Women take dogs to ride cars and rogue policemen: we love people but do not indulge in them.

 Women take dogs to ride cars and rogue policemen: we love people but do not indulge in them.

In October 28, 2018, Chongqing 247 bus driver called for help.

When the policeman got out of the car, he heard the drivers complaint: I dont know how long I explained to her in the car. She never came down. She asked me to find a special car to pick her up...

So the police and the woman who refused to get off with the dog held the following dialogue:

Woman: I take a shot with my dog. He (driver) forbids me to take a bus.

Policeman: dont you know that dogs are not allowed to get on the bus?

Woman: Ive been sitting there.

Policeman: Youve been sitting all the time. It doesnt mean that you should take it. Originally, this kind of bus just doesnt allow this kind of big dog.

Police: its already very large.

Woman: I am a military dog. The state protects animals.

The police then asked the woman for a dog certificate, but the woman said that she had not yet done it. Faced with the polices accusation that it is illegal to do it before it is done, the woman argued, The city is harmless for people and animals and can feed pets. Do you not know that you are a police officer?

Police: we can not reflect on your superiors, you can complain to us.

Faced with the resolute policeman, the woman began to play rogue, and even asked the policeman for taxi money: Where do I ride? I cant afford the money. Give me the money.

So the police said the textbook saying: We love the people, but not arrogant people!

Unexpectedly, the woman replied, love the people can be arrogant, it is also making people laugh and cry.

Subsequently, the woman was summoned to the police station in accordance with the law. Finally, she realized her mistake and said she would obey the management.

Netizens also praised the policemans words while accusing women of not obeying the rules and playing rascals.

Source: observer net responsibility editor: Zhang Xianchao _NN9310