The man was stabbed and killed for 6 years.

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 The man was stabbed and killed for 6 years.

Murder in traffic police

In the afternoon of April 6th of last year, the case happened on the first floor of the traffic police brigades accident squadron.

Song Xiaolis brother recalled to the Beijing News that his wife was driving home to pick up her children when she was spotted by a motorcycle. Then, on the way of chasing a motorcycle, she had a spoof with a BMW. The motorcyclist was then taken to the traffic police brigade, and he and his wife rushed to deal with it.

During the consultation, he received a call from his brother-in-law, Huang Hailong. When he learned that he was dealing with the accident, Huang Hailong hung up the phone, took two friends who had dinner at the same table and rushed to the traffic brigade together. At that time, Feng Sicheng, a friend of the motorcycle owner, was also in the traffic police brigade. Several witness testimonies showed that Feng Sirongs condition before the case was, he smelled of wine and walked a little shaky.

According to Chen Peng, an assistant police officer in the accident department of the traffic police brigade, more than 10 people have arrived in the corridor, and a group of people are arguing loudly in the office, especially Huang Hailong and Feng Sirong. Later, they both walked out of the office to the corridor. He was about two meters away from them. When the quarrel was stopped, Feng Sirong suddenly took out a black sharp knife from behind and rushed to Huang Hailong. He went back to the office to ask his colleagues for help. When he came out, the corridor was covered with blood. Feng Sirong had fallen down beside the hand-washing pool on the first floor.

In October 12, 2018, during the incident in Fujin traffic team, Feng Sicheng was slashed into a room after being tied up. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photo

The scene surveillance video of the incident showed that the two men were standing at the entrance of the corridor bathroom on the first floor of the traffic police force. Feng Sirongs friend Yu Hai pulled them apart and stood between them. 18:54 44 seconds, Feng Sicheng took out a knife, around the right side of the sea, and poked Huang Hailong. 54 minutes and 54 seconds -57 seconds, Huang Hailong has grabbed the knife and waved his arms from Feng Sicheng to the top. 55 minutes and 00 seconds, Huang Hailong was pulled away and walked back to the corridor bathroom direction. In 55 minutes and 08 seconds, Feng Sirong was also supported to the bathroom, leaving bloodstains on the ground. In 55 minutes and 32 seconds, Feng Sirong fell face down.

From Feng Sirongs knife to Huang Hailong, to Huang Hailongs knife back stabbing Feng Sirong, and finally being pulled apart, the whole process lasted about 16 seconds. From the picture, at least seven people pulled the frame. About the reasons for the quarrel between the two sides, Yu Hai, who was accompanied by Feng Sicheng, told us in his transcript that the other side mainly managed 5,000 yuan. Feng said 3,000 yuan. The other side disagreed. Feng said, Can you give me some face? The other side answered him, What are you, give you face?

Huang Hailong described in his transcript that when the two sides argued, Yu Hai pulled them apart and stood between them. Feng Sirong took a black knife and said, I killed you. Then Feng rushed to him with a knife and stabbed him in the stomach with a knife.

Huang Hailong said he then held the blade of Feng Sichengs hand with his right hand and dragged Fengs arm with the other. Fight to the bathroom door opposite the north side of the corridor, to the location of the wall, grabbed the knife from Feng Si Cheng. At that time, Feng Sirong was still beating me with his hand. I was afraid that he would hurt me, so I drew a knife from top to bottom in the position of Feng Sirongs chest. Before the knife pierced him, he was pulled away.

Yu Haize put forward in his transcript that Huang Hailong grabbed Feng Sirongs knife in his hand, held it in his right hand, lifted it up, took a knife in front of Feng Sirongs left chest from top to bottom, and kicked Feng Sirong with his left foot.

Because of Huang Hailongs stomach and hand bleeding, his companion Chen Lianxin took him to the hospital. Chen Lianxin told the Beijing News that after leaving the traffic police force, Huang Hailong dialed 110, but could not get through. He told the next person to dial 120, so that 120 would be able to give first aid to Feng Si Cheng.

