Indonesian wreck search operation prolongs the remains of many victims

 Indonesian wreck search operation prolongs the remains of many victims

According to reports, the head of the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Bureau, Mohammed Syaoji, said at a press conference on 4 th that the search operation would be extended for three days from 5 th. He told reporters that the authorities decided to extend the search after assessing and observing the crash site. He stressed that many of the remains of the victims were still missing.

On the other hand, officials of the National Transport Safety Commission said the same day that technicians had downloaded 69 hours of flight data, including the data of the crash flight, from the previously found black box of the passenger aircraft, that is, the flight data recorder.

November 4, 2018 - Indonesias wreckage salvage work continued. Divers collected the wreckage of the passenger plane in the sea area of the Indonesian Lion Airlines crash. (video capture)

On the morning of October 29, local time, an Indonesian Lion Airlines Boeing 737 MAX8 passenger plane with 189 passengers and crew flew from Jakarta Sukarno-Hada International Airport to Penang Harbour, Bangkabridong Province. The plane was lost 13 minutes after takeoff, and was later confirmed to have crashed in the vicinity of galajuan, West Java province.

Previously, Indonesian marine divers have recovered the flight data recorder of the crashed aircraft. According to Indonesian media reports, the preliminary results of the plane crash investigation will be published within one month, and it may take six months to complete the complete investigation report.

The head of Indonesias National Search and Rescue Bureau, Mohammad Syaoji, said Wednesday that the search and rescue team detected the signal from another black box of the crashed plane, the cockpit voice recorder.