Secret Yammie Nam Fans Club: heads often visit Yammie Nam and send money.

 Secret Yammie Nam Fans Club: heads often visit Yammie Nam and send money.

Yammie Nam has been photographed in recent years.

Ms. Luo, who lives in the mainland, was a fan of Lan Jieying in the 1990s. She founded the Lan Jieying Fan Club in 2013. She really established contact with Lan Jieying in 2014. She did a lot of homework before going there without anyone. She checked online when she would go out, where she would walk, and stepped on that point. Yes, its fate.

On November 5, 2014, Ms. Luo went to Hong Kong for the first time to find Lan Jieying. She met her in an open-air square. The first day was not smooth. She was very alert to strangers. She just sat down together and left. She was afraid of reporters. But in Ms. Luos impression, Yammie Nam was in good spirits.

The next day (November 6, 2014), Ms. Luo bought a bouquet of flowers and a scarf as a gift before visiting Lan Jieying. I showed her all my credentials, proving that I was from the mainland, not a journalist. Ms. Luo said that the scarf should still be in Lan Jieyings house. At that time, she said that the scarf didnt match her, so it was placed in the second box under the TV cabinet. In 2015, Ms. Luo went to visit Yammie Nams home and left a phone call.

Lan Jieying has been in poor health and unable to work for many years. Although she has social security assistance, in Ms. Luos opinion, (only) thousands of Hong Kong dollars, where is the place enough in Hong Kong? So every time Ms. Luo went to Hong Kong, she sponsored Lan Jieying several thousand Hong Kong dollars on behalf of the Mainland Lan Jieying Film Fans Club. Give more, give less, but she always wanted to pay back.

Ms. Luo visits Lan Jieying in Hong Kong about two or three times a year, the last time in June, when she was in good spirits. She went out to dinner with me at noon and bought food to cook by herself. This years Mid Autumn Festival, Ms. Luo also sent people to Hongkong to see Yammie Nam. In her eyes, Yammie Nam is very careful. I would like to say hello to my family. How is your son? How is your husband? She is really good.

Recently, according to the news, Lan Jieyings friend Yang Manli revealed that she had a will to make the Chinese version of Flying Over the Crazy Home. In response, Ms Luo said, listen, there is no such plan. I have asked the director of the mainland network drama to invite her to play, she has no intention, do not want to return, her body can not bear it.

In the early morning of November 3, Ms. Lei, who found that Lan Jieying had died at home, also contacted Ms. Luo. The police did not arrive at the scene. She told me that I could not get through (Lan Jieying). After her death, Yammie Nams worries were always worrying Ms. Luo. Although the Hong Kong Performing Artists Association, chairman of Gu Tianle, said it would follow up on the matter, the handling of Lan Jieyings funeral requires the presence of immediate relatives. At present, Lan Jieyings sister has not officially responded to the matter, so the aftermath is not yet possible.