Huang Hailong and Feng Sichengs County track

When Song Xiaoli arrived at the hospital, the doctor had just sewed Huang Hailongs wound and the police were ready to take it to the police station. Song Xiaoli recalled that her husband was in a bad condition at that time. Half of her clothes were worn, but her stomach was getting heavier and heavier. The last cough was bloody nose.

Discharge records of Fujin Central Hospital showed that at 22:22 on April 6, 2017, Huang Hailong complained of abdominal knife injuries for three hours. His face was pale, his limbs were cold and wet, his abdomen was open injury with hemorrhagic shock, diffuse peritonitis and skin laceration of his right hand.

The appraisal opinion indicated that the wound above the navel of Huanghai Dragon was 3 cm, and the right side of the navel was sutured 15.5 cm. During the operation, there were about 2000 ml fresh blood in the abdominal cavity. All the organs were not damaged after aspiration and were rated as the second grade of minor injury. Feng Sirong was stabbed at the anterior and inferior part of the left upper thoracic shoulder joint, resulting in complete rupture of the left axillary artery and cephalic vein, resulting in acute massive blood loss and death.

In October 10, 2018, Song Xiaoli cried at home about his husband Huang Hailongs stomach bleeding. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photo

According to Chen Peng, an assistant police officer in the accident department of the traffic police brigade, when Feng Sirong and Huang Hailong went to the corridor to quarrel, he heard Huang Hailong say, Dont hold your finger to me, Feng Chengzi said I pointed at you, Huang Hailong will have money. Later Feng Si Cheng took out his knife and stabbed at the other side.

The two of them had not crossed the line before. Feng Sirong and Huang Hailongs mutual friend Huang Xu told the Beijing News that they had heard each others names, but they were not familiar with each other. They just met and nodded. At that time, maybe Feng felt that Huang Hailong was rich and did not give him face.

Before the incident, Huang Hailong did some small business in Fujin, and the days were steady. Since her husband Huang Hailongs accident, Song Xiaoli has added a small bed to the room where her mother-in-law and children live together, and they usually sleep together. The husbands bedroom is still hung with wedding photos of the two. Nowadays, the bed has fallen ashes and the bedroom has become a sundry room.

Song Xiaoli went into her room, where she took a photo with her husband Huang Hailong. She said that within a few days after the accident, she did not live in the room. Her husband was not around, which made her feel lonely in the room. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing photo

In the same city of Fujin, Feng Si Cheng lived a different life from Huang Hailong. The actual performance of Huang Hailong and Feng Sirong issued by Nangang Police Station of Fujin Public Security Bureau confirms that Huang Hailong has no criminal record. Feng Sirong was forced to isolate and detoxify in 2009 for drug abuse and sentenced in August 2014 for intentional injury.

At the time of the incident, Feng Si Cheng was 43 years old. He was the only child in his family and had no fixed work. He had divorced his wife. Song Xiaolis brother also knows Feng Sirong. He introduces that Feng Sirong is nicknamed Feng Chengzi. Usually they call him Chengge.

On the day of the incident, Huang Xu, who was also present at the scene, described to reporters of the Beijing News that he had known Feng Sirong for more than 10 years. Feng Sirong had the habit of carrying a knife in peacetime. He also reminded him that he always carried a knife, but the other party did not listen to his advice.

Feng Sirongs parents are old. Ji Guifen, his mother, deformed her hands in her early years due to rheumatoid arthritis, and her fingers are crouched and unable to straighten. Her husband usually takes care of her daily cooking at home. According to the residents of the community, Fengs mother often talks with her on weekdays. For more than a year, she did not mention anything about her sons accident.

On October 13, 2018, a reporter from the New Beijing News came to Feng Sirongs home. His mother Ji Guifen did not want to mention more about it. This is over. My child cant come back. We are not in good health. Now we are dealing with living.

Ji Guifen told the Beijing News reporter that when he was in trouble, Feng Si Cheng did drink, but he didnt take drugs. Thats a long time ago. He went to Xichang with his friends, who took drugs in hotels. He learned to take drugs together. It was indeed my childs knife, but he did not kill the other side maliciously. He was drunk and finally six or seven people pressed him against the wall, but the knife that the other side went down was fatal.

