After the important meeting of the Central Committee, these provincial Party Secretaries acted.

 After the important meeting of the Central Committee, these provincial Party Secretaries acted.

On November 1st, the Symposium on private enterprises was held in Beijing. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, made important speeches and put forward six policy measures to reduce the tax burden on enterprises, solve the problem of difficult financing and create a fair competitive environment. At the same time, 10 representatives of entrepreneurs were invited to attend the forum and delivered speeches.

After the symposium, the topics of private economy and private enterprises have aroused wide discussion in the political and business circles. Zhengzhiju noted that after the Central Committees discussion, Guangdong and Shandong quickly followed up and held a meeting on the theme of private economy, focusing on the reality of their respective provinces and studying the landing of relevant measures to relieve difficulties for private enterprises, while Zhejiang held a private entrepreneurs commendation meeting. It summarizes the development course of Zhejiangs private economy.

As for the private economy, lets see what dry goods these meetings have and what the provincial Party committee secretaries have said.

Liu Jiayi: judging whether the policy is good or not depends on whether the entrepreneur smiles or not.

On November 2nd, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Shandong provincial Party committee, hosted a forum of private entrepreneurs. Similar to the Symposium on private enterprises held by the central government, the Shandong Provincial Committee also invited many entrepreneurs to attend and make speeches.

Zheng Zhijun noticed that Liu Jiayi mainly talked about three aspects at the symposium: General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech at the Symposium on private enterprises, what private economy means to Shandong, and how to support private economy in the future.

Concerning the seminar on private enterprises held in Beijing on November 1, Liu Jiayi pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping had recently made a series of important remarks on private economy, especially in his important speech at the seminar on private enterprises. He emphasized once again that two are unshakable and three remain unchanged, thus setting the tone for private economy. To private entrepreneurs to eat areassuring pill, conveying more precious confidence than gold, private economic development ushered in another spring of great development.

What does private economy mean to Shandong? Liu Jiayi said that private economy was, is and will certainly be an irreplaceable important force in Shandongs development. Private entrepreneurs were, are and will be indispensable treasures for Shandongs development.

As a matter of fact, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee is very real. Data show that the total private economy in Shandong ranks third in the country, second only to Guangdong and Jiangsu. In 2017, the private economy in Shandong accounted for 50.8% of the total GDP in the province. After the reform and opening up, many famous private enterprises and private entrepreneurs emerged in Shandong. In September this year, the Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Shandong Economic and Information Commission and other seven departments jointly issued the list of the top 100 private enterprises in Shandong Province in 2018. The well-known Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd. and Qilu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. are on the list. Previously, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce issued a list of 100 outstanding private entrepreneurs in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. Four private entrepreneurs from Shandong were selected, namely Niu Yishun, Li Xiangping, Qiu Yafu and Zhang Jianhong.

Referring to the future measures for private enterprises and private economy, Liu Jiayi said that in order to support the development of private economy, more perceptible, temperature-sensitive and effective policies should be introduced to enhance the executive power of policies, refine and materialize the operation, and break the barriers of rolling curtain door, glass door and revolving door. For a better business environment, we should thoroughly study and grasp the development aspirations of private entrepreneurs, make every effort to release control clothing and run well once reform, and bring support and guidance to private enterprises into the scope of cadre assessment.

It is worth noting that when it comes to policy making, Liu Jiayi said, Whether the policy is good or not depends on whether the entrepreneurs face is smiling or not. If he laughs brilliantly, the policy is good; if he laughs poorly, it means that the policy is general; if he does not laugh, it means that the policy is useless. In the future, the formulation of policies concerning enterprises must fully solicit the opinions of enterprises, and some policies should be formulated with the participation of enterprise personnel.

Zheng noted that before the central forum, Liu Jiayi also studied a private enterprise. On October 26, Liu Jiayi came to Luhua Group to inspect the production line of the enterprise and understand the product variety, output and price. Liu Jiayi said that we should encourage and support the development of private economy, implement the relevant policies already promulgated in Shandong Province, and solve problems and do practical things for enterprises.

