A Sichuan paper factory steals the inspection team for 3 months.

 A Sichuan paper factory steals the inspection team for 3 months.

So many leading cadres have gone through the motions. Recently, the report of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Guangan Forward District in Sichuan Province revealed the accountability of six Party members and leading cadres for negligence in the closure of the Angel Paper Mill in Guantang Town. This typical case of formalist bureaucracy has aroused strong repercussions in the local area.

In September 2016, a report was sent directly to the Ministry of Environmental Protection at that time, reflecting that the Angel Paper Mill in Guantang Town, Guangan City, Sichuan Province, had violated the regulations to discharge pollutants into the Luxi River, seriously affecting the livelihood and production of the villagers along the river. In view of the seriousness of the matter, the relevant departments set up a supervision group to carry out special supervision on the illegal discharge of pollutants by Angel Paper Mill. After investigation, the wastewater treatment equipment of Angel Paper Mill in the vanguard area is aging, and the waste pulp is discharged directly into Luxi River, causing serious pollution of the river water.

On September 23, the leaders of the vanguard District Committee gave two instructions to the Standing Committee for prompt disposal, and the district government immediately took the lead in formulating a work plan for closing Angel Paper Mill according to law, requiring the District Economic and Credit Bureau to stop supplying water and electricity for the production of the enterprise; and the District Environmental Protection Bureau to collect and discharge water. Pollution charges shall be punished strictly according to law for enterprises illegal activities, and enterprises must be closed down and implemented. Kwun Tong is responsible for the implementation of real-time supervision by the special person on the closure of the enterprise in accordance with the law.

However, after the decree reached the relevant responsibility units, the specific implementation was greatly reduced.

In October 30th, Huang Shiyong, director of the District Environmental Protection Bureau, said the Angie paper mill had been closed and had not been verified at the scene. On November 15, before reporting the situation, the District Environmental Protection Bureau arranged Deng Huasheng, the leader of the District Environmental Monitoring and Law Enforcement Brigade, to inspect the implementation of the closure of enterprises on the spot. Deng Huasheng saw Angel Paper Mill close its doors and took several photos outside the factory as proof of the shutdown.

At the special meeting held by the Party Committee of Guantang Town, Xin Dafei, the deputy mayor in charge, Leibo, the director of the Town Safety Production Office, was specifically responsible for the real-time supervision of the enterprise. The Town Safety Office conducted two monthly inspections, and arranged for the cadres of Donkey Yan Village and Jingdong Village, where Angel Paper Mill was located, to take charge of the daily supervision. However, Xin Dafei, Leibo and others have seen the factory door closed and did not enter the factory area for inspection in many tours. In fact, the enterprise has been using earth stoves to secretly produce.

Although the cadres of Donkey Yan Village and Jingdong Village have drawn up a work programme, which stipulates that village cadres rotate daily, they falsely check in on the check-in form on weekdays, and have not been checked in the field. Moreover, in early November, Du Changlin, Secretary of the Party Branch of Jingdong Village, listened to the masses to reflect to him the resumption of production of Angel Paper Mill, but Du Changlin thought he was only a village cadre and could not control the owner of the enterprise himself, so he opened his eyes and closed one eye and did not ask the matter, nor did he report to the town leaders.

In this way, in a flash of time until December 23, 2016, when the law enforcement team of the Sichuan Environmental Protection Department went to Angel Paper Mill again for verification, it was found that there was still a pipeline in illegal production in the paper mill which should have been closed by law at the end of September.

This is a typical formalism bureaucracy! In April 2017, after receiving the clues to the problems, the Discipline Commission of the Vanguard District immediately set up an investigation team to investigate and initiate the accountability procedure on the dereliction of duty and responsibility in closing Angel Paper Mill in accordance with the law. It gave Wu Xudong, Deputy Director of the District Economic and Credit Bureau, Leibo, Director of the Safety Production Office of Guantang Town, and Jingdong Village, Guantang Town. Party branch secretary Du Changlin and donkey Yan village secretary Cai Daiying party warning. District Secretary Shen Huayun, Kwun Tong town mayor Deng Hong, Kwun Tong Town deputy mayor Xin Dafei was admonishing conversation.


Why do hundreds of inspections fail to find problems? Suspected problems, too much direct involvement behind, or take out a mobile phone to deal with things, or see the iron door closed on the turn around or just a check-in form perfunctory routine inspection. This reflects that some Party members and cadres at the grass-roots level ignore the interests and suffering of the masses, neglect problems, fail to be scarecrow in supervision, and go around contradictions.

Only by laying down the board, identifying formalistic bureaucratic problems and accountability together, and identifying a number of accountability groups, can we effectively break through the middle obstruction in the implementation of responsibility layers and thoroughly activate the nerve endings of Party members, cadres and officialsentrepreneurship.

- Zhu Songlin, member of standing committee, District Commission for Discipline Inspection and director of District Supervision Committee, Guangan, Sichuan