he silently donated 200 milliliters of whole blood. Afterwards, Liang Jianqiang did not talk to anyone about blood donation, but from then on, he had an indissoluble bond with blood donation without compensation. Huadu District blood station was established in 2002, and he still insisted on giving blood.

As of October 24 this year, the latest blood donation, he has over the years contributed a total of 80200 milliliters of blood, equivalent to the total blood volume of 17 adults. In a few days, when the half-month recovery period expires, he will again donate blood components, and his personal blood donation record will be refreshed again. Although he did not know who the blood from himself would eventually help, and never thanked him personally, he felt that donating blood was not only harmless to the body, but also helpful to save peoples lives. It was the simplest way to accumulate virtue.

Emergency platelet donation 41 times to become a blood bank

In 2003, blood donation was carried out, and Liang Jianqiang became a blood bank for apheresis platelets. After participating in voluntary blood donation for many years, he donated 41 times of blood platelet.

I remember that at 12:35 on November 20, 2009, the blood bank of Huadu Blood Station received a first aid call from the Peoples Hospital, saying that a patient with traumatic massive hemorrhage urgently needed a dose of platelet O. The duty officer thought of Liang Jianqiang for the first time and contacted him immediately. Liang Jianqiang said nothing. In order to save time, he gracefully refused to send a car to the blood station. He drove his motorcycle and arrived at the blood station in less than half an hour. As soon as they arrive at the blood collection room of the blood station, the staff are ready for all the work, fill in the form, check-up and blood test, and immediately go on the machine to donate blood. Time is life. In order to strive for more rescue time, he changed the habit of single needle and resolutely chose double needles. Double needles are more than 20 minutes faster than single needles. One hour later, the platelet donation was completed at 2 in the morning. Subsequently, the blood station staff who had been waiting for the test immediately, the results, the hospital staff immediately took back the hospital, although time is tight, and night out, but what is more important than the joy of successful rescue of patients? Speaking of emergency donations, he waved his hand and said it was only a matter of effort. I am a native of Huadu. I live close enough to get there in half an hour.

In September 2010, a friend and relative was hospitalized in a hospital in Guangzhou and badly needed O platelet. At that time, the platelets in Guangzhou blood center were very scarce. Friends found many people, but they were not willing to donate blood to Guangzhou. He immediately contacted his friends and took a taxi to Guangzhou Blood Center early in the morning to help each other. His first donation was two doses of treatment. Liang Jianqiang said that with the deepening of peoples understanding of unpaid blood donation, the amount of blood donation has increased, and emergency donation has become increasingly rare in recent years.

Voluntary blood donation will always insist on donating blood.

Whole blood consumes hemoglobin, which requires blood donation every six months. Component blood is mainly platelet donation, which can be recovered within 48 hours. The regeneration cycle is relatively short, so it can be donated every half month. Liang Jianqiang is familiar with blood donation knowledge. As one of the first volunteers in Huadu Blood Station, he actively participated in various publicity activities of blood donation. At present, his volunteer hours have reached 1145 hours, and he has been rated as excellent volunteer blood donors and five-star volunteers.