Xian: those who interfere with bus driving behavior will be rewarded.

 Xian: those who interfere with bus driving behavior will be rewarded.

> > protection

Timely investigation without isolation buses

Improve cab closures as soon as possible

It is reported that after the Chongqing bus crash, in order to ensure the safety of the peoples travel, Xian Public Security Bureau Bus Branch immediately convened a special meeting to study and deploy safety precautions to ensure the safe operation of Xian bus passenger transport.

At yesterdays ventilation meeting, it was reported that the Public Security Department urged the bus headquarters to inform all passengers of the case as a warning.

Supervise the bus company to carry out a one-month training for more than 20,000 bus company passengers in the city from now on, focusing on learning the 16-character formula of dealing with emergencies parking and opening doors, evacuating passengers, power outage and gas outage, fire alarm;

Supervise the bus company to strengthen the three preventive measures of bus, timely check the number of bus cabs without physical isolation, and improve the cab closure measures as soon as possible.

The bus voice reporting device prompts passengers to ride civilization and regulate behavior.

With the help of media, the public security organs will severely punish the public security organs for interfering with the illegal driving of buses.

Bus sub-bureaus organize police and bus safety officers to go to crowded bus stations and long-distance passenger stations. At the same time, they employ a large number of bus safety officers to deal with emergencies in time at bus stations, and strengthen inspection, prevention and control.

Bus sub-bureaus conduct in-depth internal security inspections in public transport operation enterprises to ensure that all kinds of safety measures are in place.

After investigation, the number of public transport in Xian is more than 7,000, of which about 3,000 have not completed physical isolation. Wang Zhengxin, deputy director of Public Security Bus Bureau, said that cab closure is the most effective measure to ensure safe driving of bus drivers. The bus Bureau will urge bus companies to implement it as soon as possible.

> > Award

Encourage citizens to report violations of bus driving behavior

On the basis of the above measures, Xian has also set up a reward and reward mechanism. The Bus Sub-Bureau announced the telephone number 86753210, which encourages citizens to report illegal acts that interfere with the normal driving of buses and rewards citizens who dare to stop illegal acts that interfere with the normal driving of buses, compared with the incentive mechanism for taxi and bus operators to participate in social security work in earlier years.

Rong Xiaoming, a police officer in the Legal Section of the Public Security Bureau, said that the public security organs would reward citizens who dared to stop the above-mentioned illegal acts. As long as the illegal and criminal acts are stopped and the illegal infringement is taking place, any citizen has the right to stop the illegal infringement and to protect himself and more peoples personal and property safety. On such a basis, citizens suppression of aggression is justifiable defence or righteous action. Rong Xiaoming said that the specific incentive measures will be rewarded according to the corresponding system, combined with citizensreporting and the role of stopping behavior in specific events, after comprehensive evaluation.

> > strike

Forced outage for drivers with road rage

Cracking down on bus driving violations

Lessons learned to ensure the safe operation of Xians public transport. A few days ago, Zhao Yaping, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of Xian Public Security Bureau, stressed the physical isolation of the cab, and proposed that every bus driver should be evaluated, the drivers who have illegal or irregular behavior should be trained, the drivers with road rage should be forced to stop operation and psychological counseling should be carried out. Safety propaganda should be strengthened, passengers should be reminded to follow the rules, ride in a civilized manner, and citizens should be encouraged to stop illegal activities on the premise of ensuring their own safety.

6 kinds of behaviors, such as abusing drivers, grabbing steering wheels, destroying safety hammers, etc., will be dealt with overhead.

Attacking the driver or seizing the steering wheel in the course of driving disturbs the normal safe driving, which endangers public safety in a dangerous way and is a criminal act. Rong Xiaoming said that regardless of the serious consequences, such acts have been suspected of committing crimes and should bear the corresponding responsibility.

Safeguarding the normal driving of public transport means is the obligation of every citizen. Rong Xiaoming said that the public security organs will deal with the illegal acts committed on buses in accordance with the provisions of Article 114, 115, 116 of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China and Article 23 of the Public Security Management and Punishment Law of the Peoples Republic of China.

How to deal with the drivers attack?

How to deal with the disputes between passengers and drivers while driving?

Wang Qingli, captain of the Eighth Brigade of Public Security Bus Branch, said drivers should remain calm and restrained, avoid intensifying contradictions and do nothing illegal; if passengers entangled with physical contact, especially when there were dangerous situations such as grabbing, kicking the door, turning the window or forcibly seizing the steering wheel, which affected the safe driving of vehicles, they should immediately. Parking; disputes can not be resolved by themselves, should call 110 to call the police for help; if hitters escape forcibly, should pay attention to observe their physical characteristics and escape direction, note down the names and contact methods of more than two witnesses, cooperate with the investigation and evidence collection by public security organs.

Wang Qingli said that if disputes arise between passengers during the driving of vehicles, drivers and sellers should actively dissuade and avoid intensification of contradictions; if the situation is serious, they should immediately stop by the side to dissuade, dissuade ineffective, and call the police for help; if hitters escape forcibly, they should leave evidence to assist the police in dealing with them.

If the driver has a sudden illness

Will Barrier Affect rescue?

