Hebei post card fraud 21 people cheat 1 billion 100 million: induce victims high position

 Hebei post card fraud 21 people cheat 1 billion 100 million: induce victims high position

Since 2015, financial fraud activities of stamps and commemorative coins have sprung up all over the country. Stamps and commemorative coins have been used as stocks to speculate and manipulate prices. Investors have been lured to take orders at high levels. After the bankers have made huge profits, the game disappears, and most investors have lost their money.

Hebei Binhai commodity trading market stamp card center (hereinafter referred to as platform) is one of the largest trading platforms of stamp cards in China, with daily turnover of about 2 billion yuan, and the number of stamps and commemorative coins on the market as many as 271. Zhejiang Huaen Capital Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huan Company) has become a member of the platform since November 2015.

The public prosecutor believes that the accused and others have used the means of fabricating facts and concealing the truth to defraud other peoples finances. The amount of fraud is especially huge. The number of victims is large. They have violated the criminal law. The criminal facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive and sufficient. They should be investigated for criminal responsibility with the crime of fraud.

21 principal offender tried

This time, 21 principal criminals, such as Fu Weibin, Zhang Lei, Hu Jianyong and Zhang Shaoshan, who are the backbone members of Huan in Zhejiang Province, were arrested and brought to justice by public security organs from December 2016 to April 2017.

The case was ended by the investigation of Jiangnan Branch of Jinhua Public Security Bureau. After 20 months of arresting criminal suspects, after repeated supplementary investigation, two audits, three extensions of the period of examination and prosecution, the court finally formally opened.

According to the law, from November 2015 to December 2016, the defendants, Fu Weibin and Zhang Lei, aimed at illegal possession, recruited the defendants such as Hu Jianyong as backbone members in Jinhua and Yiwu, used the platform to manipulate stamp prices, defrauded more than 546,000 victims and defrauded more than 1.1 billion yuan of funds.

According to the material, the fraud group level clear, clear division of labor, the defendant Fu Weibin, Zhang Lei invested 13 stamps on the platform listed, the defendant Hu Jianyong, Gong Yi, in charge of the sales department management and business training, the defendant Zhang Shaoshan and Xiao Benwei were the teacher of team members, responsible for the operation to trick the victim The sale of stamps; the defendant Yang Jun, the character of dry language such as hailun team members, the business team composed of Yan Weilong et al is responsible for identifying the victim.

The salesman first identifies the victim, packages the business team leader as a senior analyst, lures the victim to Sina live broadcasting room to listen to lecturers such as Zhang Shaoshan and Xiao Benwei, and then the salesman acts as trustee, cooperates with the lecturer, lures the victim to buy stamps, while the tray team manipulates the price of stamps to cooperate with the lecturer. Prediction enables the lecturer to be trusted by the victims.

After that, the lecturer team, the manipulation team and the business team cooperate with each other. Through manipulating the price of stamps by the manipulation team, the victim is deceived to receive the stamps at a high position. The manipulator manipulates the price of stamps to fall again. The manipulation team is waiting for the opportunity to buy stamps at a low price, thus cheating the victims funds.

In addition, the defendant Gong Yi managed the Kunpeng Team, Dragon Soul Team, SKY God Team and Wind Start Team to lure victims into the total amount of 189 million yuan; Yan Weilong and other Wind Team to lure victims into the total amount of 32.5 million yuan, Cheng Pengxing into the Wind Team, lured them into the total amount of 8.82 million yuan.

On December 29, 2016, the defendant Fu Weibin, Zhang Lei, Hu Jianyong, Zhang Shaoshan, Gong Yi, Yang Jun, Fu Gan, Wang Tao, Zhang Bo, Qu Chao, Yang Bing, Huang Mingwei, Lou Park, Ni Dexiao, Qu Zongjie, Yan Weilong, and Penghang was arrested police; the defendant Xiao Wei, Mei Huan, Chen Hao, Luo Zhihao in 2017 From February to April, he was arrested.

According to the prosecution, the defendants, for the purpose of illegal possession, defrauded other peoples finances by means of fabricating facts and concealing the truth. Among them, 20 defendants, such as Fu Weibin, were very large, and the amount of Cheng Peng Xing was huge. The acts of each defendant had violated the provisions of Article 266 of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China. It is clear that if the evidence is reliable and sufficient, the defendants should be prosecuted for criminal liability for fraud. This case is a joint crime and a group crime. At the same time, the provisions of Articles 25 and 26 of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China shall apply.

Members, platforms and ticket dealers are divided into 622 parts.

In court, prosecutors and defendants separately presented and presented evidence and debated.

According to the prosecutors statement, Fu Weibin and Zhang Lei have registered companies in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Gansu, Shaanxi, Beijing and other places. They have developed more than 10 lecturer teams, more than 20 manipulation teams and more than 200 business teams.

Fu Weibin and Zhang Lei purchased 13 stamps from the platform in the name of Gansu Huan, including 10 kinds of Fu Weibin and 3 kinds of Zhang Lei. After purchasing, they listed and trusted on the platform. Five percent of the stamps were used to make new stamps for investors, and 95 percent of the stamps were used as trading chips to sell to retail investors.

The whole process of fraud in for a period of two months, from the business team to identify the victim into the Sina live lectures, analysis of K-line induced instructor team, after the team hailun wave pulled up, to achieve the desired goals, and reverse operation and instructor team said the content of intention, make stamp prices fell, there A number of word boards fell, resulting in heavy losses for the victims.

In the same way, the defendant developed four or five groups of customers and carried out four or five wave operations until he was arrested on December 29, 2016.

In 13 months, Fu Weibin invested 20 million yuan, Zhang Lei invested 8 million yuan, purchased 13 kinds of more than 12 million stamps, and made a profit of 88 million yuan through 32 trading accounts. In the distribution of profits, Fu Weibin, Zhang Lei and others take 60% of the total profits as their own, 20% to the platform, and 20% to the ticketing unit Jiuxin Company.

After the arrest of the suspect, the criminal investigators of Jiangnan Branch of Jinhua Public Security Bureau have been to Cangzhou, Hebei and Beijing for many times to collect evidence. In May this year, they again collected the transaction data of Hebei Platform from Beijing Jinwang Antai Information Technology Company, and obtained the evidence that Warn Company and the Platform jointly committed crimes.

During the whole interrogation, Fu Weibin, Zhang Lei, Hu Jianyong and Zhang Shaoshan all explained and defended their actions, pointing the responsibility to the platform.

The defendant argued that the platform was owned by Decheng Company and Jiuxin Company, and authorized by the relevant government departments and commercial and administrative licenses. Therefore, the platform should bear the primary responsibility, while Warne Company could only assume the secondary responsibility.

However, the public prosecutor believes that the Huan company Fu Weibin, Zhang Lei and others have subjective fraud awareness, and objective fraud, the amount of fraud is huge, the number of victims is large, the crime facts are clear, the evidence is conclusive and sufficient, should be investigated for criminal responsibility by fraud.

Shanxi Lvliang Gang fraud 21 million yuan principal sentenced to no trial

Without the approval of relevant departments and without any economic entity, the Shanxi Luliang Gang promises depositors to pay interest monthly and repay capital at any time. It openly absorbs deposits from the public with high monthly interest rates as bait and issues receipt certificates to depositors. The principal criminal of the gang was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of fund-raising fraud.