Men should go to the toilet to force the bus to stop at the high speed road.

 Men should go to the toilet to force the bus to stop at the high speed road.

Buying tickets is God? When the man goes to the toilet to force the bus to stop, he stamped the driver.

On November 2, after the video of Wanzhou bus crashing into the river in Chongqing was released, drivers and passengers exchanged blows, causing a heated discussion among the public. On September 18 this year, a bus on Shangluoxilan Expressway in Shaanxi Province also witnessed an incident in which passengers abused drivers. Faced with this situation, the driver handled calmly, and safely delivered 45 passengers to his destination.

Monitoring footage shows that in a running bus, a man has been poking his hand on the head of the driver driving the bus, the driver did not pay attention, concentrate on driving, the attendant stopped, was pushed by the man and grabbed his neck. It is understood that at that time, the vehicle was driving at high speed just over 100 meters west of the Baqiao service area of Xilan Expressway. A male passenger walked from the back of the carriage to the operating platform and said that he wanted to go to the toilet and let the driver Xing Jianpeng stop. Xing Jianpeng and Liu Yu explained that the expressway could not stop. The man did not listen to the dissuasion and then there was a dispute.

Seeing the man poking the drivers back in the head with his hand, Xing Jianpeng looked back and continued driving the car. Flight attendant Liu Yu immediately stopped the mans behavior and said that the master was driving and immediately got off the highway. But the man poked the drivers forehead with his hand again. Xing Jianpeng still looked back and continued driving the car. The conductor Liu Yu stopped driving again. Their speech dispute escalated to mutual push. The mans extraordinary behavior aroused criticism from other passengers. The vehicle just pulled out of the toll station. The man also made the act of grasping Liu Yus neck with his hand.

After the vehicle stopped at the toll station, Master Xing took advantage of the mans return to his seat to pick up things. He asked the steward to get off and call the police. When the man returned to the door position, Master Xing closed the door. Soon the police of Baling Police Station of Baqiao Branch of Xian Public Security Bureau arrived and took the man back to the police station for investigation. Then they were sentenced to 7 daysadministrative detention.

It is understood that the driver Xing Jianpeng has been engaged in driving for more than 20 years. He usually works steadfastly and professionally. At that time, he was provoked by men continuously while driving. Although he was angry, he always endured it. Finally, 45 passengers were safely delivered to their destinations.

The old man grabbed the bus steering wheel driver: she remembered that the bus was not angry.

On November 2, an old man in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, asked to get off the bus and grabbed the steering wheel several times. The female driver dissuaded him and immediately braked and called the police. At present, local police are investigating the elderly on suspicion of endangering public safety by dangerous means.

The driver said afterwards that he was not angry when he remembered the Wanzhou bus incident, but later he was angry and cried.