After the incident, Huang Hailongs family members compensated two old people 400 thousand, and the local public security also compensated 800 thousand. Ji Guifen believes that the money given by the public security bureau is based on the compensation given by the two elderly people who are ill. Family members of the other party lose money, that is their psychological shame, after all, everyone is a city, we have also made an understanding. The Criminal Understanding states that we believe that Feng Sirong has an inescapable responsibility for this incident. We believe that Huang Hailong has a defensive plot and should determine criminal responsibility for Huang Hailong according to legitimate defense. We urge the peoples court to give Huang Hailong the lightest punishment, and we have no objection to his acquittal or suspension of sentence.

The next day, Huang Hailong was detained for intentional injury. After two and a half months of hospitalization, he was detained at Huachuan County Detention Center, an hour and a half away from Fujin City.

In January 12, 2018, the Fujin municipal procuratorate filed a public prosecution. The prosecution accused Huang Hailong and Feng Sirong of stabbing Huang Hailongs abdomen with a sharp knife they carried after their quarrel over compensation for traffic accidents. Huang Hailong snatched the sharp knife and stabbed Feng Sirong, causing his instant death. The public prosecution organ believes that the criminal responsibility should be investigated for intentional injury. Considering Huang Hailongs voluntary surrender and truthful confession of the crime, the author puts forward sentencing suggestions and sentences the defendant to ten to twelve yearsimprisonment.

In addition, Huang Hailong found that Feng Sirong was injured, because he was injured, he asked people around him to call 120 and 110 to call the police, which also reflected the defendants rescue mentality that he did not want Feng Sirong to be injured and killed, and requested Huang Hailong to be found innocent. The case shows that after the incident, the defendant voluntarily surrendered to the public security organ and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime.

In April 2018, Fujin City Court issued a judgment of first instance, believing that on-site monitoring and witness testimony could prove that the two sides had fought. Huang Hailong stabbed Feng Sirong after grabbing the knife and committed an act of injury. Therefore, the defenders defense opinion that Huang Hailong belonged to legitimate defense and did not bear criminal responsibility was rejected.

The judgment affirmed that Huang Hailong intentionally injured other peoples body and caused death, and his behavior constituted the crime of intentional injury. Huang Hailong dialed 110 after the incident, which was regarded as voluntary surrender. He confessed the main criminal facts truthfully in court and surrendered himself. Huang Should be given a heavier punishment if he injures others. Considering that Feng Sirong is responsible for the intensification of contradictions, the defendant surrendered himself and compensated for Feng Sirongs losses. Huang Hailongs punishment can be mitigated. Accordingly, Huang Hailong was convicted of intentional injury and sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Second instance court: prosecutors think that the sword attack is revenge.

After the verdict of the first instance, the Huang Hailong family was completely panic. Song Xiaoli said that when the case first happened, because of the wide spread of video, many local media rushed home to interview, she refused. I always thought he was legitimate defense, the official People comforted us so, we have always believed in the law, think that the maximum suspended sentence.

Song Xiaoli told the Beijing News that after the incident, she insisted that her husband should not be compensated for his legitimate defense, but at that time she heard that if compensated, the other party would issue a letter of understanding, and the other party died after all, because of humanitarian willingness to pay compensation, the amount was several times mediated by the court, finally set at 400,000.

It is also mentioned in the judgment of the first trial that after the case, Huang Hailong and the three incidental civil plaintiffs reached a settlement agreement on civil compensation: Huang Hailong compensated the victim for various losses of 400,000 yuan, and Feng Sirongs family members understood Huang Hailong.

Huang Hailong refused to accept the first instance decision and appealed to the Jiamusi intermediate peoples court. On June 11, 2018, the second instance of the case was held. Whether the defendant constitutes legitimate defense remains one of the main focuses.

According to the transcript of the trial, defender Jia Ting believed that the evidence of Huang Hailongs intentional injury crime was insufficient in the first instance, and that Huangs behavior was justified defense. He said Huang had been stabbed in the abdomen and hands in more than a dozen seconds, and the other party had not stopped violating illegally. Huang Hailongs spirit is in a state of high tension or even fear. If he is required to implement the intensity of defense, which can effectively stop the illegal infringement of the deceased and ensure that the deceased are not harmed, it is obviously difficult for a strong man, and it does not conform to the emergency situation on the spot.

