95 later Xian 100 billion state-owned enterprise executives media: so appointed some childrens play.

 95 later Xian 100 billion state-owned enterprise executives media: so appointed some childrens play.

After graduating from ordinary universities for only 1 years, 95 of them became directors of 100 billion state-owned enterprises. When listening to this riddle, many people may feel that their brain holes are not enough. But this is really not the suspension bridge segment, but the reality movie plot.

Recently, a picture of personnel change announcement issued by Xian Hi-tech Holding Company in the inter-bank market was uploaded online. The announcement shows that the company held a shareholdersmeeting on September 4, 2018 and decided to make changes to the chairman, legal representatives, general manager and some directors. After the changes, the chairman and general manager are Li Tian, and Zhu Yong and Zhao Xueying are the new directors. New Personnel Resume shows that Li Tian was born in August 1984 with a bachelors degree and successive employees of Xian Baishida Talent Service Co., Ltd. Zhao Xueying was born in 1993, graduated from Huaqing College of Xian University of Architectural Technology in 2016, and worked in Yinchuan Branch of Bank of China from August 2016 to March 2018; Zhu Yong was 199. 5 years old, graduated from Shaanxi Normal University in 2017.

This incident aroused great public opinion. On the evening of Nov. 3, Xian High-tech Zone responded by saying that the three persons were all staff members of the accounting center of the High-tech Zone. We investigated and understood the related problems of the three managers concerned by netizens, and found no social relations affecting the normal operation of the company. We sincerely accept the supervision of netizens and all walks of life.

In this case, the public is questioning the logic of experience. After all, from the resume alone, the fit degree between the high specifications of the state-owned enterprises involved and the resumes of the three newly elected executives with general education is not high.

Announcement screenshots

Xian Hi-tech Holding Company is controlled by the local Hi-tech Zone Management Committee. It belongs to a large state-owned enterprise with strict selection procedures for senior executives, rather than a private enterprise that can undertake fathers business. As of the end of June this year, the total assets of Xian Hi-tech Holding Company is 12.738 billion yuan. In such a large state-owned enterprise, let alone hold important positions, even as a grass-roots employee, it is estimated that many people are looking at it. The golden bowl of the job; and the successors of several Nenzhong general education (both non-graduate self-proclaimed schools or high education, two of them are not long after graduation, are novice workers in the workplace), previous work experience is ordinary (just ordinary staff), in the context of fierce job competition, it is difficult to say how competitive these are. The contrast between two phases is indeed quite contrasting. It is very difficult to achieve logical self consistency in the common sense dimension.

This is not only a challenge to the publics imagination, but also to a level of compliance. According to the Interim Measures for the Management of Leaders of State-owned Enterprises in Xian, the qualifications for leading personnel of state-owned enterprises include having the experience of serving in middle-level and above management posts of large and medium-sized enterprises, or having the experience of serving in middle-level and above positions of state organs and institutions at corresponding levels. These three people do not seem to be qualified.

Nowadays, the officials of Xian High-tech Zone mentioned the reasons for the temporary adjustment of executives in their response, and also said that no social relations affecting the normal operation of the company have been found, which is quite pertinent. But there is still a gap between these explanations and the expectations of answering questions for the public: what are the exceptions of these three people that make them stand out from being picked? This is the key to the problem. As to whether or not it will affect the normal operation of the company, it will come to the end.

It is not excluded that the personnel arrangement for the post-95 rookie to be the top managers of state-owned enterprises is an expedient measure to avoid personnel of public institutions shall not be the legal person of enterprises. Even so, its too playful --- if these people are only registered, it also reflects the hasty management of state-owned assets; if they are real-time, they are suspected of violating the rules. It is interesting to note that the local authorities responded with a seemingly 1,000 words are omitted here, and at the end they admitted that the method of selecting senior managers was unscientific and imperfect. The wording of restoring gives people room for reverie, and it is also like confirmation of the irrationality of the personnel appointment.

The election of senior executives of state-owned enterprises should not be trifling. 95, the directors of the former 100 billion state-owned enterprises are the resolution of the seriousness of state assets management. Local treatment of this matter is not expected to stop in response to public concern.

Official response to 95 post directors of state-owned enterprises: no abnormal social relations found

Recently, according to the requirement that employees of public institutions should not work part-time in enterprises, Hi-tech Holding Company has made temporary adjustments to the former directors, supervisors and other company managers step by step. A total of 10 directors and supervisors, including Li Tian and other three, have been appointed as Hi-tech Holding Management Personnel. Their identities are all the corporate identities of accounting center of Hi-tech Zone. The staff. We have investigated and understood the related problems of three managers who are concerned by netizens, and found no social relations that affect the normal operation of the company.

Xian Post 80 billion chairman of the state-owned enterprises, controversial netizens: eating ugly

Recently, the personnel changes of Xian Hi-tech Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xian Hi-tech Holdings) have attracted much attention, focusing on state-owned enterprises with total assets of more than 100 billion yuan and corporate, chairman and general manager after 1980.