In view of the hidden dangers of passenger interference and attacking bus drivers, bus company ride isolation device has become a common protection method in many places. Wuhan, Xian and Beijing are all at the forefront, and Changsha, Nanjing and other places have also been introduced.

In this regard, Wang Qingli, captain of the Eighth Brigade of the Public Security Bus Branch, said that the isolation facilities mentioned at the moment are not completely closed, and there are still spaces in front of the right cab for rescuers to enter, but such isolation measures have to some extent protected the safety of drivers. It is also understood that in order to ensure that the bus can quickly alarm when there is an emergency on the way, Beijing Bus Group has developed and launched a bus key alarm system.

There are other ways to protect bus safety.

Victorian law in Australia clearly stipulates: When passengers commit violent, noisy, aggressive acts, or seriously drunk, bus drivers have the right to let passengers off the bus.

In New Jersey, there is a thick white line on the floor between the drivers seat and the passengers seat. Anyone who tries to cross the white line or stay inside the white line will immediately give a verbal warning.

Nanjing Public Transport Group requires drivers to fight back, scold back, while drivers who have been wronged will be awarded the wrongs award.

Chinese merchant connection

Female passenger scramble for the bus steering wheel, he rushed forward and hugged and pulled away.

It happened 2 years ago, and he got 100 thousand yuan prize recently. He told the China Daily reporter.

Because the womens passengers and drivers were fighting with each other, the bus crashed into Wanzhou in Chongqing, killing 15 people. This has become the most painful news in recent days.

Two years ago, a similar incident happened on No. 610 bus crossing the Yangtze River in Wuhan. A female passenger grabbed the steering wheel crazily. At critical moment, Wu Ye, a passenger, rushed forward quickly from the back seat, and pulled the savage female passenger tightly from the operating area of the bus drivers cab to keep a bus. Passenger safety...

Wu Yes action has touched everyone and brought him good luck. More than two years later, the 33-year-old was awarded a brave embrace award by Liu Guoliang, president of Wuhan Food and Beverage Association, with a prize of 100,000 yuan.

Female passengers grabbing the steering wheel

He rushed up to pull it away.

On the afternoon of May 27, 2016, a 610 bus was driving in the middle of the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan. A middle-aged female passenger suddenly stood up and shouted, Stop, Master. Other passengers discouraged and told her that she could not stop on the bridge. However, the middle-aged woman, instead of listening to dissuade, went to the cab and asked to stop again. Qi Ting, a female bus driver, persuasion: we cant stop here. At that moment, an unexpected scene happened to all of us - the on-board surveillance video showed that the female passenger suddenly came forward and grabbed Qi Tingtings steering wheel. Faced with this sudden change, Qi Tingting quickly stepped on the brake and pulled the handbrake.

A move to a city

I didnt think much about it at that moment. I just thought that the middle-aged woman who grabbed the steering wheel was ridiculous and dangerous. After all, one of our cars is still on the bus, and the car is on the second bridge of the Yangtze River. Yesterday, in an interview with a reporter from China Business Daily, Wu Ye recalled that at that time, he took a bus to the railway station to return to his hometown, and there was no safe isolation door on the bus. After the driver gave the alarm, the police controlled the middle-aged female passengers on the bus. One of their passengers eventually had to change to another bus. When he returned from his hometown, he found that the local media were looking for glasses brother to rescue passengers in the whole city. The unit received his honorable mention, rewarded him for the award of righteous courage, and rewarded him for 1000 yuan.

I am usually very gentle, not very fond of publicity, and I am not good at speaking. Speaking of her righteous deeds, Wu Ye said that his wife was surprised to ask him, I have done this before. She was surprised. Her little daughter also praised him and said, Dad is great!

Wu Ye has repeatedly said that it is everyones duty to help others in danger. In the future, if he meets with similar situations again, he will not hesitate to make efforts to do his part.

He invested 100 thousand yuan in his personal investment.

Liu Guoliang, vice president of the Chinese Cuisine Association and chairman of the Wuhan Food and Beverage Association, told China Business Daily yesterday that the two incidents were too similar. We need to say no to indifference and onlookers and be apublic manwhoshould do it when its time to do it. Motivated by the heroism of saving passengers, he decided to award Wu Ye 100 thousand yuan for his personal investment. Good men deserve good deeds. Liu Guoliang said that Wu Ye not only bravely embraced at that time, but also took the initiative to comfort drivers, which was a responsibility to society and others. Such behavior was particularly valuable and should be encouraged to learn. Liu Guoliang also decided to invite Wu Ye to share the story of bravery in his enterprise, and set up a 500,000 yuan public fund in the enterprise to reward brave employees. The source of this article is: Hua Shang Net - the Chinese business newspaper writer: Yan Ran responsible editor: Su Hong _NBJ9980

Good men deserve good deeds. Liu Guoliang said that Wu Ye not only bravely embraced at that time, but also took the initiative to comfort drivers, which was a responsibility to society and others. Such behavior was particularly valuable and should be encouraged to learn. Liu Guoliang also decided to invite Wu Ye to share the story of bravery in his enterprise, and set up a 500,000 yuan public fund in the enterprise to reward brave employees.