Guangdong: solve problems with private enterprises on the table

On November 2, the Guangdong Provincial Committee also held a symposium on private enterprises held by the central government. According to Nanfang Daily, the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Committee held a meeting on the 2nd to convey the spirit of Xi Jinpings important speech at the private enterprise Symposium and to study the implementation opinions of our province. Li Xi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, chaired the meeting.

It is worth mentioning that the private economy is also the main force of Guangdongs economy. Data show that in 2017, for the first time, the proportion of private economy in Guangdongs GDP exceeded 50%, and its contribution to GDP growth reached 57.5%. The number of private economy units in Guangdong is 10 million 710 thousand. In July 2018, Fortunes Top 500 list was released, including Cedar Holdings, Huawei, Zhengwei International, Hengda Group, Mei Group, Tencent, Vanke, Biguiyuan and other Guangdong private enterprises.

On November 2, the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Committee also stressed that in order to speed up the construction of a new type of pro-Qing government-business relationship, the Party Committee and government should actively act and serve ahead, spend more time and energy on the development of private enterprises and the growth of private entrepreneurs, and open the front door to communicate with private enterprises and put on the stage to solve problems.

Che Jun: private economy has made Zhejiangs today.

Unlike the conferences in Shandong and Guangdong, Zhejiang held a commendation meeting for private entrepreneurs.

On Nov. 2, the Zhejiang Provincial Non-public Economic Personnel New Era Excellent Socialist Cause Builders with Chinese Characteristics Recognition Conference was held in Hangzhou, and 55 private entrepreneurs were commended.

The 55 private entrepreneurs are also familiar with their faces.

Chairman, MaYun Ali Baba (China) Co., Ltd.

Li Shufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited

Li Rucheng, chairman of YOUNGOR group Limited by Share Ltd

Lu Weiding, party secretary, chairman and chief executive officer of Wanxiang Group Company

Nan Cunhui, chairman of CHINT group Limited by Share Ltd

Zheng Zhijun did not list them one by one. Zhejiang has always been a big province of private enterprises, gathering a lot of excellent private entrepreneurs. The theory of 56789 also applies to Zhejiang Province. Specifically, it creates 56% tax revenue, 65% gross production value, 77% foreign trade exports, 80% jobs and 90% new employment in Zhejiang Province.

At the recognition meeting, Che Jun first pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech and decision-making, with clear banner and loud voice, issued the strongest sound of unshakable encouragement, support and guidance for the continued development and growth of non-public economy in the new era, pointing out the two healthy direction of progress.

Speaking of Zhejiangs private economy, Che Jun said at the recognition meeting: Zhejiang is the pioneer of reform and opening up, and also the important birthplace of Chinas private economy. Looking back on the 40 years of reform and opening up, we feel more and more strongly that reform and opening up has made Zhejiang private economy, and private economy has made Zhejiang today. A history of Zhejiangs reform and opening up is a history of Zhejiang private entrepreneurs who have gone through all the hardships and wrote legends of entrepreneurship.

Che Jun has not forgotten to encourage private enterprises, he said: On this occasion today, I would like to say that the Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the provincial government will always be with you, and will always be your strong backing!

At this meeting, Che Jun also introduced Zhejiangs combination boxing aimed at private economy and private enterprises, among which four measures have the most direct impact on private enterprises:

First, we should make greater efforts to simplify government, decentralize power, reduce taxes and reduce burdens. On the basis of reducing burdens for enterprises by more than 300 billion yuan since 2016, we have recently introduced a new round of enterprise burdens reduction policies, aiming to reduce burdens for enterprises by another 150 billion yuan throughout the year.

Second, the newly established Provincial Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. will increase the capital of the Provincial Guarantee Group by 5 billion yuan to support the financing of small and micro enterprises and the issuance of debts by leading enterprises.

Thirdly, a new provincial support fund for the steady development of listed companies has been set up, with an initial financing of 10 billion yuan, to defuse the risk of equity pledge and support the healthy development of listed companies.

The four is to develop a deal with trade friction to ensure implementation of the views of the steady growth of foreign trade, made ten specific measures.