Young suspected puppy love was killed by a stick and killed 26 years later because of a car accident.

 Young suspected puppy love was killed by a stick and killed 26 years later because of a car accident.

The killer was arrested.

The boy died in the wilderness, and the suspect evaporated.

At 7 p.m. on June 22, 1992, three figures suddenly appeared near a brick and tile factory in Hongzhuang Town, Donghai County. They pushed and shoved to the west of the factory. After a fierce quarrel, the scene reverted to silence with several screams. Then two figures stumbled into the distance and fled, while the remaining one lay on the ground, gradually losing the breath of life.

After receiving the police, the Donghai police quickly set up a special team, through a series of visits and investigations, to find out the truth of the case. The elder brother of Liu Jun, a villager in Hongzhuang Town, let Liu Jun frighten Wu Peng because he suspected that his daughter was in love with Wu Peng, a teenager in Hongzhuang Town.

So on the evening of June 22, 1992, Liu Jun made an appointment with his friend Liu Jian (pseudonym) to beat Wu Peng by tamping with sticks on the west side of Hongzhuang Brick and Tile Factory, which eventually resulted in Wu Peng being injured and killed. After Wu Pengs death, Liu Jun and Liu Jian panic and run away.

After the incident, the Donghai police immediately launched the pursuit of Liu Jun and Liu Jian, but limited to the technical conditions and investigative means at that time, the pursuit work was slow, and the two suspects disappeared like human evaporation.

26 years of unremitting pursuit, the murderer was finally arrested.

Over the past 20 years, the police of the special task force have changed from stubble to stubble, but the Donghai police have never abandoned the pursuit of Liu Jian. Especially in recent years, the special group of policemen have traveled to Hubei, Shandong and other places dozens of times, sorted out more than 300 clues and visited more than 200 people.

On September 7 this year, the Criminal Police Brigade of Donghai County Public Security Bureau received an important clue: in August this year, a man who claimed to be Li Fei ran away from the hospital without waiting for his wounds to recover after a traffic accident in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. After receiving the hospitals alarm, the Xiangyang police were surprised to find that the person was very similar to Liu Jian, an online fugitive checked by the Donghai police, and immediately notified the Donghai police of the situation.

After learning this clue, the special police team immediately went to Xiangyang, Hubei Province, and with the strong cooperation of the local police, collected surveillance video near the hospital. After careful comparison, the police found that although 26 years have passed, the blurred face of Li Fei in the surveillance video is highly similar to that of Liu Jian, the suspect of murder 26 years ago. The police boldly speculated that this Li Fei is likely to escape for 26 years, Liu Jian, a fugitive.

Thus, the police launched a comprehensive investigation of Li Fei, after more than 10 days of unremitting efforts, the police finally captured the image of Li Fei - on September 5, he appeared near Taipingdian Town, Fancheng District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province.

Because the suspect has absconded for many years and has a strong sense of anti-investigation, in order to avoid frightening snakes, the police of the special task force decided to crouch in secret near his last place of appearance. The police stayed in the car for seven days and seven nights, but the suspect never showed up.

On September 23, a feedback from the hospital excited the team like a heart-stirring needle: Li Fei will go to the hospital in October or so to remove the stent. This is an extremely rare opportunity to seize. The police of the ad hoc group have been fighting for it. This time it must be successful. At 3 p.m. on October 24, with the cooperation of the local police, the special police team successfully controlled the newly appeared Li Fei. After a surprise trial, Li Fei truthfully confessed his true identity is Liu Jian, and confessed to the crime of killing Wu Peng 26 years ago.

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According to Liu Jianjiao, he has been fleeing in panic since the incident, alias Li Fei, and has fled to Hubei, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places, doing odd jobs and picking up garbage. He has constantly changed locations, never dared to reveal his real name, nor dared to contact his family. It was not until nine years ago that he met a woman from Hubei who had formed a family that life became a little more stable and settled in Hubei. But when he saw a police car passing and a siren sounding, his heart was still terrified.

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A 26 year pursuit and a yellow murder case was finally settled.

The victims family sent a flag to the police.

Recently, the police in Dalian captured two suspects in the murder case, two of whom absconded after the crime, escaping for 13 years, but ultimately it is still difficult to escape the law. The criminal policemen of Shahekou Public Security Bureau, relying on a fingerprint left by the suspect in the taxi in that year, continuously tracked down and finally arrested the suspect.