Grieved! The 82 year old academician who has let foreigners hold back for 15 years has left.

 Grieved! The 82 year old academician who has let foreigners hold back for 15 years has left.

Li Yong, Jin Yong, Wang Guangying...

On the last day of October,

There is a man who walks quietly.

He is physicist Chen Chuangtian.

At the beginning of this year,

Chen Chuangtian was nominated for the highest technology award in the country.

But he could not wait until the day when the award was announced.

On October 31st, that day quietly walked away.

His name,

Most Chinese have never heard of it.

Not only do I know him,

He also gnash his teeth in his name.

A key core technology

Chen Chuangtian was locked for 15 years.

Above, this crystal is like crystal sugar.

It is the KBBF crystal that Chen Chuangtian led the team to synthesize.

Its only coin size.

It is chip fabrication and laser guidance.

Even the core components of laser weapons!

Behind this little crystal

Its academician Chen Chuangtian.

Decades of obscurity.

I have a national champion.

Chen Chuangtian, his name is worth remembering.

His story is more worthy of our listening.

Striving for technology to catch up with the world!

In February 18, 1937,

Chen Chuangtian was born in Gate Village, Zhejiang province.

A patriotic intellectual family.

I received very good education from my childhood.

After the founding of new China,

Chen Chuangtian is the father of accountants.

The family moved to Shenyang, Liaoning.

In 1954, after Chen completed his junior high school education,

Admitted to key secondary schools in Shenyang second middle school.

Old photos of Er Zhong, Shenyang

Material life is still very difficult.

Chen Chuangtian squeezed a dormitory with more than 10 classmates.

Only eat sorghum, rice and beans.

Chen Chuangtian has always been optimistic.

He firmly believes in the Chinese nation.

We must have the ability to stand on the forest of nations in the world.

In a physics class,

Chen Chuangtians theory of Ether by the teacher.

The teacher said the gravitational field is not matter.

The attraction between objects does not depend on matter.

Lingering in Chens mind.

He pondered,

The interaction between two objects

How can it be achieved without intermediate media?

This curiosity of learning.

Prompted Chen Chuangtian to deal with physics.

Unnamed lake, Peking University in 1954

In 1956,

Chen started to succeed in the Physics Department of Beijing University.

At that time, Peking University masters gathered.

Huang Kun, Zhu Shenglin and other Chinese Physics pioneers.

Under the guidance of the masters,

Chen Chuangtian not only learned solid theoretical physics,

He also confirmed his lifelong pursuit:

Aspire to become the pillar of Chinas scientific undertakings.

For Chinas science and technology to catch up with the international advanced level

And strive for life!

Chen Chuangtian and Lu Jiaxi, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

After graduation,

Chen Chuangtian, an outstanding student, was Beijing University.

Recommended to the Institute of material structure, East China Academy of Sciences,

Under the guidance of Lu Jiaxi, three years of study began.

In 1965,

Chen Chuangtian considered it very carefully.

Decided to attack Chinas backward world at that time.

More than ten years of research on nonlinear optical materials.

No need for talent discovery

Anxious foreigners

Nonlinear optical materials play a very important role.

Little to medical laser treatment.

Large to precise guidance technology related to national defense.

The development of optical materials is particularly difficult.

How much material is there in the world?

How many kinds of materials are there?

What Chen Chuangtian wants to do,

From hundreds of millions of materials,

Pick out several kinds of services that can serve mankind.

Chen Chuangtian is doing experiments.

This job does not require talent.

It only needs to be bored and lonely.

From then on, Chen began to fall into heaven.

Computational and experimental desert.

Everything comes to him who waits,

Chen Chuangtian first appeared in 1968.

The famous anionic group theory was discovered.

10 years later, thats the theory.

Chen made a great discovery:

In borate compound system,

After two years of research,

Chen Chuangtian team discovered and synthesized for the first time.

The result is 4 to 5 times better.

In 1983, Chen Chuangtian reported the discovery to the world.

The whole laser world is shocked by the masters.

They can hardly believe it.

China still has such advanced material technology.

