The girl offered a reward of ten thousand yuan to find love at first sight.

 The girl offered a reward of ten thousand yuan to find love at first sight.

After separation, I suddenly felt love at first sight.

So he offered a reward of ten thousand yuan to look for the man.

Is it possible?


This is what is happening recently.

The woman who meets this romance.

Still a little sister in Xiamen!

The day before yesterday, the news of a man who had offered a reward for ten thousand yuan to find love at first sight suddenly caught on. There is no such thing as the man and the woman in the news, and there are few effective information, but it shows a persistence.

The story has to start from this years national day.

The woman is from Xiamen. In September 29, 2018, she traveled to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, with her parents. At 12 oclock on September 30, when they were riding a roller coaster in Wanda Luyuan, Xishuangbanna, they met the hero of the story. They chatted a few words and learned that the hero was from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province and worked in Shanghai. The two also discussed the jewelry of the lady.

Female tourist destination

When I met each other, I didnt ask my name, I didnt leave any contact. After chatting for a few sentences, the two men were separated.

But it was this short encounter that made the ladys heart ripple: After I left with my parents, I felt like him after I knew it.

So the woman looked for more than 100 hotels before and after, and commissioned a friend from Shanghai to help forward the message.

The missing persons news

In this tracing message, the males appearance and dress are described in detail.

Boys wear dark blue T-shirts.

Carrying a light grey shoulder bag.

Black Gucci Title gold gold shoes;

An inch of head and no hair dye.

The nose is very high and very stiff.

The body is strong.

In about 90 years, the height is about 180.

In order to find the boy, the hostess also registered a microblog on October 9, 2018, named @xm to find you, which only searched for the mans information.

It is understood that, since October 5, about a month, the woman has spent more than 7,000 yuan in the process of looking for a man. And she said she would also like to offer a reward of 10 thousand yuan for the collection of boys.

A reporter interviewed the woman.

Q: have you found it willing to spend 10 thousand yuan, do you think its worth it?

Woman: I think its worth it.

Question: but if you find him, what does he feel about you in that way?

The woman: I have a clear conscience and I have a clear conscience. Just give yourself an account. So I feel at ease. But if I dont act because of some uncertainties, I feel sorry for myself.

Q: what if I didnt find it in the end?

Woman: I didnt think about that. Because I think I will find it.

For this little sisters behavior,

What do you think?

There are netizens to cheer her up, say hard, have dreams to go round!

Some people think that she is courageous, even if the ending is not ideal, it also has a worry.

Some people say that if they have a girlfriend...

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