New rules for dog raising in Wenshan, Yunnan: prohibit walking dogs from 7 to 22

 New rules for dog raising in Wenshan, Yunnan: prohibit walking dogs from 7 to 22

A total of 7 notices have been put into effect since the date of promulgation. It said that in Wenshan urban area, when carrying dogs out of the house, dogs must use a dog chain, the length of the dog chain must not exceed 1 meter, and be tracted by adults. No dogs walk from 7:00 to 22:00.

Notice also said that dogs should not interfere with other peoples normal life, not indulge, drive dogs to intimidate, attack others, to the dogs that are injuring people, anyone can catch them on the spot and dispose of them in accordance with the relevant provisions; if the barking of dogs affects other peoples rest, the dog owners should take measures to stop it. Dogs who have recorded injuries can not be kept in the urban area.

At the same time, those who obstruct the relevant competent authorities from managing dogs according to law shall be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security; those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs and investigated for criminal responsibility.

The circular also lists the reporting telephone numbers: Wenshan Animal Epidemic Prevention and Control Center: 0876-2134790; Wenshan Animal Health Supervision Institute: 0876-2130691; Wenshan Public Security Bureau: 110.

The domestic dog suddenly bites, but the owner has to ask the police to shoot the dog.

Recently, a domestic dog of a resident in Dalian suddenly changed to normal and became vicious. Not only did we chase and attack past passers-by, but even our owners did not let go. The dog owner had no choice but to ask the police to shoot him.