The 10 year old girl was injured by her stepmother. Her stepmother was mentally stimulated.

 The 10 year old girl was injured by her stepmother. Her stepmother was mentally stimulated.

The 66 year old Li Hong had not seen a child for several months before he discovered the bruise of his daughter. After her sons remarriage, she saw fewer and fewer granddaughters. If the couple hadnt sent Xiao Lin to the old couple for a temporary stay in the quarrel, Li Hong would never have imagined that her granddaughter would be injured like this. The wounds on her thighs are scabby, and how long they have been injured is unknown.

Li Hong said that in the face of her inquiry, her 10-year-old granddaughter never said that she was anxious to find the school, which was heard by the teacher that the injury was caused by her mother (stepmother)...

10 year old girl has scar on her thigh root.

On the last weekend of October, Li Hong met her granddaughter Xiao Lin. She hadnt seen her for months. Li Hong and her husband Cai Jun were very happy. However, the joy did not last for too long, and Li Hong was frightened by the scab of little Lins thigh root.

That night when I bathed my child, she turned her back to me and lay down on the bed. I found a few black patches on her thighs. Turning around, I found that there were patches of scabs on her wounds. Li Hong recalled the situation of his granddaughters thigh, and the tears could not help flowing down again. Li Hongs photos showed that there were several scars on Xiaolins thigh root after scabs. That night, Li Hong cried and cried with Xiao Lin in her arms. She repeatedly asked the child how he had done it on his leg. The child always lowered his head and bit his lips. At one time, she said that she had accidentally knocked herself, and at the other time, she said that she had caught it carelessly while taking a bath. The scab on her wound didnt seem to have been scratched by herself, but I refused to ask her any questions.

In the new week, Li Hong and his wife sent Xiao Lin to school, and asked the childs teacher for help. The teacher told us that it was strange for the child to walk before. She also asked, but the child did not say that he was injured at that time. Later, the teacher told us that the child said the injury was caused by her stepmother with pliers, because she did not take good care of her little sister. Li Hong trembled with anger when he heard that Xiao Lin was injured.

The child said that the injury was caused by her stepmother, and the crusts on her legs had fallen off. She could not figure out when she was injured. She asked her how she was injured. At first, she said scissors, then pliers. She could not tell what kind of tools she was using. On the morning of the 3 day, Li Hong recalled to Xiao Lin again.

The stepmother in Xiaolins mouth is Li Hongs son remarried two years ago, and the two children are only one year old. Li Hong once called her son and asked him, My son works outside and often doesnt go home for several days. When I told him, he knew the child was injured.

Grandma said the new daughter-in-law had been playing with her children shortly after she got married.

Xiao Lins grandfather Cai Jun recalled that five or six years ago, her son and ex-wife were divorced, her little daughter left with her mother, and her eldest daughter, Xiao Lin, lived with her father. At that time, the old house in the village had not been demolished, the family lived in the front and back yards, the son worked outside, and the old couple helped take care of the children together. Seeing that his son was always alone was not a thing. Li Hong wanted to help him with his family. Two years ago, a co-worker introduced Li Hong to a relative of his family. After the meeting, his son made an affinity with the girl.

Perhaps it was too long not to enjoy maternal love, and Lin did not contradict the new members of the family. When a new daughter-in-law marries, the child calls her mother , especially clever. At that time, the old couple thought that someone had helped with the housework at last, but it was not long before the old man realized that it was not so. In Li Hongs impression, it was one night three months after her son remarried that she first found out that her new daughter-in-law had started with Xiao Lin. When she helped Xiao Lin take off her trousers that day, she found a bloodstain on her childs buttock and asked how she made it. The child cried and did not speak. After asking for a long time, she said that the stepmother covered the quilt and smoked it with a fan.

At first, I only thought that if we were parents and spanked our children twice, as long as it was not excessive, we old people should not be too disgusting, so that our children would suffer even more when they were caught in it. I didnt expect that would be the case. Li Honglian was full of regret.

