Kuomintang candidate: brain failure is like the DPPs confrontation with the mainland.

 Kuomintang candidate: brain failure is like the DPPs confrontation with the mainland.

Taiwan media held the first televised Taipei Mayor Candidate Debate at 2 p.m. on the 4th. In addition to the absence of the non-party Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe, Yao Wenzhi of the Democratic Progressive Party, Ding Shouzhong of the Kuomintang, Li Xirong of the non-party membership and Wu Yeiyang all participated in the debate.

Will on-site media ask whether the Shuangcheng forum will be held again in the future? Ding Shouzhong said that he opposed the DPP to the issue of Taiwan independence, resulting in cross-strait tensions, if elected he will strengthen cross-strait relations and, because China is Taiwans largest market, only when the cross-strait relations, Taiwan economy will be better.

Ding Shouzhong said that he would actively promote the Twin Cities Forum and promote it institutionally and regularly. He also supported multi-city forums and exchanged with other major economic cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen. At the same time, he would strengthen Taipeis exchanges and attract investment, set up cross-strait affairs committees, and take the initiative to play the role of cross-strait negotiations.

In cross-examination, Yao Wenzhi said that Mayor Ke deviated from the value he believed before he was elected, from the so-called Taiwan value and said a family on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, while Ding Shouzhong said that he supported Taiwan people are Chinese and that he should discuss the acceptable reunification of the people on both sides with an open attitude. Steps and patterns. What is the difference between the reunification supported by Mayor Kes one family on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, realizing the Chinese Dream and that supported by Mayor Dings members and the 1992 consensus? Ding Shouzhong emphasized that Yao Wenzhi obviously completely distorted his words. He firmly supported the 1992 consensus. He also advocated that cross-strait youth should strengthen exchanges and replace misunderstanding and confrontation with friendship and friendliness. Ding Shouzhong said that as for the mainland, it is already the second largest economy in the world and the third largest military strength. Only when the mind is broken, can it confront the mainland like the Democratic Progressive Party and carry the flag of international anti-mainland China. Source: observer net responsibility editor: Qian Yue Xiao _NBJ10675