As for the result of Feng Sirongs death, he believed that Huang Hailong stabbed the left shoulder of the deceased after he grabbed the dagger, and that the part in the stab was not the key part according to the understanding of the normal person (not the legal person and the doctor), which only indicated a high degree of coincidence. Few people know that there will be an axillary artery or a cephalic vein crossing or overlapping below the left shoulder or above the axilla?

I seized the knife with my hand holding the blade. At that time, the people around me did not hold him. Feng Sirong wanted to start. I was afraid of being hurt again. The process of counterattack lasted only two or three seconds. How could I think of revenge? After the second trial, Huang Hailong and his lawyer became more and more excited when the public prosecution opinions were raised in the detention house.

In August 27, 2018, the Kunshan case aroused concern on the Internet and gave the family new hope. When the local prosecution in Kunshan decided not to arrest, relatives and friends around came to the car wash shop and told Song Xiaoli the news, You see, this case is very similar to your home. The plot of Huang Hailong is lighter than that of Haiming. He neither catches up with it nor takes two or three seconds to fight back with his knife.

Feng Sirongs mother did not think so. Before that, she also saw the reflection materials sent by Huang Hailongs family members on the internet, knowing that the other side insisted on legitimate defense. However, according to Ji Guifen, Huang Hailong was sentenced to six years of intentional injury, which has been dealt with lightly. Whats more, if my child cant come back, youve been sentenced for several years. Someone else has been there. In fact, it shouldnt have happened. Youve gone so hard with this knife that you didnt intentionally hurt anything. We dont want to talk too much now. We believe that the law is just.

On October 16, four months after the opening of the second instance, Huang Hailongs family went to Jiamusi Intermediate Court again to inquire about the progress of the judgment of the second instance. The answer was still Wait a minute, the judgment will be made as soon as possible, and the court now attaches great importance to it.

In October 18th, the Beijing News reporter contacted the case officer, who is currently under trial. On November 1, Jiamusi Procuratorate said that the public prosecution opinions had been fully expressed in court, and it was inappropriate to interview before the case was adjudicated.

Expert: unlike Kunshan case, there are many people in this case.

Hong Daode, Professor of Criminal Procedure Law of China University of Political Science and Law, believes that this case should belong to legitimate defense and not exceed the necessary limit. The prosecution considers Huang Hailongs behavior as intentional injury and revenge after the two sides were pulled away. First, how can you prove that the other side did not continue to infringe on the possibility? Second, the prosecution must prove that Huang Hailong had clearly known that the other side did not pose a threat in the chaotic situation at that time.

Hong Daode said that both the case and the Kunshan anti-killing case were anti-killing knife holders, but the difference is that there are many people in the case, and the strength of the counter-attack is lighter than the Kunshan case. According to the live video, it can be seen that Huang Hailong did not continue to hurt people after the persuasion had been completed. Although there are some people, but the two hands are in a free state, you can hit each other. In this case, Huang Hailong only had to fight back a sword. If he deliberately retaliated, he would have second knives and third knives. This proves that his first knife was indeed pulled before he was completely pulled open. In addition, Hong Daode believes that another difference between the case and the Kunshan anti-murder case lies in the fact that the case occurred at the polices office and in front of the auxiliary police. From this point of view, since there are auxiliary police, then we should listen to the auxiliary police and leave it to the police to deal with. In this case, the other side infringes on him (Huang Hailong) in front of the auxiliary policemen. When environmental factors are taken into account, it is urgent for him to make defensive counter-attack. Hong Daode said.

In addition, Hong Daode believes that another difference between the case and the Kunshan anti-murder case lies in the fact that the case occurred at the polices office and in front of the auxiliary police. From this point of view, since there are auxiliary police, then we should listen to the auxiliary police and leave it to the police to deal with. In this case, the other side infringes on him (Huang Hailong) in front of the auxiliary policemen. When environmental factors are taken into account, it is urgent for him to make defensive counter-attack. Hong Daode said.