The pickup truck driver took a sharp turn and flew a suitcase with 1 million 900 thousand cash.

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 The pickup truck driver took a sharp turn and flew a suitcase with 1 million 900 thousand cash.

Too much! The pickup truck took a sharp turn and left the flight box with 1 million 900 thousand cash in it.

Recently, in Weifang, Shandong Province, Mr. Bu drove a pickup truck to Qingdao with 1.9 million cash in the morning of the incident. Because the pickup truck had a baffle, he put a 1 million 900 thousand cash trunk in the bucket. When I was on the high speed, I suddenly noticed that the suitcase was missing. After the police took the surveillance, they found that Mr. Bus suitcase was thrown out of the car when he was turning the corner.

Through monitoring and analysis of the four intersections on the spot, we vaguely confirm that the person who picked up the box was a person who rode an electric bicycle, wore a dark coat and wore a full helmet. But the specific features cant be identified by monitoring. According to Yang Ke, director of Beihai Road Police Station of Weifang High-tech Zone Public Security Bureau, there is a clue, but who is the person who picked up the box? Where did he go again? These clues are hard to find.

Police said that the first reason was the weather, because there was no light at that time, and the monitoring, angle and vision of several intersections were not very clear. Secondly, due to the recent construction of some municipal projects, the monitoring of several intersections has been temporarily disconnected, which makes it difficult for the police to track the next video.

The police involved in the case were divided into three working groups to track the direction of the driver picking up and disappearing. After analysis and comprehensive judgement, the electric vehicle that the suspect was riding was finally found.

On the afternoon of the day, more than four pm, the police finally found the victim in a station in Weifang. The caseworker warned the journalist, The owner later feedback with the police, he picked up the bag in the morning, because he was in a hurry to work, did not give the bag to the company at the first time, and did not contact the public security organs. After finding the bag, he handed it to our public security organ at the first time. After checking with the owner, we got a lot of cash, all of which were in it.

After nine hours of unremitting efforts, the police successfully recovered 1.9 million yuan of cash and returned it to the police.

Small group sun and massive cash photo results alerting the police to lead a big case

Bundles of hundred-dollar bills piled up with big beds and cupboards, and people in the room took out their mobile phones to take photos or videos... This is not Tuhao showing off his wealth, but the criminal evidence found in his opponents mobile phone after the Chunan police in Zhejiang captured a family-style professional withdrawal gang in Fujian and Shenzhen and other places thousands of miles away. The reporter learned from Chunan police on October 29 that seven major suspects have been detained and the case is under further investigation.