Guangzhou Village: 2235 people in the village were assigned 30 apartments.

 Guangzhou Village: 2235 people in the village were assigned 30 apartments.

In November 3rd, Dashi village in Panyu officially held housing allocation activities for villagers welfare allocation. On the same day, a total of 2235 shareholders were allocated, with an average of 30 square meters per person. Even if it is 2,000 yuan cheaper than 22,000 yuan per square metre for the long-term rental property in the village, the house acquired by each shareholder is worth at least 600,000 yuan.

188 acres of land in the village and 30% properties in the village.

From the exit C of the big stone station on line three, it is the village site. The village is situated on the South Road of Dashijie, Panyu District. There are 2645 villagers and 21 722 people from Laizhou. However, at present, the actual population of the village is over 30,000, and the area of the village is about 1.09 square kilometers.

It is rumored that during the Xianping period of the Northern Song Dynasty (A.D. 1000), the first residents of the family name of Zhi came to build a village here, hence the name of Zhi Village. At present, the main surnames are Chen, Ma, Zhi and so on.

Zhicun is divided into two parts, namely, the industrial zone to the south of Nandalu and the commercial and residential zone to the north. Relying on the adjacent Changlong Tourist Resort and Dashi Station of Metro Line 3, Zhicun vigorously develops business and service industries, and makes every effort to promote the development of historical reserved land.

The head of the village said that the historical reserved land index of 261 Mu had been formed because of the important contribution of planting village to the construction of major projects over the years. After the efforts of several village cadres, 188 mu of land reserved index landed on the collective land of the northern village of Zhicun. The project of Tianjiao Times Town was developed by the way of village land and developersinvestment. After the completion of the project, the village is divided into 30% properties.

In order to make the majority of villagers enjoy the benefits, according to the contract agreement with the developer, Zhicun will build apartments with a part of the property shares belonging to the village collective, and distribute them to the villagersshareholders. Each shareholder has 30 square meters. According to the free combination of shareholders, the households of 30 square meters, 60 square meters, 90 square meters and 120 square meters are designed. .

In May this year, the village apartment was completed. In July 6th, village village organized the allocation room selection sequence number activity. Until November 3, Fang held a house selection activity on the spot according to the serial number. On that day, about 1500 villagers, representing 2235 shareholders, attended the house selection.

It is understood that the distribution of villagersapartment property is located in the sixth phase, covering an area of 25,000 square meters, building area of 137,578.5 square meters, which belongs to the village apartment property building area of 73051.54 square meters, Village commercial area of 8121 square meters.

Apartment rough delivery, but the village lot is superior.

There are four types of apartments to choose from. The first one is 30 square meters apartment, followed by 60 flat, 90 flat, and finally 120 flat. The head of Zhicun said that each shareholder can get 30 square meters of apartment. The final size of the apartment should be decided by the shareholders and family members.

On the day of the election site, villagers were jubilant. Can you be unhappy? Just drop the house like a pie in the sky. One villager said that the apartments in the village were totally village apartments, which had nothing to do with the land or house in our private hands.

According to the villagers, the building of the apartment block now belonged to the farmland in the village. Later, the developer and the developer co operated to build 37 houses. The shareholders and shares of Zhicun have also been defined as early as 1999, after the death of the elderly, the descendants can inherit the shares.

The head of the developer responsible for the development of the planting village said that his department and the planting village began to cooperate in 2012, and the planting village reserved land was developed in several stages. Many apartments were closed in 2016. Part of Tianjiao Times City property, which belongs to developers, is rented in the form of long-term rent, with decoration price of 22,000 yuan per square meter. At present, some apartments have been rented out, forty or fifty square meters of single rooms rent 2800 yuan / month.

Nandu reporters found that many apartments handed over by developers to villagers are connected, and for rough delivery, some household lighting is general. However, the village area is superior. Nearby second-hand housing, expensive also need 40 thousand +. The newly acquired apartment property of villagers, even at a unit price of 20,000 yuan per square metre, is equivalent to at least 600,000 yuan per shareholder.

The phenomenon of late marriage in rural areas is universal: buying a car to buy a car is a hard condition, betrothal gifts 50 thousand +

House price and late marriage are no longer the special words in big cities, but also become hot topics in rural areas. Cars and houses have also become hard conditions for marriage in rural areas.