The restaurant has become a new battleground for technology giants. Google has 5 hundred million meals a year.

 The restaurant has become a new battleground for technology giants. Google has 5 hundred million meals a year.

In Silicon Valley, every company is competing in food and trying to beat their opponents.

In addition to the free staff canteen, people can find hamburgers, barbecues, frozen yogurt shops and even hand-grinded coffee shops, the Daily Mail of Britain writes. In order to retain talent, high-quality free food is only the basic money, they introduce various welfare to attract peoples hearts.

To keep the employees heart, keep his stomach first. Ma Yun first discovered this truth. Eighteen Luo Han also crowded in West Lake villa, every day eating instant noodles to vomit. A recruitment, Ma Yun listen to the other side said, can make instant noodles boil 18 kinds of flavor, on the spot happy, invite her to join the group. Later, these instant noodles stayed with them for the worst 9 months.

Today, technology companies in China are no longer in distress. Alis future canteen, brush face to pay the bill is no mistake. The Jingdong has 5 floors of canteens and 400 dishes. The NetEases free food is very fragrant. After that, the factory village often brings the next door company to dinner. HUAWEI has a world style, rich cuisine, and even people see Ren Zhengfei queuing up for dinner. After a long days work and a tired shutdown of the computer, there is no better way to soothe the hearts of employees than a hot meal.

Looking at the world, technology giants are also working hard for staff restaurants. According to the financial times, chefs once thought it was disgraceful to work in the company canteen. High salaries and challenges have changed the catering industry, making technology companies a competitive ground. In Dropbox, more than one chef worked in Michelin restaurant. After the restaurant is done, its the best choice to come here. He told the media.

What kinds of delicious food do technology companies provide for their employees? We have collected dishes from all over the world: some delicacies can be eaten with you and replenished 24 hours a day; some have a meal cost of 72 million dollars a year, thousands of people choose a chef; and some canteens are so bad that employees are threatened by the CEO of the forum not to leave the workstation. The canteen of every technology giant is the epitome of their company culture and history.

Facebook: free food will be eaten with you. The staff will be dismissed if they take a meal.

Unlike peoples stereotypes, Facebook attaches great importance to employee life. During the construction of the new park, Zuckerberg talked with the famous designer Frank Gary about the park planning. The final built area covers more than 22 acres, with more than half an acre walking area and more than 400 columns of trees.

Facebook has two main cafeterias, EpicCafe and LivinThe DreamCafe, all run by Facebook itself and free of charge to internal employees. They provide three meals a day, changing the theme every day, which will ensure a long time and no repetition.

In addition to the two main restaurants, Facebook also has a Sweet Stop, a BBQ Shack, a Burger Shack, a Burrito Bar and a pizza restaurant. It also has two pay restaurants, all of which are the branches of the famous restaurants in the bay area.

According to staff, the best thing about Facebook is that snacks are very often served with high efficiency. In contrast, Google replenishment every day, who will be counted. This is the food that the staff is drying out online, the style is simple and simple. Restaurant interior decoration is also a normal hotel style.

In order to get a free lunch and visit the park by the way, in 2015, some employees took outsiders for meals and charged $20 per person. Later, because he came in with 10 people a day, he was discovered by Facebook and fired.

Apple: a table seventeen thousand. The food is exquisite like a cell phone.

What does Apple focus on? Details. ApplePark, a newly built UFO headquarters, has a restaurant of 4000 people. Each table was designed by Naoto Fukasawa, a Japanese designer, at a unit price of $2,500 (about 17,000). There are human shapes, and these tables are moved from Apple experience shop.

As for food, it is also exquisite as Apple products. But the price is not free. Its probably the price of eating fast food outside. Among them, Infiniteloops largest canteen is said to have been dug by Jobs from his favorite sushi restaurant. As for dishes, wonderful food is available, including water beef, ostrich meat, quail and so on. Some employees said that they ate a very ordinary hamburger, in which the beef pie was a piece of beef from the scene, fried now.

The apple dishes are simple and healthy, and there are no hard dishes that make you panting. The order is finished with app inside the apple or iPad in the dining hall. But the staff did not appreciate it. After all, the process is still too cumbersome than the Chinese can sweep the two-dimensional code.

Like other giants, apple headquarters also has many canteens with different styles. Some are exquisite and luxurious, some are simple and comfortable. For example, an open forest restaurant is made up of plastic round tables and folding stools. Surrounded by dense trees, dining in the dim light of the floor lamp does not make any difference.

Google: meals cost 72 million dollars a year, thousands of people choose a chef.

In the bay area, Google is more famous than it is, probably Googles dining hall. Employees rarely go out to eat, and even watch out for outsiders to pretend to be eating. Because Googles three meals are free and can be packed away.

This is thanks to Charlie Ayas, the chef in the Google canteen. He was trusted by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and had a large budget to buy the best ingredients. In 2007, it was reported that Google spent $72 million a year on free food for American employees. Because of the cost of cooking, the taste of dishes is far from that of ordinary restaurants. For a time, inside Google, Charlie Ayas was famous and had a large number of fans.

In 2007, after Charlie Ayers left office, Google set up a Gourmet Tasting Committee to publicly select the next chef. Finally, the 4 chefs dishes are to be processed by the staff themselves. They need to play an important role in managing the growing appetite of Google people. This is what Sergei Brin himself said. Google is definitely the first to take the diversity of food so seriously.

In the whole bay area, Google has about 50 restaurants, large and small around the office buildings. Their cuisine styles and business hours vary.

Being Googles chef is definitely a proud thing. Even in Google China, the inconspicuous chef managed to take over Google China after killing thousands of candidates.

