The police kept away from the offenders for 5 meters: anyway, he could not run away from me.

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 The police kept away from the offenders for 5 meters: anyway, he could not run away from me.

A policeman pulled out his legs and chased him. However, he kept a deliberate distance of 5 meters from the man until he had run 4,500 meters before throwing him down. Later, the police explained that:

He cant run away from me anyway.

According to reports, at 20:40 pm on October 29th, the police stopped a car for inspection. Faced with the police inspection, a man on the bus first said that he had forgotten his ID card and reported the number of his ID card. He faltered several times.

Police ho Qiang let him get off for further verification. Unexpectedly, the man took advantage of Ho Qiangs head to check the timing of the information and ran away.

Men abandon cars and run away

Seeing the man running away, He Qiang pulled out his legs and chased him. He shouted to his colleagues behind him, Control those people in the car!

When the man saw the pursuers, he plunged into the opposite area. However, he Qiang only followed closely the escaped man, but he did not take the first time to put it down. He always maintained a distance of 5 meters from the man, and then quickens the speed when he meets the corner, so as not to lose it.

After the man ran for four hundred or five hundred meters, he gradually lost his strength. He Qiang saw that the time was ripe, which accelerated the sprint and knocked the man down.

The man was put back to the starting point.

Why did He Qiang not run down the man at the first time?

And, anyway, he cant run away from me.

After investigation, the escaped man named Li Mou was listed as an online fugitive because of the crime of opening a casino. That night, Li Mou Road police officers set up a card check, see confusion, not in the past, in a hurry to run away. Lee originally wanted to use the plot as a cover to escape, and the result was not running out of the district.

Why is He Qiang so confident that Lee cant escape?

He Qiangs marathon medal is numerous.

The Legal Evening News also added that at the end of October, He Qianggang participated in the 100-kilometer hike and won the first place in the 25-kilometer cross-country group in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Net friend: This is the legendary fight to win.

Dare not hang up! The patrol members receive the wonderful flag: the police brother should eat more meat.

On the 29 day, the Huainan Zhenxing Road police station received a banner from Hebei. On the 25th, the police station patrol found the lost bag, contacted and mailed it to the owner. Unexpectedly, a few days later, they received a special gift from a distant place: For lipstick bags, the police elder brother who did his best to eat more meat! This banner is really 666, but how can it hang out?