Emigrant Caravan is still more than 1000 kilometers.

 Emigrant Caravan is still more than 1000 kilometers.

American soldiers who are about to be deployed at the border boarded a car at the airport of Harry, Texas.

According to NBCs report on November 4, the first batch of about 160 active-duty soldiers, mainly engineers and military police from different forces, has been assembled in the McAllen area.

Beginning on November 2, they began work on an international bridge linking the US-Mexico border, drilling holes and laying chain fences with barbed wire.

Earlier, U.S. President Trump said that 15,000 soldiers could be sent to this front line in the future, which is about the same size as the current U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and three times the number of U.S. troops in Iraq. The surge was called the loyal patriot (OperationFaithfulPatriot). Terrence OShaughnessy, head of military operations at the Northern Military Command, said he considered the immigrant caravan a potential threat, although he had not yet fully identified the nature of the threat.

In November 2nd, immigrants from Central America walked along the road to Hidalgo, Dezhou, USA (Hidalgo).

Recently, immigrants from Central America are moving northward in large numbers, many of whom have successfully arrived in Mexico and clashed with Mexican local security forces. For the number of three immigration caravans sprinting across the U.S. border, estimates vary widely. According to officials in Mexico and Salvatore, about 8000 people are heading for the United States.

A large number of immigrants ride northbound without safe means of transportation.

Shortly after the news of the immigration caravan heading for the US-Mexico border came out, Trump made a succession of remarks. First, he called the migrants who had brought their families northward because of the countrys war and poverty national emergency in social media, and then threatened to take effective measures to prevent immigrants from Guatemala and Hong Kong. The reduction of aid from Duras and Salvatore.

Now, with the mid-term elections coming, Trump, who campaigned against immigration two years ago, has repeatedly stressed the threat posed by immigrants from Central America. He calls the immigrants in the caravans gangsters and some very bad people and tweets, This is an invasion of our country, our army is waiting. Yes.

The immigration force has not yet reached the United States to prosecute Trumps complaint and has arrived in Washington.

The Great Central American caravan immigrants are crossing Mexico and heading for the US Mexico border. Although Trump is a tough guy, but the settlers did not give up hope, people did not go to the Mexican border, on Trumps petition to washington.