British men swim in the sea for 5 months without going ashore.

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 British men swim in the sea for 5 months without going ashore.

It is reported that adley traveled 1780 miles (2864 kilometers) on the 157 day. Swimming for about 12 hours a day, resting on the auxiliary ship every 6 hours for 6 hours. On the way, he encountered tides, currents, storms, jellyfish bites, and autumn winds. In the last mile, about 300 people arrived at the end of the tour.

Edleys body suffered from various injuries due to amazing challenges. In addition to shoulder pain, long-term wear of diving suits, neck friction injuries, in order to alleviate friction, he tried wrapping tape, cutting off diving suits, and even swimming barefoot, but caused hypothermia. In addition, the tongue of Adlay was cracked by long exposure to seawater. He said, get up in the morning and find the fragments of the tongue on the pillow. To supplement the heat, he ate more than 500 bananas in the process.

After landing, Edley said he had to readjust because he hadnt walked for too long, but he was not tired of swimming and looked forward to the next challenge.

In fact, Edley was already on the Guinness World Records list. In April 2016, he set a record of climbing rope to the height of Notre Dame in 19 hours. He also ran a marathon in a 1,400-kilogram car.

Source: China News Net editor: Han Jiapeng _NN9841