Coach Liu Tingting: optimistic and bold to help her succeed in difficulties and no excuses.

 Coach Liu Tingting: optimistic and bold to help her succeed in difficulties and no excuses.

The reporter interviewed Liu Tingtings enlightening coach, Ren Shengping, coach of amateur sports school in Huadu District of Guangzhou, on November 4, Beijing time.

Optimism and boldness are the deepest impressions that Liu Tingting impressed Ren Shengping. Others would be afraid to stand on the balance beam, but Liu Tingting, who was only 4 years old at that time, not only dared to stand on it, but also could do some forward rolls and other movements. Even if I fail, I will not be afraid of it. I will go back to doing it and have strong psychological quality.

As early as the end of 2003, Ren Shengping went to the public kindergarten to select gymnastic seedlings. He saw Liu Tingting, a Guangzhou girl with good body ratio, good appearance and active personality.

At that time, Liu Tingting was just over 3 years old. Through the game, she found that she was sensitive to the balance beam and liked climbing up very much. Ren Shengping said that she then communicated with Liu Tingtings parents and let her try at the Olympic Youth Sports Club in Huadu District, Guangzhou. Liu Tingtings parents agreed with him with a try mentality, so Ren Shengping took Liu Tingting on the road of gymnastics.

Ren Shengping recalled that after standing long jump, balance beam reaction and running tests, he found that Liu Tingting had a particularly strong explosive lower extremity. She jumped very fast on her calf during the 10-meter sprint and running tests, and her movement comprehension ability was better than her peers, which was a congenital advantage.

When Liu Tingting was 4 years old, Ren Shengping arranged her to receive coordination and physical training for two hours a day through entertainment and games. In addition, she and her team participated in gymnastics tours. After receiving applause, Liu Tingting became more confident and more energetic.

In 2007, Liu Tingting formally entered the gymnastics team of Guangzhou Sports Vocational and Technical College for systematic training. After strict training, she was elected to the Chinese womens gymnastics team at the end of 2012.

In the final of this World Championship, there are many mistakes made by the top players. Among them, American Simon Bayers made two big shocks on the wood, and three top champions fell down one after another. Liu Tingting performed well under heavy pressure. All the jumps and flips were successfully completed, scoring 14.533 points and winning the championship.

Liu Tingting enjoys every game very much. I encourage her to play every game like a wonderful performance, and its a new beginning after the game. Ren Shengping said that Tingting in the daily training, no matter what difficulties encountered, do not give themselves an excuse, cherish every training opportunity.

Now we keep in touch, and Liu Tingting often goes back to Guangzhou to see the coach. Ren Shengping expressed the hope that Liu Tingting could join the Chinese gymnastic team in attacking the Tokyo Olympic Games.