BBO crystals developed by Chinese people

BBO suddenly became a hot sell product.

At that time, 80% of the worlds

BBO is madeinChina!

At this time, Chen Chuangtian led the team.

And made a big step forward quietly.

At that time, there was an international saying:

However, in 1990,

Chen Chuangtians team discovered a kind of

A crystal named KBBF.

The laser wavelength generated by it is the shortest wavelength of 184.7 nm.

Its been over 6 years.

They successfully synthesized KBBF crystals.

The era of deep ultraviolet has since been opened.

This crystal is vibrant internationally.

Chip lithography technology, superconducting measurement, etc.

The core components of cutting-edge technology are KBBF.

KBBF became a hot commodity at a time.

Sometimes a small piece is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The Chinese are very generous.

Never sell KBBF crystals to foreign countries.

However, Western technology blockade of high-tech products.

More Than This,

Some countries also have KBBF in China.

It is regarded as strategic material for military purposes.

In 2009, China banned the sale of KBBF crystals.

Foreigners have always been arrogant.

Small to teaching and scientific research.

Large to the manufacture of laser weapons.

KBBF crystal related projects,

All of a sudden dumb fire!

Daniel, a physicist at University of Colorado,

Look at KBBF crystal as the most valuable asset.

Because lasers cause loss of crystals,

He was reluctant to use KBBF easily.

A $100 thousand in the lab.

The laser device has become a scrap iron that never starts.

Screenshots of Nature magazine

Nature even wrote an article entitled

The article hidden in China has been bitterly painful.

Chen Chuangtian was asked to buy KBBF at a high price.

The answer is simple: not for sale.

Foreigners want to hire Chen Chuangtian for a very high salary.

They failed.

We can only learn from our spirit of hard struggle.

But they just copied one.

Chen Chuangtian made the instrument with 20 thousand dollars.

It will cost hundreds of times.

And it may not succeed.

I dont know how much manpower and material resources I have invested.

The United States finally announced in 2016.

KBBF crystals have been developed.

Breaking the blockade of China.

When others are anxious to research and develop,

Chen Chuangtian was not idle.

In August 2015,

New material LSBO crystal was found.

Is expected to become the next generation of laser materials...

The backbone of a big country

For the state and the people

In the early January 2018,

Academician Chen Chuangtian obtained

Nomination of the national highest technology award

He is also likely to win this award in early 2019.

In the past October 31st,

The academician who had let foreigners suppress for 15 years.

He left us forever because of illness.

He was 82 years old.

In 1989, Chen started in front of Tiananmen.

When Chen was alive,

I wrote in the newspaper:

We must devote ourselves to the cause of science.

First, make up your mind.

Dedicate this life to science selflessly.

Dedication to the motherland, dedication to the people.

In 1984, when the BBO crystal was on sale,

Chen Lao has a monthly salary of 147 yuan.

Created millions of foreign exchange for the country.

Chen Chuangtian and his wife take a group photo.

Chen Laos life is not rich.

But for his favorite science,

But it was wasteful.

He went to Peking University Hospital to see a doctor.

Occasionally, I saw the scene of clinical medical students taking an oath of medicine.

The idea of donating money to help doctors grow.

Donated to hospitals for neuroscience research.

This is the cause of scientific research for the motherland.

An old man who contributes his whole life.

Till the end of my life, I still cherish my countrys scientific research.

For the state and the people!

Chen is the same as all scientists.

I just want to be anonymous and contribute.

Do not ask after work and fame!

I have a national champion, the world is unique. Today, please remember this great name Chen Chuangtian! The people of Sri Lanka have passed away, and their spiritual dependence is still vague. We can still see that meaningful and busy figure persistently pushing China forward and then forward... Academician Chen, have a good journey all the way forward! uuuuuuu Source: China Youth Net editor: Wang Zheng _NN7526

I have a national champion.

Today, please remember

This amazing name.

Chen Chuangtian!

The spirit of the dead is still alive.

Still can see

Persistently pushing China forward and moving forward...

Mr. Chen, go all the way!