After 90 billion state-owned enterprises executives media: baby soldiers how can we go all the way to heaven?

 After 90 billion state-owned enterprises executives media: baby soldiers how can we go all the way to heaven?

Faced with public doubts, the Finance Bureau of Xian High-tech Zone responded last night that no social relations affecting the normal operation of the company had been found after investigation and understanding of the relevant issues of the three managers. This afternoon, the Bureau issued a statement again, but it said that it had decided to suspend the three men and initiate relevant legal procedures.

Although the management of state-owned enterprises is younger in recent years, it is too young to be so young. These lack of practical experience, blank management experience, and even just out of the school door child soldiers, how can we step up to the sky? Can they be reassured by the state-owned enterprises that manage hundreds of millions of assets?

To put it further, even if these young executives have no background, their appointments are hasty and suspected of irregularities. The Interim Measures for the Management of Leaders of State-owned Enterprises in Xian clearly stipulates that leaders of state-owned enterprises should have experience in middle-level and above management posts in large and medium-sized enterprises, or in middle-level and above positions in state organs and institutions at corresponding levels. As a member of the board of directors of state-owned enterprises, we should be able to grasp the direction of development of enterprises, have strong strategic decision-making ability, reform and innovation ability, risk prevention ability and good ability to know people. Obviously, these doll soldiers are far from the standards of the leaders of state-owned enterprises.

Another analysis of doll soldiers is that they are merely vases. Because there are regulations in Xian requiring the separation of enterprises, that is, employees of public institutions can not work part-time in enterprises. This is also mentioned in the response of the Finance Bureau of the High-tech Zone. Therefore, we have found these young people to come out and name them. In fact, they are still in charge of the operation of the enterprise by the original leaders.

Baby soldiers step by step, step by step in place of the younger, Xian Hi-tech personnel appointment and dismissal, behind the mysterious. Although the three senior executives involved have been suspended, the truth is still unclear. I hope relevant departments will investigate the matter in depth and give a convincing conclusion as soon as possible.