Father said he had reconcile his stepmother with her child.

One week after learning the cause of Xiaolins injury, Li Hong and his wife went to school to pick up their granddaughter, but they couldnt pick up their children. The granddaughter met her at the school gate and refused to follow her. Her father called the school, and her grandparents were not allowed to take it away, saying that he was the guardian. Li Hong said she also had a row with her son at the school gate.

At noon on the 3rd, Xiaolins father told reporters on the phone that he went home once in two or three days. Later, he learned about the situation of the childs injury and also loved the child. The child used to be disobedient and beaten. This time it was really done by the mother of the child (stepmother) with pliers. She had been mentally stimulated before. Now I have mediated, and the mother of the child apologized to the child. Xiaolin father said that his parents had made the matter known to everyone and wanted to force him to divorce.

It is impossible to give a child to a parent and a girl.

Cai Jun is 69 years old and Li Hong is 66 years old. They even want to bring Xiao Lins custody. We are almost seventy years old. He pays the maintenance fee and we bring Xiao Lin up. Im a big man who feeds a family of four. I cant stare at home every day. I have a camera in my house, and there are no dead corners. Little Lin promised. When Cai Jun asked his son to write a letter of guarantee, there was another quarrel on the phone between the father and the son. The father of Xiaolin on the other side of the phone called out, If you want to see your child, come to my home and see her at work, when I have time to take her over, and said categorically that it is impossible to bring up your child to your parents... (for the respondents, the characters in the text are pseudonyms)

Lawyers opinion: changing the guardianship right through legal means.

For the fear of the old two, some lawyers believe that the guardianship of children can be changed through legal means. If a child is beaten for a long time, the act of abusing parents may constitute abuse, and if the circumstances are serious, it may constitute a crime of abuse. Lawyers said that if Xiao Lins situation is as described by her grandparents, the easiest way is to ask her biological mother to come forward and ask for a change in the childs custody rights. Mothers themselves have custody of their children, and its more appropriate for children to live with their mothers. The lawyer said that, considering the actual situation, if the childs biological mother is inconvenient or refuses to come out, the childs grandparents can also request the change of the childs guardianship through legal channels, but even if the guardianship changes, the father of the child still has the duty to support, and the necessary maintenance fees need to be provided to grandparents.

Social workers who have been engaged in juvenile affairs for many years have indicated that if they encounter suspected abuse of minors in their lives, they can call 12355 Youth Service Desk for assistance. This is the Youth Psychological Counseling and Legal Assistance Hotline set up by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and 12338 Public Service Hotline, which is set up by the All-China Womens Federation. The Unified Number provides counseling on law, marriage, family, psychology and education for women and children, and receives complaints about violations of rights by women and children.

Yunnan stepmother suspected of killing a 8 year old stepdaughter has been arrested by the procuratorial organ.

The latest progress in the case of Yunnan stepmother killing her 8-year-old stepdaughter is that the suspect Sun Mou, suspected of intentional homicide, was arrested on September 5 by the Yanjin County Procuratorate in accordance with the law. On August 25, 2018, an 8-year-old girl, Liu Momou, was murdered in Miaoba Town, Yanjin County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, which attracted wide public attention. After the case occurred, the Yanjin County Public Security Bureau filed the case on August 26, 2018, and the Yanjin County Procuratorate promptly dispatched personnel to intervene in advance to guide the investigation and evidence collection.

After preliminary investigation, it was found that within one month before the incident, the suspect Sun Mou-mou (the stepmother of the victim Liu Mou-mou) had planned to kill Liu Mou-mou (8 years old), the daughter of his husband and his ex-wife, because he had quarreled with his husband many times over family trifles and had a grudge. At 10 oclock on August 24, 2018, while the rest of the family was away, Sun took advantage of picking cucumbers from the mountains to lure Liu to the scene of the crime and kill him.