Where is the wonderful promise to stop eating out?

 Where is the wonderful promise to stop eating out?

Relevant units responded to true

These seemingly unreasonable promises, with the signatures of 10 people and the red official seal, appear to be somewhat different and exotic flowers. Some citizens find this commitment very funny, while some feel that it is there is no silver here 32.

So is this commitment true or false? What is the function of the Register Investigation Section? With questions, the reporter came to the Register of Real Estate in Hengyang City to learn about the situation. However, by the time of work, the office of the Quan Ji investigation office was closed.

After waiting for 20 minutes, a staff member finally appeared. The staff told reporters that all members of the Quan Ji investigation branch were receiving a talk by the Discipline Inspection Commission. Subsequently, the reporter found the director of Hengyang real estate registration center. The director of Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center confirmed the authenticity of the letter of commitment and told reporters the origin of the letter of commitment.

Originally, on October 19, the Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center held a meeting of directorsoffice. In view of the four problems that the masses anonymously reflected in the Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center, Director Liu asked the 11 departments of the center to check one by one. After attending the meeting, Tang Zhilin, chief of the Quan Ji Investigation Bureau, held an internal meeting of the Department.

Zeng Hui, a member of the Register Investigation Section of Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center, said: In view of these four problems, self-analysis is made to see if there are any of these problems. After the analysis, we need to make a commitment in the name of the department, which requires each of us to sign on.

After the meeting, Zeng Hui, who is in charge of compiling the minutes of the meeting, drafted the letter of commitment. A total of 10 staff members were included in the survey. At the first sight of this undertaking, some people feel that something is wrong. During the interview, the reporter learned that the Register Investigation Section is not a window unit, and there are not many opportunities to deal directly with the citizens in peacetime. Because of this, the Department believes that the four points of the masses are not related to their own departments.

In this way, some of the promises that some of the people felt were wrong were finally released. Unexpectedly, the unexpected outflow of the undertaking has aroused a huge storm. Some people think that this commitment letter is particularly realistic, which shakes out the routine that we dont usually know. The authority investigation section that signed the commitment has become the target of public criticism for a while. The first thing that triggered the netizensassociation is the daily work of this section. To this end, the survey carried out a verification of the four points in the undertaking.

Ownership survey does not directly contact the working masses, but Director Peng told reporters that this department does have more dealings with developers. The first point of this undertaking is to stop developers from asking for meals and certification. However, the staff of the department indicated that the workflow of the survey of the right nationality has strict time requirements.

Because of the specific closing time, the staff do not think it necessary for developers to come to them to invite guests to dinner. Ownership Investigation Section belongs to the backstage department and does not handle certificates. In view of the second point of the commitment letter, the members of the Section repeatedly emphasize the innocence of the certificate only when the payment of 100 yuan is eliminated.

Liu Fuyun, director of Hengyang Real Estate Center, said: In view of the third point of the letter of commitment, there are no complaints about similar problems in the Register Investigation Section.

The fourth points of the undertaking are: punctual commuting and completing the procedures for asking for leave. Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center once visited the inspection group of the Provincial Party Committee on Oct. 8, and the leave formalities were not perfect.

On October 31, Hengyang Real Estate Center said publicly that it would seriously investigate and verify the problems reflected by the masses, and resolutely deal with them if any violations were found.

Peng Xiaolin, Executive Vice-Director of Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center: At present, we are talking about the head of this section for the time being. Next, we have to wait for the investigation results of the Discipline Commission to see how to deal with it.

The official announcement of the commitment to go out to dinner to be a beauty

Eliminate the link between developers invitation to dinner and the speed of certification, Eliminate the payment of 100 yuan for certification, Eliminate eating out with beautiful women and Resolve not to be late for work and leave early... uuuuuuuuu In the past two days, the collective commitment letter of the registration department of Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center in Hunan Province has aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

In the early morning of November 1, the head of Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center informed the upstream journalists that the appearance of the promises of exotic flowers reflected that the style construction and quality education of the center were not properly handled. At present, the Chief Minister Tang has been talked by admonishing.

Media: the commitment to eliminate beauty to accompany is no silver three hundred and twenty here.

It is a wonderful promise in black and white. The number of public officers performance standards, from laws and regulations to local documents, has been numerous. Under the logic of service-oriented government, it is the most basic common sense not to eat and take cards, even if there is no central notification, local supervision, grass-roots public officials should also have enough consciousness to perform their duties in accordance with the law.