Yahoo: * roast duck and roast duck are available.

Unlike Apple and Facebook, Yahoos biggest cafeteria is called URL, which shows the old-fashioned style of the Internet grandfather.

As far as the food itself is concerned, Yahoos food is authentic and hard: Japanese ramen, Beijing roast duck and even roast suckling pig. Some people also used the steaming tray to hold the Chinese red dates.

In Zhou Hongyis memoirs, YAHOO headquarters is a large bureaucratic company with slow redundancy. This style changed again after Marisa Meyer became the new CEO in 2012. Many employees who plan to leave the office decide to wait. How did they see it? Because Meijer gave them a meal in the dining hall.

Some employees said they used to envy Facebook, and Zuckerberg ate with ordinary employees and did the same job. And Meijers show restaurant makes them feel that YAHOO is becoming part of Silicon Valley. Sure enough, the culture on the table shows the true colors of the company.

In the staffs memory, Yahoos Memorial cakes and gifts are constantly growing, which is a place with a strong corporate culture. For example, this is a commemorative cake taken by employees.

Airbnb: the dining room layout is like the kitchen, and the world dishes are in the local area.

The earliest meaning of Airbnb is AirBed&Breakfast, that is, inflatable mattress and Breakfast Hotel. As a platform for playing a warm experience, its staff canteen is also full of home style.

In 2017, the FoodTeam (catering team) at Airbnb headquarters was merged into BonApp & tit outsourcing company. The latter provides outsourcing services to a series of companies such as Google, Twitter and so on. This is also the first time that mainstream media has reported the change of personnel in a canteen of a technology company. The status of canteen in Airbnb is obvious.

It is understood that Airbnb has two main canteens, RamenBar and Sandwich Bar, to meet employees24-hour DIY service needs. When you walk into the Airbnb canteen, you first think youre in the dining room of a shared apartment: a long public table, a casual chair. Compared with the restaurants created by Apple and Facebook, its more like a corner where employees can relax and enjoy their food at will.

Aribnb moved to 888 Brannan in 2013, so its canteen is called ateateate. This is not only consistent with the canteen Association, but also contains 8 homophones.

As for food, Aribnb is not a big fish, but a home dining hall style. According to legend, this is related to Airbnbs founder, JoeGebbia. His design concept is Simplify. At the end of the salad bar in Airbnbs canteen, there is a separate area called Simplify, meaning simple.

Despite the lack of food, Airbnbs canteen design has moved a lot. In the early days, the Airbnb cafeteria menu would combine daily events or specific cultural themes. This employees saved menu is Simpsons theme.

Airbnbs housing is distributed all over the world and is distributed in 190 countries. Its menu also strongly promotes multiculturalism. Every day its cuisine uses Airbnb to enter a certain country, with a link to the house, especially the kitchen. When you eat very local flavor dishes, it seems to be really in the local rented kitchen. For example, the Peru mansion number 12701946 is corresponding to the Peru cuisine of the day.

In addition to dinner, Airbnb also values leisure food, such as breakfast, coffee, salad bar and ramen. Everything is homemade, no packaged food, no disposable tableware. After all, you dont use disposable chopsticks at home. It can be said that if a sentence generalizes the dining hall of Airbnb, it is the feeling of eating home.

Uber: its hard to eat with CEO. Its too expensive for the staff to go to the canteen.

There is a warm cafeteria like home, naturally, there is dark cuisine. Uber is like that. Some employees posted at the companys forum, complaining that the dining hall was too tasteless. At that time, CEO Karennik immediately said, You may not be suitable for Uber, because people here want to achieve a career, not to eat a meal.

According to legend, this is because the founder, Karennik himself, is a person who has no life or even human feelings. When he got hungry, he tore off a packet of chips and chewed a few mouthpieces and then continued to immerse himself in the computer. He himself is like this, and he thinks that employees and drivers should be like this: this is a world of the strong, no one has the time to stop and chew slowly.

Ubers canteen policy is also brutal: free dinner is available at 8:15 p.m. every night, and meals are served 15 minutes earlier on Fridays. In the United States, each employee also has a Uber account, which allows free rides before 7 a.m. and after 10 p.m., but must start at the company --- representing Carranics expected employee working lunch. If you want to eat canteen or taxi outside the prescribed time, you must use overtime to change.

There is no free lunch in the world. If it doesnt taste good, this is the culture of Uber cafeteria. Employees repeatedly said they could not eat the chicken that the canteen provided what to cook. Others say that the most delicious meal eaten by the company is the day when the canteen is broken.

This culture once led karat to abdicate. In March 2017, he and a Uber driver had a fierce quarrel: the driver blamed him, kept pressing for policy changes, bankrupted himself and lost nearly $100,000. Carranic retorted: You know, many people make their own mess and expect others to wipe their butts. Later, the video was sent to the Internet, triggering a great discussion of Uber oppression. In June 2017, he himself had to resign as CEO.

However, the restaurant culture of Uber is still continuing. Gaby Camacho, the food project manager at its headquarters, once said that it would take at least an hour for employees to leave their desks and go to the canteen to eat. But if they only eat in the office, they only need 5 minutes. Therefore, he is committed to providing cakes, cookies and sandwiches that can be brought into the office.

As for the role of the canteen, he said that many teams can do team building and work meetings at lunchtime. Therefore, strengthening cooperation is the goal of our food program. You can have lunch with your team. This is a working lunch. Source: AI finance and economics society editor: Qiao Jun Jing _NBJ11279

As for the role of the canteen, he said that many teams can do team building and work meetings at lunchtime. Therefore, strengthening cooperation is the goal of our food program. You can have lunch with your team. This is a working lunch.