Stupid thief smashing cars, stealing videos, jitter: getting rich is really cool.

 Stupid thief smashing cars, stealing videos, jitter: getting rich is really cool.

The source of this sentence is the sound of a thief himself.

On October 28, a man in Foshan, Guangdong, knocked on the window to steal property. After stealing, he recorded such an inspirational video on the spot.

The police also used the jitter to catch it quickly. At present, the man has been arrested.

From the road monitoring, we can see that in October 28th, the man walked into a row of cars parked on the roadside. He broke the window of one of his cars and went in to steal property.

Having done all this, he did not run away from the scene. Instead, he pulled out his cell phone and began to record his voice.

You earn money on your own, although a bit awkward, but you rely on your own appearance, really handsome!

Come on!

Reported that the police subsequently investigated and found the mans tremolo video, which locked his foothold and arrested him.

According to the mans confession, he stole 14 carsproperty in total. He wanted to go back to his hometown for a night stand when he stole more than 20,000 yuan.

At present, he has been under criminal detention.

Seeing such a positive energy incident, netizens have said: you rely on their own way to prison, but also handsome...

When the woman learns to shake her voice, the little brother is fighting against a strong kiss.

At 11:50 p.m. on October 23, a girl alerted the Beishan Police Station that she had been beaten, and the police immediately sent out the police to take both sides of the fight back for investigation. After questioning the police, the group knew the cause of a conversation.