10 floors of the 17 storey building in Huanggang, Hubei, continue to be built after being fined 500 thousand.

 10 floors of the 17 storey building in Huanggang, Hubei, continue to be built after being fined 500 thousand.

As long as you read through the referee, you will find that this is not a simple matter.

First, Li Mou, the captain of the planning squadron of the local city administration bureau, discovered the violation of the project during the inspection, but after receiving a 30,000 yuan sealing fee, the violation was released. It is reasonable to say that if the squadron leader fails to report the benefits to the unit leaders, it would be incredible that a violation could be carried out fairly. Cant the inspectors find out without reporting? Does this mean that the local mechanism of illegal investigation and punishment seems too weak?

But the next episode is even more bizarre. Three months after being released by the squadron leader, when the Boda Youth City project reached the thirteenth floor, it was reported by the public again, so it was forced to stop work. Originally thought that the cover of the problem concealed by the inspectors would be uncovered. However, Li took the initiative to resign from the planning squadron and successfully retired. But what is more surprising is that after being fined 500,000 yuan by the City Administration, the illegal project can continue to be built until it is completed.

Ultimately, because the owner of the real estate registration encountered a wall, the collusion of ghosts, City Administration fines, public officials involved in the processing of false certificates and successfully with false and true pustules, was really punctured and made public.

At present, project developers, former squadron leader Li Mou who helped along the way, as well as two people who participated in forgery of documents, have been investigated for criminal responsibility and punishment. But the whole fermentation process of the whole event is still in the throat.

Whether the punishment for the personnel involved is too light or not, and whether the chain of accountability is complete, we must put a question mark on it. You know, the reason why this project can go all the way to the black on the road of illegal construction and false certificates is that, in addition to the negligence of the team leader involved, the local city administration still chose to release the illegal construction rather than stop it completely after making a fine, which is undoubtedly the blame. Whether this operation is legal and whether or not it should be responsible should be clearly defined.

In addition, all the forged documents and materials eventually obtained the real house pre-sale license and construction project planning license. It seems that all the procedures for examining the proper documents have failed. Is this really because the Certification Department is too good to cheat, there are loopholes in the certification procedure, or there are other hidden facts? Up to now, the relevant departments may also need them. There are a few steps to go out. Today, this is not only a violation of construction, but also involves the rights and interests of many owners. We can not do without a comprehensive and responsible aftermath.

Street law enforcement officers took part in the illegal construction of fishing gold 24 million absconded for more than two years.

A law enforcement captain of Longgang street in Shenzhen was accused of sheltering illegally, and the absconded incident was wanted by hung hung. Recently, Longgang Court sentenced him to six years and ten monthsimprisonment for bribery and abuse of power in the first instance, and recovered more than 24 million illegal gains. After the first trial, Su Xuejian appealed. At present, the case is in the second instance.