5 months after the renovation of the wedding room, the project manager turned out to be missing.

 5 months after the renovation of the wedding room, the project manager turned out to be missing.

Chutian Metropolitan Daily News yesterday, Mr. Zhang, a Hanyang resident, reported that he had handed over the wedding room to the decoration company for decoration, but within two months he had changed five project managers. Now that the decoration is down, there is no one in the companys office.

Mr. Zhang introduced that five years ago, he bought a 78 square metre house in Guanlan International Community of Fengju Road, Hanyang. This year, he is going to decorate it and use it as a wedding house. On August 16, he came to the second floor of the first resource building of Peking University, Qintai Avenue, Hanyang, and signed a decoration contract with Wuhan Living Information Technology Co., Ltd. with an agreement of more than 70,000 yuan for the project. In the supplementary contract, the two sides agreed to pay by installments, with a down payment of 2000 yuan, a monthly repayment of 6000 yuan, and a years repayment.

Mr. Zhang said that the renovation started on August 26, the first half month of wall renovation and so on, September 15, the first project manager left. A few days later, the second project manager came in and did some hydropower installation, but Mr. Zhang was not satisfied with the materials used. The project manager left around September 25. After the third project managers came, they did not work, and suddenly they left. The fourth project manager just came to decorate the scene and looked at it. He said he was too busy to leave. In late October, the fifth project manager arrived, but the bathroom waterproofing test had not been done, and the workers would fill back the excavated ground. By October 29th, Fifth project managers no longer appeared.

Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from Chutian Metropolitan Daily came to Mr. Zhangs house. There were sandstones and other building materials in it. The wires and water pipes in the house had been laid. There were no builders on the site.

At about 2 p.m. yesterday, a reporter from Chutian Metropolitan Daily accompanied Mr. Zhang to the first resource building of Peking University. In the lobby and elevator on the first floor, there was an advertisement for Wuhan Information Technology Co., Ltd. but the door of the office area on the second floor was closed. In the 1601 room of block A, Haitian Plaza, the glass doors are locked, with no one inside.

The reporter then contacted a person in charge of Wuhan Habitat Information Technology Co., Ltd. surnamed Wang. He said that according to the companys opinion, Wuhan company may have to carry out business transformation. At present, the staff of Wuhan Company are busy at various construction sites to finish the previously unfinished projects, so sometimes the office will be empty, the company did not run. As for the renovation of Mr. Zhangs house, he did change the project manager, but there were no 5. The stoppage is due to the recent cancellation of the decoration contract by Mr. Zhang. Before cancelling the contract, we must evaluate the cost that has been generated, and he will deal with the aftermath.

Yesterday, Mr. Zhang has reflected the matter to the market supervisory department and so on.

The marriage room for his son was told that he had sold the other middleman: he could only change it.

On May 31, 2017, because her son was going to get married, she took a look at a 128 square metre house in Mingjing New Town, opposite No. 6 Bridge of Kunming Road, Lianhu District, with a total price of 530,000 yuan. Why is it so cheap? Ms. Kong said, because this is a set of small property room, a few years ago has been hoarding, did not sell. With limited funds, she bought it without considering anything else.

On September 28 this year, Ms. Kong went to the sales department to collect the keys because she was told to pay the related fees and wanted to renovate the new house before her son got married at the end of the year. But I did not expect the sales department staff to tell her that the house was sold to someone else, not hers.