Wang Qiang: This is the most relaxing season of the most dramatic season.

 Wang Qiang: This is the most relaxing season of the most dramatic season.

This day: the most relaxed final.

Wang Qiang was highly regarded as a substitute for the semifinal after the semi-finals. Her opponent in the final was Australian Patty, who had a match in the Strasbourg clay tournament this year. Wang Qian lost the tournament by a close score of 5-7, 4-6.

Batty is a very smart player. Her serve and baseline have changed a lot. Shes very good at catching your loopholes. This is the evaluation of Battie before Wang Qiang. At the beginning of the match, Batty broke Wang Qians two serve games one after another and gained a huge advantage of 4-0.

In the second set, Wang Tan was once in a stalemate with Batty, but was broken at the end of the set, losing 4-6 and ending the long 2018 season.

This season is really very long. I can finally go on holiday tonight. Wang Qian didnt know he was going to be a substitute until two and a half hours before the semi-finals. For this reason, he also returned his booked ticket and hotel. Yesterday, he won very happily, and today, he lost very happily.

Despite not winning the championship, Wang Qian still earned 360 points and $275,000 bonuses in Zhuhai, and ranked 20th at the end of the year, laying a solid foundation for the next season. Thank my team, this second half of the year is really a leap forward, I hope that next year we will cooperate more happily. Asked how to gain a firm foothold in TOP20 and go further, Wang said: Having enough physical strength and strong psychology is the key to staying in the top 20 for a long time.

Before that, only Li Na, Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai had scored in the top 20. They have all scored in the top 4 of the Grand Slam. Its a great achievement. You know, I havent scored in the second week. Wang Qiang said that these teachers and sisters were the targets of her struggle.

This week: the most fantastic event

If it hadnt been for Cathy, Wang Qiang had been on holiday in Sabah, Malaysia. For the first time in the WTA Zhuhai Super Elite Competition, Wang Qiang experienced something called drama from the finals to the finals.

With her outstanding performance in the Chinese season, Wang Qiang surpassed Zhang Shuai to become a Chinese female net after her martial arts network. In October 16th, Zhuhai announced that it had given the only wild card to Wang Qiang.

Of course, Wang Qian didnt use the wildcard at last. On October 25, she was directly included in the 12 peoples list of Zhuhai by ranking 22, becoming the first Chinese player to rank in Zhuhai tournament.

Among the 12 players, Wang Tan was assigned to the Rhododendron Group as No. 11 seed, with Casa Kinna and Keith in the same group. In the first match, Wang Tan was defeated by Casakina 1-2. Despite his 2-1 victory over Keith on Friday night, he was still unable to qualify for the group because of his disadvantage in scoring. Ordinarily, her season should be over.

Due to the WTA year-end rules, Wang Qiang, who was out of the group, failed to leave Zhuhai early on Saturday as planned. She had to return her ticket and make a break with her friend who had arrived in Hongkong. At 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, Wang Qian, who is undergoing massage and relaxation, received a call from her agent. As Keith withdrew temporarily, she will play as a substitute in the semi-finals.

Without any pressure, Wang Qiang finally won the 11 game and sent the egg to sweep Mu Gu La La to win the final. Three weeks ago in Hong Kong, Wang Tan narrowly beat Muguraza in three sets in the semi-finals, which she regarded as one of the best matches of her personal season.

Wangs record in Zhuhai is two wins and two losses. His defeats will include not only two Grand Slam winners Muguraza, but also US Open runner-up Keith. He also won the final set with TOP10 player Casakina. In fact, since last year, there have been players who have won the first 20 games. They have accumulated and settled up since then, not in one step. After the US Open, Wang Qiang scored 8 wins and 3 losses against TOP20 players, and his career came to a new high.

This year: the most dramatic season.

At the beginning of this season, Wang Qian, ranked 45th, set a goal for himself, hoping to reach the top 30 in the 2018 season. At the end of the season, Wang Qiang overfulfilled her task.

Before Wimbledon, Wang Tan had seven first-round outings in 13 races, and his poor performance was directly reflected in the world rankings. In May, Wang Qiang came to the ninety-first place in the world rankings, and was about to fall out of the top 100.

It was also at this time that Wang Qiang, who had been half a season, relaxed. According to the teams plan, Wang Rongfa will play several challengers after the French Open in order to find the feeling of winning in the low-level competition. Unexpectedly, Wang Qiang won her first championship in her career at the Nanchang Open. The champion let her get back on track. In the first half, she put too much pressure on her goals. After her ranking declined, her ideas and requirements were not as high as before. No matter what it is, its good to fight every game.

After that, Wang Qiang successfully defended the Jakarta Asian Games. After that, he rushed to the US Open. Although the jet lag was not reversed, Wang Qian made a historic third round and returned to the top 50.

Even then, Wang Qiang did not expect to achieve the top 30 goals. After the US Open, Wang Tan participated in six races, all of which reached at least the top four, and reached the finals in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Zhuhai. Chinas Golden Flower went on to the 4 Tour Finals in a single season, or Li Na in 2013.

In the last six competitions, Wang Qians total score was 22-5, and her year-end ranking soared to 20th place, becoming the first Chinese player to rank in the top 20 at the end of the year after Li Na retired in 2014. Steve Simon, WTAs CEO, is also very optimistic about Wang Qiang. She thinks she has the chance to hit the top 10 in the world. As for next seasons goal, Wang Qian listed two in chronological order: the first is to reach the 2nd round of Grand Slam, which means at least to reach the top 16; the second is to reach the WTA Shenzhen year-end finals, jumping directly from the end of the year to the end of the year. Wang Rongs half-year record in July, Nanchang Open champion in September? Guangzhou Open champion in the third round of the US Open, Wuhan Open semi-finals in October, China Open semi-finals in the Hong Kong Open semi-finals in November, Zhuhai Open? Runner-up source: New Beijing News author: Sun Haiguang responsible editor: Lu Ting_NS5242

As for next seasons goal, Wang Qian listed two in chronological order: the first is to reach the 2nd round of Grand Slam, which means at least to reach the top 16; the second is to reach the WTA Shenzhen year-end finals, jumping directly from the end of the year to the end of the year.

Wang Qiangs half year record

July Nanchang Open champion

September? Third round of the US Open.

Japanese open semifinal

Guangzhou Open champion

Wuhan open semifinal

October China Open tennis semifinal

Runner up of Hongkong open

November Zhuhai open? Runner up