9 in 8! Chen Lus penalty kick super God bet with friends 100 push ups

 9 in 8! Chen Lus penalty kick super God bet with friends 100 push ups

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Chen Lus shooting skills (source: NetEase sports)

At the beginning of the video, a man said, Listen to Yue Ge (Sun Yue) saying that you shoot very accurately. If you shoot 10 and score 10, I dont believe it. If you shoot 10 and score 5, I will do 100 push-ups.

Chen Lu laughed, and immediately said, dont try to play tricks on yourself. Lets start playing the penalty kick.

The photographers behind are counting the video while judging from the sound, they should be Yue Sun.

Chen Lus shots did pass the mark. The first penalty hit steadily and the second penalty missed. However, there were seven consecutive hits, totaling 8 out of 9. This accuracy is enough to make quite a few basketball fans sweat.

Source: NetEase sports writer: editor in charge of the Red Army: Zhao Huanyu _NBJ10043