A family of three asked to get off the front door and refused to beat the bus driver.

 A family of three asked to get off the front door and refused to beat the bus driver.

At about 12:23 noon on November 4, Suide bus driver He Shifu reminded passengers to get off from the back door because of the large number of passengers boarding the front door. Unexpectedly, a male passenger refused to leave the bus. Then the male passenger and the bus driver had a dispute and beat the bus driver with his family, resulting in many injuries to the bus driver. At present, the Suide police have been involved in the investigation.

According to three surveillance videos, there were more passengers on the bus at that time. After the bus stopped, the driver prompted the passengers to move towards the back door, but one woman and two men moved backwards to the front door, and they had a dispute with the driver and then tore up. Master He recalled: When the man was refused to get out of the front door, he insulted me. I argued with him, and the accompanying women came up and tore me up.

Monitoring showed that female passengers hit Master Hes head and face, and the two men also started to grab his hair and beat him. During this period, passengers repeatedly stopped, but failed. One of the passengers was pushed down on the chair by the man who was traveling with him, and was helpless to get out of the back door. Subsequently, several passengers on the front door stopped the two sides and forced them to open, before stopping the storm. After that, witnesses first reported to the police. The police took the two sides to the police station.

Driver Chee master, a front tooth was knocked out. On the afternoon of November 4, a reporter from China Business Daily learned from the Suide County Public Security Bureau that the three passengers who attacked were family members. At present, they were hospitalized because of injuries on both sides. The public security organs have taken the bus to monitor and investigate the incident.

Driver Chee master was injured.

The driver suffered multiple soft tissue injuries.