Taipei mayors first debate: Ke Wenzhe did not attend the target of attack.

 Taipei mayors first debate: Ke Wenzhe did not attend the target of attack.

At the debate that began at 2 p.m., Kuomintang candidates Ding Shouzhong, Democratic Progressive Party candidates Yao Wenzhi, and non-party candidates Li Xirong and Wu Songyang participated, while Ko Wenzhe, who has always been the leader in the polls, did not attend, and the debate was also called no owner. A debate on Jiao. It is understood that the Taipei Mayors Television Debate will be held again in the afternoon of October 10, when all five candidates will participate, and the 4th is also regarded as a mock test for both blue and green sides.

During the debate, Ke Wenzhe, who did not attend, became the target of attack. As soon as Yao Wenzhi came up, he targeted the KMT Kaohsiung mayor candidate, Koreayo, saying that his rise was related to Ko Wenzhe, and that he had learned all about the variety, lip-service and irresponsibility of the election. Ding Shouzhong mocked that instead of talking about municipal affairs, Yao Shen criticized Han vigorously. Has this election been abandoned long ago? When the debate entered the media questioning session about Big Egg, candidates said that Ko Wenzhe let Big Egg die. Zhongshi E-Newspaper concluded that the four people mainly focused on Ke Wenzhes decision-making, bombarding him for making a show, wavering policies, and passing the buck when things happen. They have done the worst demonstration to the citizens in the past four years. For the four attacks, Ke Wenzhe said that he was accustomed to being attacked, beaten by the media for a year and did not fall, and that the end of the election could leave behind a lot of academic research projects.

According to the latest poll of Taipei Mayors Election by Lianhe Daily, Ding Shouzhong approached Ko Wenzhes 38% with 35% support and Yao Wenzhis 8%. In Kaohsiung, Taiwans Competitiveness Forum data show that Korean Yo is 43.1% ahead of DPP candidate Chen Qimai (32.3%). Among the six municipalities directly under the Central Government, KMT leads Xinbei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, and DPP leads Taoyuan and Tainan. In the remaining counties and cities, the Kuomintang led the majority. (Zhang Wenwen)

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